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Municipal House

Prague, Czech Republic
4.8 / 77
The building erected on the site of the old royal residence. After the construction was completed, meetings and exhibitions were held in it. This place is of particular importance for the country, since here in 1918 the independence of the Czech Republic was declared. Today, concerts are held on the territory of the Public House. Every spring, the Prague Spring music festival takes place here, which brings together bands from all over the world.
Address:Náměstí Republiky 5, Praha 1
Phone:+420 222 002 101



bharath muppa
One of the art deco to visit, if you are in Prague. You can book tickets at the counter or online. Plan it well before the trip if possible
Luke Loran
Beautiful space although I did not tour the building formally, but I went to 3 classical concerts here in 3 days. Definitely worth checking out and the concerts are amazing so make sure you attend one.
Angela Williams
Had a lovely Afternoon Tea, with sandwiches, mini cakes, scones and tea, all served on a three tier stand. In a beautiful setting of the Obecni Dum. Just sometimes a but difficult to get hold of a waiter.
Gary Neale
Wonderful building fully restored in the 90s featured incredible art amongst others from Edvard Munch Highly recommend the guided tour to understand first hand the importance of Prague’s cultural hub. Excellent brasserie on one side and resta.. Read more »
Julie Gillies
The Municipal House is a stunning, early 20th century built, art deco themed (predominantly) concert hall with additional rooms. We booked on the tour and were not disappointed. The tour guide spoke entirely in English, provided extensive knowledg.. Read more »
s v
Incredible building worth checking out through a tour or a visit at one of their restaurants. If you're able to catch a live performance here it's even better and highly recommended. We saw a classical concert here and it was amazing and a.. Read more »
Niki Culkin
Definitely one to visit while in Prague! What an absolutely beautiful building, both inside and outside. We visited the cafe side and it was such a luxury at a very reasonable price. The atmosphere is lovely, and had we had more time we would have .. Read more »
Cem Şeyda
Alright, the place and concerts are super impressive. However, if they have a very small audience, maybe they could have sold the tickets from a lower price or at least inform people about if they have student discount or not. Also there was no one t.. Read more »
Beautiful architecture and design, even if you don’t visit here to go to a concert it’s a must! We were her for the new year’s eve concert as well as the dvorak concert the day before and both times it was just great! something that.. Read more »
Giza Keskin
Every detail about this building fascinated me. We had our Christmas Party on the ground floor yesterday, and I couldnt get my eyes off of the beauty of this place even after getting drunk. I am a huge fan of art nouveau and I've been admiring t.. Read more »
Yousef Genedy
The Municipal House was awesome. The hall is quite big. The concert today was still really good even from the basic seats (cheapest and furthest seats). The musicians were also really talented and I'd recommend visiting it?
Drippy Wall
Amazing Art Deco building with beautiful expositions and classical music concerts, tickets are around 12-15€ and you can score nice cards in the giftshop. There are also three beautiful bars/ restaurants on the premises. Totally worth a visit!
Yousef Genedy
The Municipal House was awesome. The hall is quite big. The concert today was still really good even from the basic seats (cheapest and farthest seats). The musicians were also really talented and I'd recommend visiting it?
jjj cluzot
For those in love with Art Nouveau and Art Deco - this building is simply stunning - down to the finest details, such as curtains, door handles and air ducts. All wall paintings are by artist Mucha. Magnificent. The concert in the main hall, just sor.. Read more »
paul nichols
Stunning architecture and beautiful location. If you’re into enjoying living buildings with much to offer then I highly recommend a visit. Many cafes nearby and if you walk in any direction you will find great things to do.
Holds the beautiful Smetana hall. The hall has beautiful architectural design and arts from the Baroque period. Must visit for concerts like Christmas Cantata or Four Seasons. Have a large organ which is functional and is played during the concerts.
Chris E
Stunning Art Deco building. Well preserved. We booked a ticket for a small classic concert and as a bonus you get to view all of the beautiful rooms around the concert hal at no extra. A well spent evening. Highly recommended.
