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Musee d'Orsay

Paris, France
4.9 / 125
Museum where collections of impressionists and post-impressionists are exhibited. The building was built at the opening of the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 and was used as a railway station until 1939. The architecture of the museum is a combination of elements of an industrial style with classicism of the 19th century. After the station was closed, it was planned to demolish the house and build a hotel in its place, but then it was decided to organize a museum.
Address:Esplanade Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Paris
Phone:+33 1 40 49 48 14



One of my favorite tourist spots for a first timer for Paris. This museum was easier to tolerate than the Louvre... I find the artworks in here more elegant and stylistic than the classic Louvre, which is boxy and less ornate and incredibly crowded t.. Read more »
Ha! Things are never like in the movies! Have seen small portions of this museum, 1 or 2 folks pass by as the star sits quietly, contemplating the picture. Yeah, right! Never has happened; I went through the museum on a weekday, and it was fairly c.. Read more »
We spent 4.5 hours here and could have stayed more admiring the art. Wonderful mix of paintings from primarily French artists, and lots of sculpture. Big impressionist collection with some super iconic works. We loved floors 1, 2, and 5. It’s a.. Read more »
The museum holds mainly French art dating from 1848 to 1914, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, and photography. It is worth a visit if are into art. I was very lucky to see the famous Van Gogh exhibition
Clearly one of the world's foremost art museums, and not too expensive to visit. Very busy of course, the crowds mostly in the impressionist/post-impressionist galleries. Certainly not so busy in the furniture areas. The main hall, the former st.. Read more »
enjoyed d'Orsay more than the Louvre, exhibits are placed in perfect spots to better feel and perceive them. The staff are very friendly (from thousands of questions) and eager to assist as needed. Overall very tranquil environment, (for some re.. Read more »
Exploring Musée d'Orsay on the first Sunday of the month was a fantastic decision. Not only did we get to experience the museum's world-class collection, but the added bonus of free entrance made the visit even more memorable. The us.. Read more »
This is a great museum. So many great paintings to see. If you’re an impressionism fan, you must visit this place. Monet, Degas’s ballerinas, Cezanne, Renoir - all here. It’s probably better to visit in the morning. It gets very cro.. Read more »
Way too much to see and way too little time. Good that it was Thursday and it opened until 9:45pm. It was raining and glad to stay indoor with so much knowledge acquired. Renoir, Monet, Manet, Gauguin, Van Gogh, I could see till my eye ache and walk .. Read more »
* This museum is housed in a former art deco railway station. * The main exhibition hall is located in the terminal platforms and has a stunning decorated ceiling and outsize clock. * The museum has a brilliant decorative arts displays of furniture a.. Read more »
Installed in a former art deco railway station, this museum is worth a visit as much for the building as its contents. The main exhibition hall is renovated from the terminal platforms, keeping its stunning decorated ceiling and outsize clock. The mu.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful museums...period. The lighting in the center of the museum helps create a magical setting for the sculptures in the main area. The collection of Impressionist works is extensive and well curated. There is something for ev.. Read more »
Musee d'Orsay has a lot to offer to those traveling to Paris. We spent most of the day at this museum and took in everything they had on display from different time periods and some of the most renowned artists to have lived. The architecture of.. Read more »
A great art adventure. This is such an educational and inspirational place to visit. Be sure to see the Impressionist highlights on the upper level and don't miss the Van Goghs - off in a corner. Yes there is a starry night painting. This conver.. Read more »
I like this museum better than the louvre especially the beautiful room on the second floor and the impressionist and post impressionist displays. Definitely recommend. It took me 3-4 hours to see the whole museum. They have cute restaurants here too.. Read more »
Our most favorite museum in Paris. It's a wonderland if you are a fan of impressionist art. Admire the location of an old train station with its iconic clock aside from all the wonderful art on display from the greats including Monet, Rembrandt,.. Read more »
The museum is a true gem for art lovers! I was blown away by the vast collection of Impressionist and post-Impressionist masterpieces on display. From Monet's mesmerizing landscapes to Degas' captivating figures, every piece left me in awe... Read more »
