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Cabaret Moulin Rouge

Paris, France
4.7 / 106
The famous French variety show, art cafe and a visiting card of Parisian nightlife. Cabaret has existed since the end of the 19th century and has been very popular for over 100 years. At first, this place was considered a “vicious institution” with frivolous morals. The cabaret room is always full, tickets for performances are bought up in advance. The show involves dozens of artists and hundreds of costumes made by famous designers.
Address:82 Boulevard de Clichy, Paris
Phone:+33 1 53 09 82 82



One of the most famous tourist spot in Paris!!! You don’t come here for the food but for the show.. definitely a lot of fun.. unlike shows in Vegas.. this is a lot more intimate…sorry, no photos allowed inside so you have to use your im.. Read more »
Experience 10 out of 10! The atmosphere was beautiful. Out seat was perfect, the view was great. Food was excellent, we had included in the price a three course menu and two bottle of fine champagne. The show was incredible, there was some other show.. Read more »
Absolutely fantastic show. We had always wanted to visit and we are so glad we did. Everything about the evening was enjoyable - all the staff were so very friendly, the set design and costumes are breathtaking and the show itself was worth every pen.. Read more »
Famous showroom featuring men and women dancing to different numbers. Went in without much prior knowledge for the show and arrived an hour early for drinks. Can also get dinner if you come earlier, and pay more. The show was amazing, one of the best.. Read more »
I recently attended the 9pm show at Moulin Rouge, and it was undeniably an evening filled with entertainment and dazzle. The performances, especially the dancing, were nothing short of amazing. The venue exudes an antique charm, immersing you in a by.. Read more »
Visited Moulin Rouge with my wife, admittedly clueless before booking. Probably should've guessed about the topless dancing when they said no cameras allowed, lol. The performances were energetic, costumes fantastic, and the stage, with its many.. Read more »
Worth every penny we spent. What a special way to celebrate my birthday. This has been on my to-do list for so long just the price was what held me back from going sooner. We arrived around 20-30mins before the doors opened and the ushers were so n.. Read more »
I was able to book VIP tickets and it was totally worth it. You are escorted by body guards and get to skip a large crowd and line that extends outside. The show was like experiencing a living piece of Parisian history mixed with very, very talented.. Read more »
Love it or hate it, this place is an institution. While the dances get repetitive and a bit boring towards the late stages of the show, you do have to appreciate they were mostly created in the early 1900s and have yet to change since then. Before .. Read more »
This was my life time experience. Food and performance were fantastic. Worth of everything. The show was stunning and breathtaking. Every acts were surprised and striking. Love all of them as they were so different and memorable. Don’t fight t.. Read more »
we were at dinner and show. Great spectacle! the best you've been to so far! When I come to Paris, I will gladly go to the show again. The food is quite good but it seems that in such a place the dishes should be much better. Next to us sat a .. Read more »
Such an experience! Loved every minute of the show, held my breath during the skating scene 😍 me and my husband had an amazing date night here. I definitely recommend watching it at least once in your life
Best show ever!!!! It's my no. 1 show of all time. Loved it so much. Everything was marvellous, outstanding and sublime. Words are not enough to express how SUPERB the Moulin Rouge Paris show is!
A place to try at least once in your life. If you can go for the VIP, you'll be treated as a king. Food is excellent, with a choice between 3 starters, 3 main courses, cheese and deserts. Pink champagne from Laurent Perrier is very good. And the.. Read more »
This was our second time, and it was just as incredible as the first. Not only is the show absolutely spectacular, but they also offer a vegan menu for the dinner! It was nice food, and very filling.
I was really looking forward to this experience and it somewhat delivered, but was way too expensive for what we got (500+ overall for two people). When we first arrived we had to wait in line for almost an hour before being seated, so I wouldn&rsquo.. Read more »
A must-experienced site in Paris! If you select dinner and show, please come a bit early as when we arrived at around 18:45, there’re already some queue for 19:00 dinner. The venue is very large, while a soft reminder that you will need to sha.. Read more »
Such a fun show and great lively entertainment. The roller skating act was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, incredibly breathtaking and exciting. They really know how to overwhelm you with spectacle here. Note they do not serve dinner here;.. Read more »
Had the most wonderful time. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience! It’s super camp and super entertaining. The queue before you go in is a bit of a nightmare but moves quite fast once it starts to go. We had amazing seats, and the champagne laste.. Read more »
This is one of the things you should see in Paris - the show was great! You can also buy a ticket with drinks included (champagne/wine). We sat close to the podium, so we had very good view.
