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Monument Faleev

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.9 / 9
The Monument Faleev is a stunning tribute to Mikhail Faleev, the founder of the city of Nikolaev. This monument commemorates Faleev's exploration of the area in 1788 and his decision to establish a shipyard at the merging point of two rivers. The city grew rapidly as a result, eventually being named Nikolaev in 1789. Faleev's influence extended beyond the shipyard, as he also directed the transformation of the Bug estuary into a deep channel. The monument itself is a bronze statue of Faleev holding a scroll, earning it the nickname "Citizen with a cigarette" among the locals. An identical gypsum statue of Faleev can be found in the City Council building. The monument offers a great view of the river and is surrounded by cafes and amenities, making it a wonderful place to visit. Additionally, there is a belief among local witches that the cloak on the Faleev monument and the veil on a nearby bride sculpture represent Faleev's reluctance to settle down. Overall, the Monument Faleev is an impressive and significant landmark in Nikolaev.
Address:Naberezhna Street, Mykolaiv



The monument looks beautiful, I advise everyone to visit this place!
Monument to a talented person, the founder of the city of Nikolaev. In 1788, he examined these places - the deep channel of the Ingul, the high banks... Read more »
Few people know, but there are two identical monuments to Faleev in the city. Bronze Faleyev stands on the boulevard, and, for the scroll in his hand,.. Read more »
A real monument, well done.
A very beautiful and significant monument for our city!
Nice place overlooking the river, great monument
Good location
An interesting monument
A good monument and a lot of cafes around.
Monument to Mikhail Faleev, located at the end of the city center, next to the City Council, a good place for a walk, there is where to eat, drink cof.. Read more »
The monument to one of the founders of the city, the first citizen of Nikolaev, Potemkin’s comrade-in-arms, Mikhail Leontyevich Faleev (1730-1792) was.. Read more »
Beautiful monument, excellent work of the sculptors Makushin. Near the monument, children like to ride scooters, rollers, scooters, etc.