Wonderful museum holding paintings, sculptures, and creations of world renowned artists. Definitely don't miss it if you're in Paris. Get the tickets online or Paris Museum pass to skip the long line. We went on a Thursday afternoon and it.. Read more »
My #1 museum in the world. I've been to this museum twice only and can't wait to go back again. I am a big fan of impressionism and this place is heaven for someone like me. This museum taught me lots of great painters and their beautiful p.. Read more »
My #1 museum in the world. I've been to this museum twice only and can't wait to go again. I am a big fan of impressionism and this place is heaven for someone like me. This museum taught me lots of great painters and their beautiful painti.. Read more »
Amazing museum and I don’t really like museums. Recommend a skip the line, timed entry. The queue otherwise is long and in the sun. Set in an old train station, the entrance is worth it just to see the interior. Skip to the 5th floor and see .. Read more »
An iconic stop in Paris and you should really set aside many hours here if you are an art history person! The building itself is gorgeous! Spend time getting to see the different floors and if you go in the summer months, go earlier in the day and st.. Read more »
Amazing collection of art. More impressionist and post impressionist works such as Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne. Many of their best works. The restaurant and cafe are very nice too. The setting in an old train station makes the archite.. Read more »
Wonderful, mesmerising, absolutely astonishing museum/art gallery. Well worth the visit, these paintings inspire. Would recommend the audio guide to provide the history and additional detail about the paintings. Do reserve a time slot and make sure .. Read more »
Super nice place itself... As I know it used to be a Train Station, and it just took seconds to realize it's splendor and grace with an enormous watch. Any beautiful items are found inside, beginning from the very first Enlightening the World st.. Read more »
Spacious building. Sculpture collection well displayed. The famous paintings that everyone goes there to see are a free for all. You can see iconic paintings up close.and personal. Be prepared for large groups of school kids sitting on the floor and .. Read more »
One of my favorite museums in Paris for the temporary and regular exhibitions. The diversity of the collections is simply impressive. Another interesting side is the architecture of the museum. Last and not least the unique restaurant which is a regu.. Read more »
What a Magnificent Place! So much to see! Entering this museum, Beauty looks at you from everywhere, it envelops you and does not leave until the Exit. It was a hot summer day and imperceptibly we spent the whole day here, without ceasing to admire t.. Read more »
What an amazing museum. The architecture of the railroad station is a stunning setting for a “modern art” gallery. We were visiting on a Sunday so we started early at 10am. By midday the place was getting pretty busy. I’m glad we go.. Read more »
Hands down the most dramatic and impressive art museum I have ever been to. In my opinion, better than Louvre. It has some of the largest and most gorgeous paintings I have ever seen. Sculptures everywhere. Recognizable art even for a novice. Impres.. Read more »
Top class museum. Their exhibition on Impressionism is just amazing. They truly manage to tell the story about this era in an exciting and compelling way. Lots of true masterpiece paintings makes the experience unique. Highly recommended. The rest of.. Read more »
Of one of the over 50!!! museums that Paris has to offer, I'd suggest you not miss the Musée d'Orsay. What used to be the old train station Belle Époque, Gare d'Orsay, this converted museum is mesmerizing. With its two hu.. Read more »
This is definitely one of the finest museums in Paris, and being that my wife and I are Van Gogh fans, this museum was a must see. There are also a few... "interesting" pieces we witnessed. In other words, make sure you and your family are .. Read more »
It’s really worth of visiting. Been many times in Paris, but only managed to go there this time and I really enjoyed it. Even if you don’t have a knowledge of art it’s still great to visit this place and enjoy it. The building is an.. Read more »
Such a beautiful museum! Not just the actual works of art, but also the building and the whole design of it! I was thrilled to visit it and admire its art. I would definitely recommend it, it’s not as large as Louvre and you can see all of it i.. Read more »
Absolute must when one comes to Paris. Count with a total of six hours to visit all the the famous art pieces you have heard of and seen in books. Important tip: bring some sandwiches for a meal. You can enjoy them on the roof of the museum with an a.. Read more »
Great layout, really easy to see and admire all exhibits. Majestic building indeed. Excellent experience overall - tip: visited first Sunday of the month and entry was free :) Some very famous works of art are exhibited here.
