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Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MAMAC)

Nice, France
3.9 / 10
The Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MAMAC) in Nice offers an interesting permanent collection, featuring the captivating blue works of Yves Klein, a renowned artist born in Nice. However, the temporary exhibition showcasing African art left me unimpressed, as it seemed to mimic the style of "western" artists without much originality. One of the standout features of MAMAC is its top level, which is open and connected to other sections of the museum through bridges. This allows visitors to walk around and enjoy stunning views of the city below. The top level even boasts a small garden, adding to the overall ambiance. Overall, MAMAC is an excellent museum with a wide range of exhibits to explore. I was particularly amazed by the Niki de Saint Phalle collection. Furthermore, the museum offers a terrace with a breathtaking view of Nice, making it a perfect spot to relax after viewing the exhibitions. The staff at MAMAC were also incredibly helpful and friendly. While the museum provides ample space to walk around, I did feel that there could have been more modern art on display. However, the works of Yves Klein were a highlight for me. One great aspect of MAMAC is that for just a few extra euros, visitors can purchase a museum pass that grants access to all the other museums in Nice. This is a convenient option for those interested in exploring multiple cultural institutions in the city. In my opinion, MAMAC is a fantastic museum that offers a diverse range of art from various historical periods and movements, not only from France but from around the world. The exhibitions are thoughtfully organized and structured across four floors. You can easily spend a couple of hours admiring the art on display. Overall, I highly recommend MAMAC to anyone visiting Nice. The museum provides a captivating art experience, informative descriptions, and magnificent views of the city. It is truly a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts.
Address:Place Yves Klein, Nice
Phone:+33 4 97 13 42 01



The permanent collection is interesting with amongst others the blue work from Nice born artist Yves Klein The temporary exhibition with African art did not impress me much. Too much copy-paste from "western" artist. The top level is ope.. Read more »
This museum is excellent, offering a plethora of things to see. I was utterly stunned by the Niki de Saint Phalle collection. Additionally, there is a terrace with a wonderful view of Nice, making it a great place to spend time after the exhibition. .. Read more »
Nice museum, a lot of space to walk around. Unfortunately there could be a bit more art especially more modern art. Yves Klein is nice to look at. For a few euros more you can buy a museum pass to see all the other in Nice as well. That’s good.
This is a fantastic museum with lots to see. My ticket gave me access to the exhibits and permanent collections. It was beautifully curated with detailed - but not overwhelming - descriptions of each section. I went to several museums in Nice and I w.. Read more »
Great place to see modern art from not only France but all around the globe from different historical periods and movements and by different artists. Wonderfully structured and organized exhibitions on 4 floors. You can easily spend at least 2 hours .. Read more »