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Monument to Admiral Makarov

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.5 / 33
The Monument to Admiral Makarov is a stunning tribute to the renowned Admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov, who brought great honor to the city. It is located on Flotsky Boulevard, which has been named after the admiral. The monument was initially erected in 1949 to commemorate the naval commander's 100th anniversary and was later replaced with the current version in 1976. The statue of the admiral is crafted from a bronze alloy, while the pedestal is made of polished pink granite. Standing tall and majestic, the monument offers a beautiful view of the river. It is situated in a picturesque spot near the Navy Boulevard, and the surrounding area is well-maintained with flowers and lovely landscaping. However, it is worth noting that the condition of the tracks on Navy Boulevard is quite poor, which is disappointing considering its central location. Nevertheless, this boulevard and the monument are closely intertwined, representing a significant part of the city's history. The monument holds great importance as it is located in the city where Admiral Makarov was born. Overlooking the boulevard that once bore his name and now leads to the Admiralty, the admiral's gaze is directed towards the remains of the former plant named after the 61 Communards. Nearby, there is a chess club, and from the nearby embankment, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Ingulsky Bridge, as well as the Salt and Temvod districts. Overall, the Monument to Admiral Makarov is a magnificent sight that pays tribute to a remarkable individual. Situated by the Ingul River, it offers a pleasant and scenic experience, providing an excellent opportunity to explore and appreciate the city.
Address:Naberezhna Street, Mykolaiv



Monument to the outstanding Admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov, who glorified the city. By the way, the house where Makarov was born has been preserved in Nikolaev (it can be found on Admiral Makarov Street, 4). The monument majestically rises above F.. Read more »
A beautiful monument in a beautiful place. Great view of the river!
Beautiful place near the Navy Boulevard. The monument and the blue building are in satisfactory condition, and if you look to the right - there is a fantastic view of the river Ingul and Ingulsky Bridge. But the condition of the tracks on the Navy Bo.. Read more »
The monument is located on Flotsky Boulevard in the city where the great admiral was born. Installed in 1976, before that, since 1949, there was a bust of a naval commander. The figure is made of bronze, the admiral's gaze is fixed along the bou.. Read more »
The majestic monument to the admiral is erected on the banks of the Ingul River. The area is landscaped, it is pleasant to walk here, flowers are planted nearby, there are wonderful views of the surroundings, especially on the bank of the Ingul River.. Read more »
Bow to the genius!
Eh a momument. Nice river walk though.
The monument is impressive, but the area around requires reconstruction
The monument is located on Naval Boulevard in the city where the great admiral was born. Established in 1976, before that, from 1949, there was a bust of a naval commander. A bronze figure, the admiral's gaze fixed on the boulevard that bore his.. Read more »
Nice monument in the park.