A concerted train station that is a museum now. Really enjoyed seeing the art. Some classics are here that will really take your breath away. Even outside of the art, the architecture of the building itself is breathtaking. Much less crowded than .. Read more »
There are many works of artists we are familiar with. I like the Musée d'Orsay better than the Louvre. Less crowded, less artificial and less demanding. On the second floor, there are Gogh's works, especially self-portraits. On the .. Read more »
One of my favorite museums in Paris, definitely a must-visit, I even prefer it than the well known Louvre. It has impressionism art, and the interior architecture of this huge vault that once was a railway station will leave you speechless. The resta.. Read more »
Very nice place, free to visit for Europeans aged 18 to 25. We didn't have online tickets booked beforehand but it was really easy to do so. The nice man on the entrance helped us, he was very polite and speaked English. I would say give yoursel.. Read more »
This is the greatest museum in the world. It’s so happy to live in Paris, as long as you have time, you can come and see it anytime. It’s very helpful for human beings. It’s very helpful for children. Born in Paris, you can come her.. Read more »
A offbeat but neat museum that is worth a stop. We used Rick Steve's guide throughout Paris and this was a great spot to take in more historical works. Take your time here and take it all in.
Who am I to evaluate such a wonderful, astonishing museum, full of masterpieces of world culture? If you are in Paris, take your time to spend three, four hours, one day in this must-to-be-seen museum! Enjoy that time! ;)
Great museum, great location. You could think it is a small museum, but the distribution and the amount of art pieces you will find are endless. You can spend 3 hrs here easily. I recommend it for youngs and adults. I would go back definitively.
One of the best Museum. Display, atmosphere, the building, object are amazing. there is a locker room for free and it is so convenient to leave bags and walk around. taking picture was forbidden for many saloons. yet the memory of it good enough.
This museum is a work of art; it has everything! From its eclectic collection of art to the state of the art accommodations. There are bag checks, free toilets, and plenty of seating options. It's accessibility-friendly and offers a variety o.. Read more »
Excellent Museum with a rare collection of paintings ? You will enjoy its design and the way it was organized. The reason why i didn’t give 5 stars is due to the absence of instructions on directions. Not sure if have seen all of it! Well don&r.. Read more »
For the people who brave lockdowns, this is the best time to visit THE IMPRESSIONIST museum. This is it. During normal times, you have hordes of tourists and the "chef d'oeuvres" are floating somewhere else in another museum. This is.. Read more »
A must-see when in Paris! One of the most beautiful museums in the world and certainly worth your time. Do not miss it when in Paris. I have been here many times and I highly recommend it to everyone who appreciates French culture and history, and no.. Read more »
If you are an art lover specially Impressionist masterpieces it is a unique place to enjoy your time. Apart from the permanent exhibition, you can also find some special temporary gallery in which works are gathered from all around the world. It is c.. Read more »
In my opinion, this is the most beautiful museum in the world. I really enjoyed every inch in the museum. It is free to enter on the first Sunday of every month as I remember. ??? DO NOT FORGET TO STAND IN THE AMAZING BALCONY OF THE MUSEUM.
Among the best collections of Impressionist art in the world! Be sure to get to Level 5 as it has most of the. famous works. The Tissot special exhibit was actually exceptional as well, and very well annotated. I hope to hope to visit every time I�.. Read more »
Beautiful museum if you're mainly interested in impressionism, expressionism and everything around and between that! Heaven on earth for Monet-lovers like me!
I just love the art and architecture of this museum. The ceiling is just stunning, so don’t forget to look up! Can’t believe that it was going to be demolished! The art collection is amazing, especially for any Impressionist lover, which .. Read more »
Such a great museum! I am not very interested in art generally but this woke up a new interest in me. The reason I am giving 4 stars and not 5 is because they said they were closing at 6 but they started to close parts already at 5:30 so if you book.. Read more »
A fantastic museum. Even though it is right next to the Louvre, the art that the Musée d'Orsay has is vastly different. Much more modern and contemporary from a much more diverse set of artists, it makes up from whatever the Louvre lacks... Read more »
Outstanding, especially floor 5. A absolutely stunning collection, unbelievable to find so many amazing and also famous pictures in such one museum. I prefer Orsay anytime over Louvre. First Sunday of each month entrance is free, still good ideal to .. Read more »