Robert Hadden
No problem getting a table. But waited nearly 40 minutes for food to arrive. Bus trips kept coming in and the place ended up very busy. Food was great but, like most places now, not enough staff or chefs. Given 10% off thebill
Jitka Stilund Hansen
Visited the cafd. Rude servants, almost forcing you to give tips. Cakes look amazing, but can be found much more delicious in local shops or cafes.
Michael O'Sullivan
Cafe or Kavárna of Obencí dům has a lovely elegant ambience. Glittering chandeliers and stylish furnishing certainly retains an old world charm. Hot drinks came with a lovely butter biscuit and the waiters are attentive.
Rico Wallich
Excellent place to visit a classical concert. The architecture is just stunning. Definitely recommend a visit when you are around.
Mary Karyda
Fascinating building, I visited there for a classical music concert. I definitely recommend.
Maria D'Effremo
We went to see the Mucha exhibition that it's just amazing and really recommended but we had a really bad experience in the evening. A man proposed us to see the concert at the municipal house in the evening and we accepted cause we would have h.. Read more »
Steve Rogers
Wonderful decor, good service and fairly priced The location could hardly be better but they have resisted the temptation to become a tourist trap.
Great place to visit. Concert is definately Worth going. Exhibitions according to Your taste. Tour around - we have not taken.
Very friendly staff do a good job of giving the history and showing some of the important parts of this beautiful building. They also have exhibitions on the top floor which are interesting.
Bo Heylen
Culture pure sang. One fine art nouveau building. The guided tour is really good. Worth the visit.
Really beautiful atmosphere and great service. The food was truly delicious and worth the price, which was admittedly on the expensive side. I would recommend this, if you are looking for an experience while dining
Beautiful ambiente in the cafe, amazing Jugenstil designs everywhere. The food is great and, against expectations, not overly expensive
Neo Matrix
From the outside,, art novy style. Nice building.
Lukáš Peták
Amazing example of art nouveau architecture. Lovely interiors done with great level of traditional craftsmanship.
Natalia Thonova
Great Cafe with a life music. Was a bit expensive before coronavirus. In the Municipal house, (where the first Czechoslovac Republic was established in 1918) they organized current days very interesting exhibition.
Pedro Alves Ferreira
Beautiful place and excellent service. I went there in December 2018 and completely forgot to give my feedback. The food was great, the service was excellent, and for that, we went there several times during our stay in Prague (beautiful city, by the.. Read more »
E.M Polak
My favorite building in Prague. I love the rich, detailed decoration.
mikel diaz de zerio
Visited the Mucha exhibition and both the exposition and the municipal house were stunning.
Viera Donelly
I MUCHA for everyone who likes beautiful things
Max Stalyoviy
This is very beautiful house
Tomas KLein
You gotta see it on your own. iMucha was trully amazing
Bozena Jovic Pandzic
Most of the building is closed for visitors ?
Katarína Koščová
art deco + good food + great service! Come for the Mucha, stay for the food
Christopher Day
An Art Nouveau gem, well worth the detour from the old square!
Razvan Andries
This building is so beautiful, I had the chance to listen to Vivaldi's Four seasons and it was such a good experience. The price for the ticket is fair and the artists spotless, no false note, all great.
Lee Woodhouse
This building is amazing and has to be seen to appreciate it sheer size and beauty. Its built in the Art Nouveau style and is the largest of its type in Prague. This fantastic building houses a cafe, a bar, two restaurants, exhibition spaces and a co.. Read more »
We dined in the restaurant. Service felt, if anything, a little snooty and superior here, but the Art Nouveau setting is truly stunning and the food was consistently excellent. It's conveniently central and definitely worth going to. Not particu.. Read more »
Otaku boy
Should have visited inside but I don't have the chance. 1. Love the building style as it is pretty different from other buildings in Prague. 2. If you have the chance, go inside and listen to the concert. It would be great complementing the arch.. Read more »
Guido Sartor
Incredible example of XIX century indoor architecture. To visit you have to buy the tour but it's more than worth it. Maybe the best attraction in all of Prague. Every room is a marvel to admire in every little detail.