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Museum of Liverpool

Liverpool, England
4.7 / 96
A modern museum on the Mersey River embankment, which opened in 2011. The building of modern architecture was designed by the Danish town planning office. The museum exposition is dedicated to the history of the city, as well as the role that he played in the life of the country. In 2012, by decision of the Council of Europe, the Liverpool Museum was recognized as the best museum of the year. The funds contain about 6 thousand exhibits.
Address:Pier Head, Mann Island, Liverpool
Phone:+44 151 478 4545



Little Liverpool toddler sessions. Our 2 year old absolutely loved playing here with the educational and interactive toys. It's free to enter but you need a ticket for the session so they can monitor numbers. Quite on weekday mornings, check s.. Read more »
Mrunal Madarapu
Must watch place to know the history and culture of Liverpool and Merseyside. Football fans of Liverpool and Everton history is being played in the projector screen and it’s a must watch. Entry is Free do visit, if you are in Liverpool.
This is a lovely museum filled with local history and has such a nice chilled out vibe to the place. The place was clean, spacious and packed full of interesting exhibits on display. You get a real sense of the pride of the area and you begin to un.. Read more »
Wonderful place to visit. Totally free & educational. Accessible toilets & lifts. Cafe on site. Parking terrible. We parked at Albert Dock & walked over. Lots to see & do nearby also!
Good museum especially since it's free. The history of Liverpool is cool and it really shows you stuff you wouldn't have learned otherwise. Three floors. Although the 2nd floor is somewhat repetitive of the first. The electronics stuff does.. Read more »
HM Tuang
Interesting place to visit though the inside is quite small in my opinion given how big the building is
Poom Settha
I truly enjoyed my visit of the museum. The presentation was very well done. I would recommend it to anyone. The added bonus is the top floor at the viewing gallery. You can get a stunning birds-eye view of the city. Free to enter with the optional.. Read more »
keith ball
The museums in Liverpool are free and all are well worth a visit, there is a lot of Liverpools history, very modern feel to it and there is always something new to see, there is a souvenir shop and a nice cafe there too, staff are always helpful, li.. Read more »
Yasmin Al-Sheklly
The Museum of Liverpool - A beautiful insight into the culture and history of a great city What is the Museum of Liverpool? The Museum of Liverpool is a museum that is located near the Docks that presents and holds a variety of Galleries and Exhib.. Read more »
Serah Egerton
I love this museum! Three floors of displays, so many things to view and interact with, displays which can be viewed with all six senses! There are interactive displays, displays you can smell, displays you can feel, displays you can see and hear&hel.. Read more »
Jocelyn Twose
This modern museum is well worth a visit. The exhibition spaces are light and airy and display cases carefully arranged and informative. There is a wealth of detail on the city starting from prehistoric times right up to present day. Allow about 2 h.. Read more »
Shilna Mathew
This is a museum lover's paradise. We had an amazing day out and the exhibits were very informative and interesting. Definitely recommended if you are someone who loves spending your time in museum visits
Charlotte Reyhan von Elbe
An excellent museum with a well displayed, diverse collection and a lovely little shop. The best part of our visit was a live performance called “An Armourer’s Tale” which was really entertaining and informative at the same time. Ha.. Read more »
Jennifer Smith
Overall a solid museum and especially with it being free! Excellent exhibits all around although too many kids for me ha! My caveat is the poor directions to get around exhibits. Case in point: entering the 1st floor one faces the Viking history sect.. Read more »
Eve Sheen
A great place for learning about the history of Liverpool and the influential people who were born here. Always a treat to come back, as the exhibits often change. I really enjoy the costumes they display, especially Villanelle's golfing suit, a.. Read more »
Alex Elliott
Great museum. It’s the second time I’ve been here and the first time with kids. There are a lot of interactive displays (some broken unfortunately) but the kids seemed to have such a fun and great time here and spent hours looking around... Read more »
Life's Abroad
Another excellent museum with captivating displays. Incredible given it has free entry (had no qualms donating before leaving though). A mix of era’s covered here with a great collection of war memorabilia. Numerous toilets and a cafe attached,.. Read more »
Peter Robinson
Great building but not sure if it is designed abundantly well. I imagine other museums places etc have a lot of other great pieces but some things felt sparse. Where is unless I missed it the Everton/Liverpool story, once great friends now rivals. In.. Read more »
Real World Photographs.
Beautiful architecture on the shores of the Mersey River. A free museum focusing on Liverpool history. The interior entrance is stunning with a large spiral set of stairs to take you to the various floors featuring high-class and well-thought-out exh.. Read more »
Manfred Retort
This place was great. Well worth spending some hours looking at all the exhibits and learning more about what puts Liverpool on the map. There were lots of hands on exhibits to keep children's interest and pretty incredible to say it was free. O.. Read more »
Andrew Mason
Interesting place. Some good exhibits of how Liverpool grew. Would have been good to have more about history of past 50 years. Building it is in is fabulous design. Not too busy, although it was in the middle of the wettest and windiest Sunday I ca.. Read more »
Paul Wharmby
Great place for all things Liverpool. I'm a support worker and bring clients for some lovely memories. Great photo exhibits of the blitz. Lovely cafe too. Recommended
Epic museum. Easily spent five hours with a cafe stop. Really good exhibits and displays and each level has the finest views over the Mersey and the pier head buildings. Highly recommended.