This show is a must in Paris. You have to book 3-4 weeks in advance, depending on the season. Dress nicely and enjoy the show, they got my attention for the whole show. They offer dinner or drinks at the table but you have to book it prior to your sh.. Read more »
One of the most iconic landmarks of Paris. The show itself is perfectly choreographed and the costumes quite high end, works very well when the whole group is on stage for the wow effect. The show also has specific performers like acrobats, strong ma.. Read more »
WOW WOW AND WOW!!!!! the show was amazing from all levels, this is a must if ever planing on visiting Paris. my wife booked this as a birthday present and loved every second of it. the show started at 9pm and finished about 11ish but that was perfec.. Read more »
Attended the 9 pm show with the family, including my 12 and 15 year old kids. The show is quite family friendly, as long as the kids understand what to expect from the more "cabaret" part of the experience. Continuous amounts of fun with fe.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing place to come. The dancing ladies and the acts they have on are first class. The dancing on the ballroom floor and the meal were so nice and great for everyone to be able to have a dance too. Sitting at your table looking around.. Read more »
Loved the show. Loved every performance especially the roller skates and the ballet. We attended the 11 PM show which started at 12 AM and ended at 1:30. Make sure to come early to get the best seats and avoid standing in the queue longer. I would h.. Read more »
Dress code is a lot more relaxed than the website says. Saw plenty of people in t-shirts, jeans and even one wearing socks and sandals. Show up no more than 30 minutes early. The doors don't open until 15 minutes prior to the show. There's .. Read more »
We'd bought tickets before we even arrived in France and we did not know what to expect, but the end result was absolutely chin-dropping. The food was delicious and the entertainment out of this world. Elaborate costumes, plenty of talent and th.. Read more »
Fantastic show and really fun experience. There are acts which are very impressive and others that are funny and good fun. There really isn't much that the show doesn't offer. Dating back to 1889, this show is its own unique experience, don.. Read more »
Dinner show beginning at 1900. Food was good and the wait staff very attentive. The entertainment during the dinner portion was less than entertaining. The band was good, but the singers were not. Very disappointing. And they droned on for 2+ hours!.. Read more »
Wheelchair access from the side entrance so make sure you advise when booking. Staff extremely accommodating and friendly. Access to disabled toilets available using lift, so best to go before the show or after. This show is not for kids, but in go.. Read more »
What a wonderful time we had! The tickets were easy and secure online. The dinner and show is worth the money. The food was actually very good. We weren't expecting it to be so good, but it was. The show was quite entertaining. Recommend it.
One of the iconic landmarks of Paris. You feel the history in your shoulder as you enter the showroom… to think Toulouse-Lautrec was once at the table you are sitting pairing his famous drawings. The show itself is well choreographed and the c.. Read more »
Stunning must see show! For two hours you will be transported to another world of music, performance athleticism and showmanship. Make sure to choose the option with champagne to guarantee unobstructed views.
Loved loved loved the show! Attended the 11pm show - make sure to get their earlier to get the best seats and dress fancy ? no pictures are allowed or videos during the show ?? the show started 30 mins late but was totally worth the wait! A must try .. Read more »
Very cool place to visit. Don’t need to go in to just get pictures, unless you want a show. Better to visit in the evening when the lights are on! It is located in a historic area and easy to get to. Just note that you will see strip joints ar.. Read more »
Interesting and colorful show. Certainly worth seeing while in Paris. When choosing a ticket, you can order the option with champagne, with or without food. The only big minus is participation in the presentation of live animals - it is unnecessary c.. Read more »
Well…… the show was not my kind of entertainment. The VIP ticket is worth it if you like great service and have the need to feel important otherwise it’s not worth it. They are getting a 5 stars because of their efforts, both on t.. Read more »
Celebrated my birthday here on September. It was an amazing experience. It actually went beyond my expectation, from the start to end???. If you visit Paris or if you are living here, you should go and watch the show. You won't regret it. I swea.. Read more »
Fantastic show! The cast are brilliant. Really enjoyable and a definite must when visiting Paris. Venue is spectacular inside and very cosy. Nice bottle of bubbly with our tickets too. I will say I was really disappointed to see live snakes being use.. Read more »
Gold standard for entertainment in Paris. Amazing and talented performers and courteous staff. The acrobatic and rollerblading couples kept us on edge with physics-defying routines.
