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Mezhygirya Residence

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.6 / 99
Mezhigorye is a former private residence of Viktor Yanukovych in Novi Petrivtsi village, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region, which he occupied from 2002 to 2014. From 1935 to 2007, Mezhigorye was a state government residence until it was privately owned.
Address:Novi Petrivtsi
Phone:+380 98 416 5252



DavidB UK
A must-see place in Kiev, the entrance fee is affordable, Take your time, there is much to see.
Jeremiah Fowler
Amazing park and territory. However, the prices and times are not correct.
Very interesting place to visit and you get discounted entry price if you arrive early. However, we were very disappointed that the house, car museum and the dog training centre were all closed when we visited as these were the 3 things that we were .. Read more »
Gianfrancesco Tacchetti
Really a wonderful park with a very big territory. It's necessary to spend a whole day to visit it all. The park is full of colours and gives really the impression to be in an aristocratic place, with all perfect gardens and the lakes where you .. Read more »
Manal ibooks
A place of heaven! I really enjoy every time spent here! Very recommended for you & the family to see diff kinds of animals and enjoy feeding them.
emad ali
Very beautiful place for walking, wandering and relaxing. Charming landscaping. Selection of scooters and motorcycle for rent. Not enough cafes restaurants. Better if variety of roses are plantted.
Michael Ellis
This place was absolutely amazing. Spent two hours there and had a blast the entire time. The tour guide is very informative and very smart
Very beautiful and quiet place, I really advice coming here in weeks day and don't forget to rent a scooter because it's impossible to walk it everything! It's huge place! There's food inside, but you can bring your own.
Anastasiia Vlasenko
Amazing place to spend all day ! Even with friends ,even with family ! So huge territory of the park,there is also the scoter and bike rent (if you don’t want to walk so far ) You can visit the zoo and also buy fresh made milk and organic vege.. Read more »
Natali Gera
I recommend plan the whole day for this huge place. It has fast food, water and ice cream here. Also you can rent a bicycle, electro scooter to ride the place through. You can also have a guide here (Ukrainian or Russian speaking so far).
Andreas Sturm
After 60 minutes of Uber ride you get to this former president mention. They put effort in keeping the garden and flowers neat and clean. I can recommend the golf car ride, if you want to avoid walking through the whole park. The driver know his text.. Read more »
Ірина Біляєва
Nice park, nice views. There are a lot of places to chill and relax. Entrance price 150 UAH (june 2021).
It’s great place to visit and spend time out of the city, it’s very organized. There is some restaurants and coffee shop, the prices for the tickets is very fair. I advised them to have some one to do very quick explaining about this nati.. Read more »
Zahra Babikir
The place is more than wonderful..a bit of imagination..i enjoyed my time a lot..nature and beautiful greenery..the ukrainians are very friendly and they seem happy and welcome the tourists here..there are ducks and whales and a lake with some fish a.. Read more »
Olivier Brigante
Nothing much to see. Basically it's a big park where they rip you off from every gryvna you would have. The ex president ripped his people and you can still feel the tradition is well pursued. Only positive feedback is that's it's well.. Read more »
Kateryna Krotova
My favorite place to go! Even when you go on the weekends there (there are a lot of people), but you will never notice it incide. The territory is really huge! You can spend a nice time with your family and friends, have picnic and just a good time!
Elsonian K
Amazing exploit by the ex President of Ukraine to profit and plunder from the Ukrainian people for his own material benefit. Intricate wood work through out the house, as well as marbling, and gold plating through out the house, including chandelier.. Read more »
dinesh rana
A beautiful place surrounded by lushing green trees, beautiful lawns & flowing water channel. Surrounding is well maintained, u can have glimpses of in vehicle ride provided by palace authority.
Dmytro Vasilyev
Beautiful place to walk, ride a bicycle or have a picnic. Parking is not easy on the weekends.
ثامر المسفر
Very nice and relaxing place, I recommend visiting and cycling
Vladyslav Zakharchenko
Looks great inside, great job making the park accessible to anyone.
Lars Thomasson
All of the place is amazing. Just love to walk around the park and see the different attractions
Jonas Eriksson
Beautiful place to visit. Strongly recommend you to visit if you have the chance. Nature, buildings, animals, all in one place
All was good. Such a calm and beautiful place. The zoo is kind of upsetting. Animals are not in good condition.
William Goodman
Very cool place with a lot of history. Unfortunately, we only had 2hrs; this is meant to be an all day experience. We walked around, but there are options such as bikes and golf carts with guides. My family will certainly come back again over the sum.. Read more »
Iuliia Shpak
Beautiful place and park around it. We were last autumn and have only best impression. I can’t even imagine that one person could stole so much amount of money from country I hope this story will never repeat again. Anyway nice place and defini.. Read more »
Violeta Orlauskaite
Beautiful place with very unusual story behind it. Main house visit is a must, to see how ex Ukrainian president spent government money for his own house. Beautiful park around. Great work done by people who has not left and keep maintaining it.
Donald P
This is a must see on any trip to Kyiv. And walk down to the river. It is less groomed and wilder there but equally beautiful. You can easily spend 18 hours to see everything, more if you want to lie on the grass and talk to your lady.