This is a fascinating place. It explains the history of Liverpool brilliantly and made for a great day. The place itself is situated right in the heart of Liverpool docks, which is absolutely stunning. I was also thrilled to see that it was free entr.. Read more »
Alan Mitchell
Well worth a visit. So interesting. Brilliant exhibits. Particularly the overhead railway section. Recommended. Its free! But don't forget to make a donation before you leave.
Kate Roberts
Really good museum, lots of things out of order though because of Covid? Come on that's not an excuse now and if it is, it will be here forever so you would need to close things permanently. That said, the lion exhibition is fantastic, my step s.. Read more »
julie-ann White
What a fabulous museum, very family friendly, extremely interesting. Loved all the exhibits and the view of the 'Three Graces' is from the great big window is lovely. Certainly not a stuffy place full of glass cases full of boring objects... Read more »
Andrew Woodward
Really good museum for both young and old. Easily understood descriptions and not at all stuffy like some museums. Tells the people's story (and doesn't just focus on the Beatles).
Phil Hogan
This is a fantastic museum and it is free! There are alsorts of exhibits from the early ages of steam, the overhead railway through to modern times talking about recycling. There is masses of things to see and there must be something to please ever.. Read more »
Nigel Sarsfield
Lovely museum well worth a donation to visit. The architecture of building is impressive and it fits well on the waterfront. The second floor gives some impressive views of the Liver building and waterfront. Lots of interesting exhibitions and things.. Read more »
Katherine O'Connor
This is a marvellous place. The history of Liverpool displayed at its finest. Beautiful building both inside and out. Every time we get a chance, we visit here....brings goosebumps, the Blitz exhibition was heart breaking, the Chinese history capti.. Read more »
louis shay
This is the third museum I have visited in Liverpool and I would say it's the third best but I am not by any means discrediting the museum as it was very enjoyable. Lots of cool stuffsies, probably a bit worse because of the corona restrictions... Read more »
Robert (Rob251)
Really enjoyed my time at the museum, there is a lot of items to view and find out about and knowing the history of Liverpool and the great contribution towards developing the world around it, the two downsides were the lack of direct guidance on how.. Read more »
Jan Bendall
Fabulous museum. Well laid out and a pleasure to visit. Informative and extremely interesting.
Barbara burt
Only spent an hour in here but will need to go back. So much to see. Lovely building. Cafe and toilets situated on each floor.
Daren Murphy
Lots of history about the Liverpool docks and there involvement in the slavery trade, well worth the visit ands it's totally free. You can donate much appreciated.
Megan Sankey
Went here on my own after a shopping trip in the city. It’s only a 5 minute walk from the main shopping area. Saw that they had a John and Yoko exhibition on. It was incredible, the pieces and interactive facilities they had available really ad.. Read more »
Khalid Khaliq
Lovely museum & facility in a great location. Great day out, excellent exhibits showing Liverpool history. Highly recommended
We all enjoyed our time here. Sadly no interactive areas and the children's area closed due to Covid but still lots to see. Fascinating. Informative. Well put together. Organised.
Shinjong Lee
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I coundn't visit inside of museum. But It was very nice ocean views
Stephen Hanlon
It was tier 2 when we went and we felt totally covid-safe. Please keep supporting this and all of Liverpool's wonderful museums and galleries.
Chrisy Dawson
Open by appointment only during Covid protocols. Reserve entry online and it is very easy. Worth a visit as got couple very interesting exhibitions running. No cafe open, however, at the moment but there are alternative places very nearby.
Roland Flook
Great that its free to visit and easy to precooked timeslot online beforehand. Just a shame, given current covid restrictions that a few areas are closed off and most of the interactive displays are turned off. Easily spend a couple of hours disco.. Read more »
Fishy Phill
where is the statue of beelzebub and mussolini., important parts of our history there. do you think nigel farage will get a statue and medal for bravery? i certainly do :flag_greatbritain:
Blackwing Services
Fascinating place, documenting the history of Liverpool all the way from prehistory through to The Beatles
Marta Ochman
I was here for John Lennon's exhibition and it was an amazing experience! Lovely people who work there and wonderful exhibition. Greetings from Poland ?
Alison Gannon
Great visit pre booked online in advance really enjoyed looking round. Lifts were well organised for disabled access too.
Al Bryant
Really interesting place and a great insight into the history of the docks and Liverpool in general. Was surprising to see just how reliant the city was on the docks and how easy it was for them to become obsolete. I did think there were some things .. Read more »
Lee Southall
Great free attraction in Liverpool very clean and well laid out for social distancing would visit again
Great place to learn Liverpool's 800 years history.
Ewa Banas
It's free (you can donate 5f) and lots to see
Mim Gangopadhyay
Lots of opportunities to learn about history. I liked how they preserved the historical artefacts and assets, and the sources of information. The only thing I wish though was the video sessions to be more systematic as a lot of people were missing ou.. Read more »
trainspotting and more
Just love this museum. Car were brilliant could have explained better connection with modern car to the older ones made in halewood factory.new car just stuck out in the lobby wondering why. Should be with others explained halewood conneciton.absolue.. Read more »
Lorant Sztojka
Its good to see some things, what we didn't know how was happens in the real life! Good history!!! We joined!
Aneta Adufe
Very nice museum. Lovely and helpful staff