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Museum Kunstpalast

Dusseldorf, Germany
4.4 / 76
The city art gallery, which exhibits and stores more than 100 thousand works of art: paintings, graphic drawings, textile paintings, photographs, glass collages and much more. The museum collection includes part of the exhibits of the Düsseldorf Museum of Applied Art and a collection of ceramics from the Hötens Museum. Kunstpalast is housed in a building from the beginning of the 20th century.
Address:Ehrenhof 4-5, Düsseldorf
Phone:+49 211 56642100



john bolton
The new arrangement is a masterwork. Allowed lots of time as the details are fascinating.
Carl Puhl
Although we came for the Tod Und Teufel exhibition, we were very impressed with the works of Cornelius Völker. Beautiful and intense, wonderfully visceral textures and vivid brush work. Highly evocative pictures. If you visit the Kunstpalast for.. Read more »
Very beautiful place! on the way to the Kunstpalast are absolutely beautiful flowers and once you're inside it looks rather modern compared to the outside. The Art exhibition we went to was "Tod und Teufel (Death and The Devil)" and it.. Read more »
Richard Schofield
We came in here when having seen a poster advertising Tod und Teufel - Faszination Des Horrors. Really enjoyed the exhibition.
Philipp Schiwek
Museum Kunstpalast is one of the prime art museums in Dusseldorf. The permanent exhibition as well as the temporary exhibitions are worth a visit. Parts of the complex are currently under renovation. The pictures are from my visit for White Night 202.. Read more »
Dagmara Maria Muzyka
Art to see! 💥💚 Nice place, cafeteria inside, some renovation outside, but no problems with walking arround
Cameron Buckner
Don't waste your time. The permanent museum exhibits are closed for renovation; only two small areas are open with contemporary exhibits are available. They don't tell you this when they sell tickets. The cafe is barely operational. The web.. Read more »
Romy McKeever
Very square and tidy white building. We saw two great exhibitions - Mehr Licht - old and traditional, and Refik Anadol - new and digital. A good contrast, yet they both had some similar themes. It was €12 each which is a bit steep I think. I.. Read more »
Gamze Cansu
Been there for Refik Anadol’s machine imaginations. Your contentment depends on what you expect. Considering the entrance fee, I find museums in Germany meaninglessly expensive (21€ for adult ticket)🤷🏻‍♀️or you should wait nacht der m.. Read more »
Rebecca Maddox
A very busy Sunday visit. I enjoyed the exhibits and the little souvenir shop.
Arta Shoja
Definitely a great museum, the arts are great but it might be a little crowded in the weekends.
Liat Weinstock
Beautiful museum. We visited the museum for the Christo & Jeanne-Claude exhibition, and we enjoyed everything. The curation and organization of the exhibition, the staff, the different facilities, and the cafe.
Really modern feeling museum. Visited to see Christo, which was presented brilliantly. Good value and the the facilities were excellent.
Heiliger Satyr
I came to Düsseldorf just to see the Rubens. The permanent collection of Kunstpalast is closed until God knows when. This crucial information was nowhere to be found on the website or on the exterior of the building (where pictures of the Rubens.. Read more »
Fairly interesting exhibition (Christo), with explanations in English. However, the price is quite steep for such a small exhibition, and the other rooms were all closed.
Hans de Raad
Nice museum, modern and spacious layout. Went there for the electronic music expo, really enjoyed it!
Kevin Kevin
beautifully decorated inside, the exhibition was great and very interesting. I recommend
Inez Inez
Worth a visit! Better book your tickets online!
Rainer Gruen
Very fine Liebermann exhibition. Ordering tickets online, particularly for weekends, is highly recommended
Mayank Verma
Great exibition place to visit.
Theo Court
Just super. Cements Düsseldorf as a great city for art. Good for tourists and locals alike.
Aram Kocharyan
Great place to enjoy art, they constantly have new instalation
Alexandra Weiland
Went to see the Captivate and Electro exhibitions. Really terrific and I think very reasonably priced considering the caliber. Exterior is a bit ugly right now due to construction and I think they could have limited how many ppl were in the electro s.. Read more »
Christian Kern
Captivate is a very recommendable exhibition.
Ceylon Pitt
This is a review for Captivate exhibition curated by Claudia Schiffer A nicely put exhibition highlight the life and fashion at the high time of supermodels and fashion photographers. Once there used to be supermodels and great photographers back t.. Read more »
ana maigualida salmeron d
Good place and wonderfull garden
Phillip Meyke
At the moment there is only one exhibition to see, concerning a comparison of barocke and the post-war art. The exhibition is not very big and not every artist was quite appealing to me, though I got to know Gottfried Graubner and Otto Piene, whose a.. Read more »
david wong
Splendid museum with plenty of contemporary art. Yet tickets r overpriced
Harshita Anantula
This kunstplast is an art museum in Dusseldorf. Actually we went at the wrong time and dint go inside. We should even take entry tickets before getting in there so we were confused for the first time so couldn't get in. Looking for a chance to v.. Read more »
Roi Shir Dishon
Nice exhibitions, but the price is a bit high, comparing to other museums
Margarita Shablya
I visited Peter Lindberg exhibition. Amazing! The problem was the people who worked at the museum. No one told where to go to the exhibition. No signs. We spent 10 min going up and down the stairs. The waiter at the cafe was rude.
Jerry Klein
Great place to discover renowned artists!
Gerald Walus
Price of entry was around 14 euros a person which was on the higher end, but this included three exhibitions worth of content to browse. Facilities were oddly quiet due to covid measures but all well worth the experience nonetheless.
timo eigen
I've been a couple of times in this museum and it's a new experience every time. It has a lot of changing exhibitions and the permanent part of the museum is huge. As it is an art museum, it is not very interactive, but it shows you a lot o.. Read more »
Fariborz Faridafshin
I have only seen good works of art here. Each and every time it’s been inspiring. The curators put a lot of work in these exhibits! Could I get E-Mail notifications for the new or the upcoming exhibits? Well done
Peter Bate
A lot of visitors were present everything ran smoothly we saw what we came to see. Only one toilet for the men and only one toilet in there so you have to que
Tom Muir
I've enjoyed the exhibitions I've seen so far - they've been curated well and were informative. The special Installations like the Room For One Colour were great highlights. The exhibition rooms are spacious and the lighting clean and .. Read more »
Becky Nicholson
There is plenty to see. A lot of exhibits. Wonderful glass, ancient to modern. Pierre Cardin was great. Also fine helpful staff!
Nice museum to visit. The temporary collection from Pia Fries was not for me. You have art and you have art, but to me these looked like a kindergarden project. Luckily things got better with the main collection. There are elavators, restrooms, a caf.. Read more »
Damien Basuyaux
Great experience! We did the permanent exhibition: 5€ (only ?) and we had access to an amazing gallery full of great artists from various periods! Consider spending at least 2 hours on site. Lockers available for your personal belongings. I stro.. Read more »