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Metropolitan Opera House

New York, USA
4.7 / 122
The prestigious music scene of New York. Together with La Scala (Milan) and the Vienna Opera, he makes the three best opera venues in the world. The brilliant and incomparable Enrico Caruso, Maria Callas, Montserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo and Fedor Chaliapin performed here. The Metropolitan Opera is annually visited by hundreds of thousands of spectators. For everyone, the official website broadcasts the best productions.
Address:30 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York
Phone:+1 212-362-6000



Sophie Raven
What a gorgeous opera house! It was absolutely beautiful! The Enchanted Flute was beautifully done, The sets were amazing, the costumes were very colorful and the opera singers/actors were great. Very memorable!
Elvi Thio
Gorgeous opera house, known to be a top 10 in the world. Modern architecture with beautiful light fixtures. Clear view of the stage from any seat in Orchestra. No dress code, but many people are dressed up. Fun night.
Jeff Franzen
The NYC Opera experience was splendid. High-quality performances with exceptional talent. The atmosphere is immersive, truly capturing the essence of opera. A delightful evening for any classical music and opera aficionado.
Shirley Stanton
My first time at the Opera, it was amazing and it brought happy tears to my eyes. I certainly don't understand the songs that were sung but on the seat in front of you they have a small teleprompter with the words. That was perfect! ⭐⭐⭐
Hisham Aramouny
Attended the Marvels of the Saudi National Orchestra - what an amazing and enchanting performance. One of the best experiences of my life!
Vanessa Barg
The performance of Verdi's Requiem last night was incredible. Staff is amazing, especially the usher Kevin! To anyone wondering, yes the Family Circle is still great seating if you're in the middle section!
Kaushik Ghosh
Met Opera house is among the top destination for cultural shows in New York. The variety of shows offered through out the year is quite diverse. Personally visited here for some operas and more recently the swan lake ballet. Every time I visit to be .. Read more »
Doctor DeMento
Having lived for ~20 years near Lincoln Center, we usually partook of the excellent productions at both the Opera and American Ballet Theater at "the Met". On our periodic trip back to The City, we saw the last season's performance o.. Read more »
Pavel D.
What an incredible and elevated experience! I consider myself fortunate to have attended a ballet premiere at the stunning Metropolitan Opera. It was a truly elegant and elevated experience. Being in a place like this on such a special occasion made.. Read more »
Xiya Li
Beautiful opera house We were there for the grand opening of like water for chocolate. The ballet was so creative, go watch it!! and since it was a gala, so many people wearing gala level dresses and jewelry, but hey no dress code at the opera house.. Read more »
Samrudha Dixit
Beautiful opera house, me and my partner went for the Die Zauberflöte. There was stunning talent on stage and the entire setup was beautiful. The intervals are typically 30min and there is a long queue for washrooms and water fountains, plan you.. Read more »
Emmy Harris
Make sure to take a good look around and arrive early to enjoy the lobby! This also helps with seating in time for the performance. You will not be bored. Lincoln Square is the most beautiful place in the city for me, in any weather, please do visit .. Read more »
Chris Chu
The place holds 3,700 strong! One of the top three largest opera houses in the world! The caption (English and German) in front of you (even my cheap seat) is so convenient; I hope they include Chinese and Spanish in the future. Lots picture spots .. Read more »
Jasmine Feng
Gorgeous interior and helpful staff. I appreciated the design of the subtitle displays on the back of each seat. You can only view it at a certain angle, so you aren't distracted by hundreds of little subtitle lights. The separate water stations.. Read more »
Olivia M
Very grand opera house. It is pretty big! We were able to get last minute tickets from the box office around 20 minutes before the start time which was great. They were helpful in choosing the right price band. There is a bar / restaurant with a terr.. Read more »
Stunning opera house with gorgeous red carpets and incredible lighting. We saw the American Ballet Theatre perform. Seats were great- we were on the left, floor. Orchestra was fantastic and the sound was perfect. Water stations available. We were req.. Read more »
Israel Martinez
You can’t even go inside the gift shop if you’re not vaccinated? Majority of peoples has expired. Pathetic the MET is still mandating these rules as of June 2022. When the whole city is not. And for children? They can’t enjoy the op.. Read more »
Sarah Baser
Great tour! Very informative and fun experience. I have been to all 3 of their locations and they just keep getting better and better. Such creative folks that work and run this business. Keep up the great work. Our tour guide Alex was awesome. go ch.. Read more »
Marsha Newman
Excellent acoustics, luxurious seating, at least in the orchestra, and even little translation screens at every seat. It's as luxurious as u might expect. But beware they r checking your vaccination status at the door, and a mask is required at .. Read more »
Linda L.
