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Monastery of Brygidkas

Lutsk, Ukraine
3.6 / 26
Brigidok Monastery - Monastery of the first Lutsk female Catholic Order; a monument of architecture of national importance, located on 16, Katedralnaya Street, in the historical and cultural reserve.



Maksym Kolodezhnyi
Part of the building was given to the service station, which damaged the architecture with additions. The facade is not in the best condition. The site of great historical significance is a convent for men and women, a former prison where thousands o.. Read more »
Alex Bracali
The place is very old, the friar who welcomed us was very young, he told us that there are few of them and that they manage to survive with the alms of visitors, we were inside the building and we saw that the structure is falling apart, action shoul.. Read more »
Юра Малишкін
They ask questions to improve their work and you know where they are
Restoration is required.
Brain Plus
The house looks a little tired. It's time to restore it a bit.
Sergiy Ribachuk
A neglected place needs repair
Юлия Фокс
Already half-destroyed facade - fungus and plaster fly away. The roof is flowing. Repairs inside at their own expense
Spin sp
In its own way, historically, however, it is a pity that it is not restored !!!
oleh romanovskyi
A monument of national importance is located near the castle. This is a brigade of monks - representatives of an ancient female Catholic order, who arrived in Lutsk in the early seventeenth century and settled in the palace donated by Lutsk and Lithu.. Read more »
Роман Васюта
There used to be a nunnery here, before the big fire in Lutsk, which started from this place, but the manager of the monastery forbade the entrance to the territory, as a result of which more than 300 houses burned down. During the war, the building .. Read more »
Ostap Khanko
The monastery building is in a terrible state. The current 5 monks brought the monument to the pen. The walls are affected by the fungus, the monks insert plastic windows, which will only intensify the destruction. In addition, the plastic windows lo.. Read more »