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Muzeum Wojska Polskiego

Warsaw, Poland
4.7 / 94
Museum dedicated to the Polish armed forces. The exposition covers the period from the emergence of the Polish state to the present. At the open-air exhibition, samples of weapons from other countries are presented: artillery pieces, tanks, fighters, armored vehicles. Inside are collections of medieval weapons, armor, and banners. The museum houses the cocked hat and saddle of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Address:Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 629 52 72



Mark Whittingham
It’s moved! There’s still some stuff outside the building, so I went to have a look and was sent on my way be security pretty rapidly. They need to update the new location online.
Mehran MxM
It's surprisingly more people don't visit this outdoor museum of military craft. It is right next to the national museum and it is free. Definitely worth a walk through to see tanks, missile launchers, planes and helicopters.
Nikolay Manolov
There are some nice machines like the IS-2, Mig-29 and Il-2, but the exponats aren't in great condition and in general, it's not a particularly impressive war museum.
Lukas Flatland Næss
The indoor exhibiton is closed, but there's a lot to see outside. Everything from planes, millitary helicopters and tanks. Perfect for people who love historic millitary vehicles and weapons. It is also free entrance to the outdoor exhibition.
Nikos Gkekas
Excellent place for aviation fanatics and photographs. It includes a large collection of old, Soviet era, planes and helicopters. You can observe from close distance legendary Jersey like Mig29 and Mig21. It is free for some time and it wasn't o.. Read more »
Alan Spark
Farewell to a Fashionable Era 🛡️ The 16th century brought us one of Europe's most stylish and flamboyant cavalries, the "Winged hussars" - the elite of Polish Cavalry. The Polish Military Museum houses incredible full sets attributed t.. Read more »
Crino Flitsuki
Crazy Museum full of stuff. I came from Italy to visit and the tanks outside were awesome, the artillery prices as well. I wish there were more tanks, like, the most modern is the t55 but I would have liked to see the later models. Inside it's.. Read more »
KJK Ravi Teja
We planned for National Museum of Warsaw but it was closed as it was a holiday, so visited this adjacent museum. The entrance was open and was for free of charge for outdoor objects. This museum is one of the largest collections of military objects i.. Read more »
Piotr “Lord” Dziekański
Outside area is for free and there is no wait time to enter. Inside is for around 1-2h if quick visiting but exhibit doesn’t change for years now. Can make fun photos with army equipment. There is no army at this place or police. Also all of th.. Read more »
paweł Piotrowski
I remeber this place from well over 20 yrs ago, but only managed to visit free of charge outdoor exhibition this time, which was interesting, but not well maintained. Exhibits could use refreshing and information plates where not well designed or cle.. Read more »
The outdoor portion is free to enter and features a huge range of aircraft and weaponry from various eras of the Polish military. Very interesting and quite awe-inspiring to see these pieces of history up close. Information on each piece is written i.. Read more »
Eray Çelik (ayyuvidey)
The museum is located in near the National Museum. You will see several planes, helicopters and tanks when you enter the gardenand you don't need ticket for it. Ticket is REGULAR 20/ REDUCED 10 PLN, and worth it. There was no queue. You can stor.. Read more »
Andrius M
The museum is worth of visiting. A lot of stuff to see and very interesting. Price is cheap for family of 4 only 40 zlots. Loved it.
Nisar A.
The museum is very best, the location is perfect. Here you can the old weapons of 2nd world war. A good memory to see in Warsaw. If you have free time than this is the best place to spend a good time. Recommended.
To be honest? Not enough vehicles, and not all of them are in good shape. Also, there's not much to see from the inside. A Russian cargoplane and the 'Kubuś' armoured car. I would be happy to see more.
Juliusz Switlik (Julius)
A walk through a memory lane. For a history fan a great review but by today's standards a bit static Waiting for the new building and end with scarce space.
Dominic Wiley
Nice place two floor of displays from ancient times to about ww2. Large amount of military hardware outside to have a look at. All info available in English.
Błażej Kunke
Perhaps if you are an enthusiast of the military history this museum can be interesting for you. Significantly below my expectations for a modern museum. I do not recommend it.
Jan Cacek
THE place in Warsaw for history geeks. Well preserved and beautiful weaponry from the late Middle Ages, WW1 and 2 up until the Cold War era. At display is not just European weaponry but also items from Japan (Samurais) and the Middle East. I spent th.. Read more »
Rob Nesbit
Hot on the heels of the National Museum, I quickly ventured into the war Museum, a stones throw away............ Immediately noticeable is that on display outside, and free to wander around, is a very decent collection of all sorts of armory and wea.. Read more »
Diogo Abrantes
Very nice military museum. It has a lot of military equipment and vehicles from the polish and Soviet army. It's free , if you are in Warsaw you should take a visit , it is worth it especially if you like military vehicles and military history
Russell Webb
Good display outside of planes, helicopters and fighter planes didnt go inside.
Dominika Glińska
A very interesting museum, even for a person not so familiar with army topics, as it shows the changes throughout the centuries. There is also a fascinating room related to exotic weapons.
Brett W
Not a bad museum. It would be nice to have narratives with the artifacts inside, what they were used for or the story behind them. This is more around the WW2 exhibit. Not sure if the staff were bored but in each room you are closely watched, walking.. Read more »
lelo a
I found the outside area nicer than inside, but it’s a personal opinion. It’s a must visit.
Andreas Tesfaye
I was there 10 years ago and I still consider it one of the highlights of my trip ..... it was brilliant.
Olga Krawczyk
Outstanding collection of physical war planes, a great attraction for older kids
Allan Margus
Nice collection of machinery outside. Museum closes at 16 so wasn't able to explore the inside.
Gniewomir Kuciapski
Nice place, easy to wander around and to see a couple of interesting aircrafts, helicopters, tanks etc. Good place to visit with kids!
Michael Lubieniecki
Lots of fun seeing all these tanks and aircraft, and Polish military history.
This museum allows its visitors to see an outstanding collection of military objects of years of Polish military history starting from the middle ages and finishing to WWII and the Cold War. The museum also includes an outdoor section displaying diff.. Read more »
Jens Christian Andersen
Free access to the outdoor exhibition of Russian war machines ...
Excellent customer service as well an incredibly easy layout to discover polish history in an interactive and easy way, map available and a huge exhibition in each room. A must see whilst visiting Warsaw.
World Traveler London
It is amazing, nice place to see lots of war equipment
Luke Stypulkowski
Amazing museum with helpful and passionate staff which is a must visit if you're interested in the rich history of the Polish military. I look forward to the new museum once it's completed. I enjoyed seeing the displays of the historical ev.. Read more »
Graham Wylie
If your serving or a veteran or love military history then you will absorb this place like a sponge! The hardware donation outside is impressive. Worth a visit ❤️
SirFlukealot Esquire
Such great military history, loved the old vehicles and armoury
Pete Sanchez
Very nice museum, had a little bit of everything
Piotr Gabrowski
Great museum! History of Polish patriotism
Grace DeLasFuentesS
Really cool outside exhibition. Free entrance.
Best military museum in Poland.