We came to see Rigoletto as a first Opera experience for some of us. How extraordinary! This was a wonderful introduction to the world of opera. The Met is a beautiful environment in and of itself. Then layer on the magnificence of the orchestra and.. Read more »
Henry Quinn
The only opera house worth mentioning in a nation of 300 million that thinks of itself as prosperous, so I'll let you mull that over, but man, what an opera house and company. If I still lived here I'd go twice a week. The parterre boxes ar.. Read more »
Jing Li
This is a great opera company housed in a majestic acoustic heaven and architectural marvel, worth 10 stars. I deduct one star, ....because I don't know how else to express my frustration. I have been going to this opera house for 15+ years, bu.. Read more »
Frank Iori
First time seeing an opera. Watched Madama Butterfly 3/22 and enjoyed it immensely. Subtitles on a small monitor in front of every seat . Good view of stage from all seats. Beautiful chandeliers. Comfortable seats. Fantastic environment. Definitely c.. Read more »
Karime Ulloa
I have missed just one Opera since reopen after quarantine. The scenographer always amazes me, the details, the best use of space and lights... Opera singers are really actors/actresses, some voices have caused me goosebumps... Finally, go minutes be.. Read more »
Lina E Krakue
I haven't been to the Opera House in years! It was so exciting to get dressed up to see Tosca. The Covid protocol in place is good. We went to have drinks in the bar and were able to order a second round in advance for our 1st intermission break.. Read more »
Stefanie Smentek
Always a great night out with amazing talent and people watching. Went for the reopening gala and the choir sang the Ukraine national anthem in a touching tribute to start the evening. Very classy touch and speech denouncing the attacks. This time w.. Read more »
Second time here. Just an absolute treat. The music and performances are a feast for the ears and eyes. If you're an audiophile this just has to be on your bucket list. Saw Tosca. The lobby is great for people watching during the intermission, y.. Read more »
Rebecca Ruegg
Such a fantastic experience. Rigoletto was my first opera, and I was floored with how beautiful every aspect was. The voices and music were moving. The electronic captioning available in the seats was an incredible perk that gave more meaning to the .. Read more »
Michael Somers
Saw the Magic Flute. It was fantastic. This was an abridged version in English. There's no intermission and all the main songs are performed. This was the perfect show to introduce somebody to Opera. It was extremely entertaining. I took my 17.. Read more »
sky unidentifiedstorm
My very first Opera. This is a MUST experience! The grandeur of being in Lincoln Center entering the Metropolitan Opera House going through the hall to your seat and just taken in the magnificent opera theater is breath taken. This is not like any pl.. Read more »
Cynthia Olsen
A National treasure, The Met offers an elegant experience of music and experience every time in the most superb setting. Every seat allows for an optimal viewing and listening experience. The environment is comfortable. Refreshment area available and.. Read more »
Natallia A.