A talented show. It is worth the visit once when in Paris. Venue was nice and cozy. Decent bottle of Champagne (I highly recommend to get this ticket in order to get a good seat). Arrive early because there was a big line and seats were not specifica.. Read more »
Amazing show. Loved it. I advise only going vip. That’s worth the money
Incredible show! Had a great time. The skaters were amazing. The whole show was beautiful
The experience as a whole was great, however we did find some of the dancing acts a bit repetitive. Some acts were fantastic and we were very impressed with these. Overall, a 4/5. Worth the visit for experience for sure
If you didn’t go to Moulin Rouge, did you even go to Paris? Do not skip this show. It is the most magnificent, beautiful, mind blowing show. I loved it so much!
It wasn't open so didn't get to see a show but the outside of it was still cool, maybe next time ?
Went to the place as part of our visit to Montmartre, Paris. I did not watch a show at the Moulin Rouge and hence not commenting about it. The street where the Rouge is located offers a nice walking experience buzzing with night life.
I visited the Moulin Rouge in 2012 during a Spring break vacation with my daughter and several other high school dancers, parents, and coaches. We had a lovely dinner and then enjoyed a very nice show complete with a water feature and huge reptile. I.. Read more »
Very entertaining, bit cramped, but worthwhile experience.
Nicely done classic can-can cabaret.
Great show, definitely something to see when visiting Paris for the first time. Stunning costumes Nd performances!
I loved being able to actually visit my idol Shadow The Hedgehog at GamerCon 2005 at the Moulin Rouge. The catering by Paul Bunyan's was good but not too good eh?
Such an Amazing show! Everyone performed at their best! Can't leave Paris without seeing it
My daughter and I were lucky enough to come here and see the show. We had the best seats in the house, front row, center!! It was a great experience that we will never forget! Viva la France ??❣️
A bit busy and stuffy in inside. Hope this place never has to be evacuated. The decor was truly beautiful. The staff were great. The performance is a must see!
Visited the Moulin Rouge in January 2020 with my two daughters. Amazing venue. We were seated right at the front at our own table. Show was spectacular. We were absolutely thrilled to tick this off our bucket lists.
The show was fun, but the venue seems worn out and has-been. And you wait for the show to start in what feels like a dirty gymnasium with the paint peeling from the walls - really not the vibe I was expecting. I brought it up to a few workers there a.. Read more »
Good champagne and great entertainment. They really do pack people in though. Real animals used in the show, only let down.
It is one of the most famous and most known place in Paris, which is very widely known worldwide for it high quality dance shows, which are quite erotic and nice for most people. It is a central part of French historic culture. You can find a lot of .. Read more »
I went 10 years ago and the show was amazing. I went again 2 weeks ago and I was very under impressed and disappointed. The opening act was very sloppy and very out of sync. Many of the dancers looked like they didn’t want to be there. Their fa.. Read more »
enjoyed the show at the molin rouge, looking at our holiday photos now & wishing we could have a time machine & be beck there . pricey but a really great quality show, its a must do if you visit paris - even more so during st valentines week
This is great place to catch a cancan show and drinks. It makes a nice evening for around 400 Euros. Make reservations in advance. It is great show and lots of fun. It is definitely worth a visit at least once if you go to Paris regularly.
Another dream came true: seeing the iconic Parisian cabaret of Moulin Rouge. We ordered a VIP table at the very top of the cabaret. The dinner was exquisite, fantastic quality and fantastic service - very attentive and caring. The show was amazing, t.. Read more »
This is a must visit if someone likes cabarets. Certainly worth the time and money. Saw this in a movie and was impressed. We have the ticket counter right beside the hall. Pick and enjoy your show. Check language