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Mirabell Palace

Salzburg, Austria
4.8 / 75
The palace and park complex was erected at the beginning of the 17th century and rebuilt in a Baroque manner in 1727. After the fire of 1818, it was practically rebuilt, based on the calm neoclassical style. "Mirabelle" in translation from Italian means "beautiful". The palace was erected for the secret wife of Archbishop von Raithenau, after his deposition until the 19th century, other Salzburg archbishops lived here. Later the complex was handed over to the city authorities.
Address:Mirabellplatz 4, Salzburg
Phone:+43 662 80720



We never went inside the palace. My partner was only interested in the gardens, as this is where The Sound of Music was filmed. The gardens are beautiful with lots of benches to sit and relax, admiring the view.
Beautiful well maintained gardens! For sound of music lovers this must be your first stop. Very colourful gardens but amazing backdrop with the city views & cathedral buildings. Free entry. Only downside is you have to pay 50c for the toilet, I d.. Read more »
This place is definitely a pearl of Salzburg! The garden is spectacular with its perfect symmetry. I also liked the dwarfs garden - they are so cute and each one has its own history. The palace is also accessible and it’s free, but all the room.. Read more »
When visiting Salzburg, my wife and I first walked to the beautiful gardens, from where there is a beautiful view of the castle. The gardens are magnificent in June, when we visited them, the vegetation and flowers were beautiful. The Mirabell manor .. Read more »
A beautiful palace set in very well maintained gardens. Free entry to a couple of rooms. It was all setup for a wedding when we went and the bride/from were having drinks in the gardens. It would have been nice to have some information boards abou.. Read more »
A spectacular, impressive monument. Best for photography inside a well-preserved, scenic garden with brilliant statues. I didn’t find any entrance to the palace hall and spend the time in the garden. There was a beautiful wedding photoshoot at .. Read more »
Just wow! This place is truly gorgeous!! I strongly believe indeed it is the most beautiful monument you can find in Salzburg! I don't know if you can access the palace itself, but even just the garden is truly spectacul! What I couldn't re.. Read more »
During my visit to Salzburg in 2018, I had the pleasure of exploring the exquisite Mirabell Palace and its enchanting gardens. This magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site left me utterly captivated, earning a well-deserved five-star rating. The mome.. Read more »
I am a huge Sound of Music fan. We visited the Mirabell Palace as part of our movie location tour. I must say that I was wowed. I tried to recreate some of the scenes from the movie. I had a great time reliving the memories. The garden is so perfect,.. Read more »
Pretty gardens. You can go inside the main stairway and all the way up, but that's all there is to see inside. Outside there are gardens you can walk around. Neat statues. free!
Really a beautiful place during summer. Worth every step you take in that area. Roses and other flowers blooms beautifully. It is very green and clean. Feels like can spent hours there just admiring the flowers.
Free to roam around and enjoy. If you like the sound of music you’ll particularly enjoy seeing this. The palace and gardens are beautiful but be sure to have a walking tour to explain the history. Book a (pricey but worth it) Schlosskonsert to .. Read more »
Lovely garden and nice views of the fortress. It would have been nice to get some more information about the palace and different buildings, but definitely recommend having lunch in one of the gardens. Just lovely to sit outside and enjoy the views.
Mirabell is very beautiful garden. Have a large garden and beautiful statues. Very clean and has lots of seating. In winter a lot of tulips. Besides seeing the beauty, this place is good for photos. There is also a tropical plant museum here. I.. Read more »
Interesting palace in Salzburg. Entrance is free. There is an underground parking just across the street but also in hotel Sheraton that is 5 minutes walk from Mirabell Palace. It is also close to Mozart house and other interesting parts of the city .. Read more »
Nice free garden you can walk around. Very well kept, but smaller than I expected. We couldn’t visit the marble salon on the 1st floor as it was closed. It makes for a good walk towards the city center.
The palace garden is beautiful, and very big. There are plenty of hidden areas so make sure you don't miss anything, because it is worth it! My favourite part was a botanical room with turtles and birds in it. You'll know you're near i.. Read more »
Beautiful scenes are not enough to go into detail and explain how beautiful the scenes are from this castle. The ride up itself was also amazing, in the crazy new technology built a sliding elevator into the side of the mountain. Amazing choice of me.. Read more »
Whether your nostalgic about the "Sound of Music" movie or not, you will want to at least take a stroll through the outdoor garden areas around the palace where several scenes were shot. Our tour group did not go inside any buildings on s.. Read more »
Beautiful gardens. Loved the gnome garden which is on the far right side across a little bridge. We did not go into the palace. Best part is it’s free!!!
Amazing gardens surround this palace in summer, the care taken and time it must take to design and keep these gardens is admirable. The palace itself is a work of art and something to behold all on its own. We were lucky enough to find a brass ensemb.. Read more »
Amazing architecture all around, fabulous rose garden. History everywhere. Would have been even better if we hadn't been so tired from a long day of walking. Could be a serene place to sit and enjoy. Also very close to our hotel so we can com.. Read more »
Truly an Amazing experience! Some of the finest talent I've ever heard and in the very palace the Mozart family played for Austrian royalty... Wow!!
We only briefly walked through the gardens here bit it was still quite a beautiful spot. If you've got time in Salzburg then definitely go visit, but if you're limited on time don't worry about missing it. On the plus side it's on.. Read more »
Even in early spring, the gardens are well cared for and beautifully maintained. The view from the palace toward the fortress is an iconic shot you must get in Salzburg. The dwarf gardens are a fun and quirky little side visit off the side of the gar.. Read more »
Loved this palace! Lot to see inside and impressive decorations. The garden itself is huge and awesome.The ticket price was very reasonable. Would definitely recommend!
Such beautiful place to see. Kind of a beautiful yet sad sorry surround the history of the city. The movie I'm yet to watch but the history is just very rich.
Dont miss the music if you can get tickets. Ahhhhmahhhhgerd classical music in a palace, the way it really was meant to be heard /FELT - with the sounds bouncing off marble all around you. Mmm delightful. Nice free gardens, nothing else to see in the.. Read more »
Did not enter the palace but only the beautiful gardens. Stunning and well designed with great layout. Parking opposite spacious but not cheap.
Great landscaping, flowers, beautiful sculptures and fountains. Mirabell Palace is simply beautiful with an interesting history. A place to spend some time and enjoy the environment. Makes for great pictures too.
At this historical place you can feel the old times. A lot of effort is made to keep the garden colorful with flowers. Come and watch yourself.
Loved this palace! Plenty to see inside and impressive decorations. The ticket price was very reasonable. Would definitely recommend!
As a huge musical and Sound of Music fan, seeing this garden made me play "Sixteen going on Seventeen" in my head over and over. The gardens are well maintained and very beautiful! I highly recommend that you visit when you come to Austria!.. Read more »
Loved the palace and Garden. Well maintained. One of the must see on your Visit to Salzburg.
It was a dream come true to be able to finally visit this place. Having seen the movie The Sound of Music hundreds of times, I have wanted to visit this place and see for myself where the movie was made. It was very satisfying. The place is beauti.. Read more »