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Muzey Modeley Transportu

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4.8 / 8
Muzey Modeley Transportu is a must-see attraction for any model enthusiast or anyone interested in transportation. It boasts one of the largest private collections of models in the world, with over 10,000 items. The owner, who is a passionate and knowledgeable enthusiast, is a delight to interact with and provides valuable information about the collection. Visiting the museum is an awe-inspiring experience that is hard to describe in words alone. The sheer size and variety of the collection is truly impressive, with a wide range of model cars, trains, trucks, and even some old German toys and Soviet-made copies of popular brands. The museum also features beautifully detailed ship models. The owner, while having limited English skills, greets guests personally and ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The museum itself is well-maintained and beautifully decorated, making it a delightful place to explore. The museum offers a great experience for both adults and children, with a model of Vinitsa that showcases moving trains and a variety of models spanning from very old cars to tanks, firetrucks, and ships. It is recommended to dedicate at least two hours to fully appreciate the vast collection. With an affordable entrance fee, Muzey Modeley Transportu offers an excellent value for the experience it provides. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to witness the smallest flag of Ukraine in the world. Overall, this quirky yet friendly museum is a wonderful place to visit, offering an opportunity to see an extensive collection of models and learn about the history of transportation. Whether you are a model enthusiast or simply curious, a trip to Muzey Modeley Transportu is definitely worth it.



A MUST SEE! One of the biggest private collections of models in the world. And you'll get a lot of info from the owner who is an entisiast and just a .. Read more »
Hospitable and passionate owner, who greeting guests personally both times I was there.
What a beautiful little museum. They have such a huge variety of model cars model trains and model trucks. They have some old German toys made out of .. Read more »
The owner knows a little bit English. This is a very good museum of collection. Owner says this is the biggest transport model museum in the Europe wi.. Read more »
This museum is awesome! I loved it! The museum has 2000 items, the model of Vinitsa with moving trains. The museum is great for kids. There are models.. Read more »
So interesting place. So expensive little models of cars. Beautiful reconstruction of city. The smallest flag of UA in the world. Everyone should be h.. Read more »
Awesome museum. Worth a visit.
Well decorated and good place for every body to visit
Over 7000 models. Perfect!
quirky place but very friendly owner
Owner is friendly and very passionate about his collection
So interesting place for children's (boys particularly)
Very big collection of models of modern transport.