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Museu Nacional do Azulejo

Lisbon, Portugal
4.4 / 48
The Museu Nacional do Azulejo is a fascinating museum that showcases the history of ceramic tiles in Portugal. It is housed in a former convent and features a stunning church and numerous walls adorned with beautiful azulejos. I highly recommend purchasing tickets online to avoid waiting in line. The price of tickets is $8, but seniors and young individuals can get them for $4, which is definitely worth it. You can expect to spend around an hour and a half exploring the museum, although you may spend more time if you delve into the history of the tiles. The church and choir room alone are marvels worth seeing. I initially thought the museum might be boring, but I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of tiles on display, from new and modern designs to ancient ones. The building itself is interesting, and I took plenty of pictures. If I ever return to Lisbon, I would definitely visit again. The museum also has a charming cafe and a gift store. As a fan of tiles, I thoroughly enjoyed the museum's collection, which showcases the evolution of tiles throughout time. The location is beautiful, resembling a monastery. It's a pleasure to walk around and take pictures, and you won't feel overwhelmed with information. We purchased a combo ticket for this museum and the Pantheon, costing 7 euros per person. We bought it at the Pantheon and used it to skip the line at the museum. Additionally, the ticket is valid for one year, giving you plenty of time to visit. I highly recommend this museum. It is located in a former nunnery and left us awestruck with its chapel, reliquary, and phenomenal exhibits on Portuguese history. We even had the opportunity to make our own tiles, which was a great experience. Just make sure to allocate extra time because it is truly a visual feast. While I highly recommend visiting, it's important to lower your expectations. The museum mainly focuses on tiles with not much explanation of the process, history, or meaning. There are no interactive elements, just a vast collection of tiles. However, if that's what you're looking for, I suggest buying tickets online and noting that the museum is closed on Mondays. The Tile Museum in Lisbon offers a captivating journey through Portugal's tile-making history. The collection features intricate designs, vibrant colors, and a diverse range of styles that beautifully depict the country's cultural heritage. The museum's exhibits, displays, and interactive sections are well-curated, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts and history lovers. Housed in a former convent, the building itself adds to the overall charm of the experience. Whether you're an art connoisseur or a curious traveler, the Tile Museum offers a delightful and insightful exploration of Portugal's artistic legacy. The museum boasts a great collection of traditional Portuguese tilework, housed in a former convent. The tickets are reasonably priced, and while it may be slightly out of the way, it is easily accessible by taxi. However, there could be more explanation about the artwork and the building's history. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth a visit. I recently visited the Tile Museum and found it to be a nice museum overall. However, I was disappointed by the lack of explanation for many of the tiles. The ground floor is the best part in terms of telling the story of tile progression in Portugal, but this narrative is not continued on the upper floors. Additionally, the upper floors can be quite stifling on hot summer days, as there are relatively small fans in each room. On a positive note, I was charged a student rate even though I didn't have my UK student card with me, which I appreciated. The museum is reasonably priced and definitely worth a visit if you're interested in tiles. If you enjoy this type of museum, it is well worth it. The museum is quite large, with different areas dedicated to different time periods, including modern ones. The space itself is beautiful and adds to the overall experience. I visited with separate entrance tickets and also had the option of a combined ticket with the Pantheon, which allowed me to skip the main queue. However, even with the regular entrance fee of €5, it is still a good value for money.
Address:Rua Madre Deus 4, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 810 0340



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