This place is incredible and is must go in NYC. I suggest to eat at the local restaurant across the Met Opera at the place of your choice and arrive earlier to the opera to get some champagne at the bar and just relax before the actual performance. .. Read more »
Daniece Jenkins
We had an Amazing experience at the Metropolitan Opera House. We were there to see Porgy and Bess, unfortunately we arrived late due to traffic. As we entered building we were greeted pleasantly and directed to the orchestra floor where our seats wer.. Read more »
Dean Leslie
A must experience. The Met is not only about the operas and the classic story lines, it is about transforming your senses. It is a world of wonder and excitement, of suspension of disbelief, and becoming changed for the experience. Of course, as o.. Read more »
Mike Dallas
The whole Lincoln Center complex is an architectural masterpiece but god, the Opera House is one of the most beautiful and elegant places I’ve ever visited. The design is brilliant. The foyer is spacious, airy and beautiful and the levels seaml.. Read more »
Alexandra Cutler
The Metropolitan Opera House is a very sad looking place. Far from clean, dated and gloomy. The main character clearly doesn't fit description intended by opera author and looks out of place. One would had a hard time to concentrate on wonderful.. Read more »
Laura Jones
My partner and I went to the Met for the first time to see Turandot. We had floor seats to the side. It made seeing the entire stage impossible. We still enjoyed ourselves, but will choose seats more wisely in the future. Space is magnificent and the.. Read more »
I had a great pleasure to be at the Metropolitan Opera for a performance of Puccini's Turandot. I really enjoyed the time I spent there. Of course, proof of vaccination is required. A fantastic place on the map of the operatic world.
Wendy Blackwell
Went to the Met to see Fire Shut Up in My Bones on the last day when it was streamed for theaters globally. So happy to be in the audience for this show. Ovations for 20 minutes. Wherever you can find it, you will be breathless. Terrence Blanchard&rs.. Read more »
Lance Gliser
The cast and performance was top notch. I'm very impressed by their ability to artfully reuse minimal set components as well. The building... Has a few issues. - One bar serving the entire crowd during intermission makes it about 1/4 through th.. Read more »
ProMargin Properties
The chandelier lighting recedes into the ceiling at curtain call, Amazing! Great acoustics, the orchestra is the best I have ever heard and the massive height of the ceilings is an architectural masterpiece. Nothing better than a Puccini opera. Xoxo
Jeff Hanlon
It was wonderful to finally visit this iconic theatre. Fire Shut Up in My Bones was moving and entertaining. The hall and orchestra were sumptuous.
LaRoya Jones
Opening night "Fire Shut Up In My Bones" The company's first performance of an opera by a Black composer. It was absolutely wonderful.
Alexander Ziegler
It is one of the most impressive opera house in the world. Its style and ambiance is probably unique. There are much older places with more history, but the Met is a place you need to experience if you love the opera
Charles Fishman
I have attended the Met every season for the last fifty five years. My only gripe deals with Gelb hiring euro trash directors who update settings of classics. Mozart in Conly Island in the 1950s. Verdi Rigoletto in Las Vegas focused in 1950s Sinatra .. Read more »
Ketevan Khokhlova
This the most academic place in NY become the best place for New Yorkers to spend a time with family in the Centre of Manhattan
Kristina Burke
Amazing place to be. One of my favorites place in the world!' I love you Metropolitan and your magnificents performances, unlimited budget in decorations, costumes. Production outstanding !! I recommend ,it's a life time experience !!!! Enj.. Read more »
Daniel Levin
This is the coolest place to be and watch opera. The voices are the best and the music is great Everytime I have been.
Morgan Brenner
During the COVID-19 pandemic, federal, state, and local governments have worked hard to develop and enact policies – including direct stimulus checks, expanded unemployment insurance, and business assistance programs – that support those .. Read more »
Omar Rojas
The best operas of the world where you can enjoy the chandeliers and dinner at the same place without been late.
Amy Mingasson
From 2018... I went to see the Metropolitan Opera’s William Tell on Saturday. Yes, this is the matinee performance where somebody tossed cremation ashes into the orchestra pit during the second intermission, causing everyone to miss the final .. Read more »
Marshall Morriss
Had a great evening with my wife! This was our anniversary. We loved the luxurious interior and atmosphere. The performance was truly amazing!
bts bangtonboys
the play was boring but the performers are talented and the gift shop was pretty
fiordaliza tineo
I love Opera!!! planning to go after this pandemic is over and done with ...would love to enjoy every moment..?
Mark Savino
The house is dark right now due to pandemic, but we will return. Better than ever!
Serina Li
Love their daily free streaming opera, and their paid life performance. Super !
Krn Gh
Countless beautiful performances attended. All of them were exceptional!
Mac Millan
They are using the pandemic to cut employee wages and benefits. They have a billion dollar endowment, don't let them get away with this
Göran Sundqvist
Wonderful performance in Nightly Opera stream of the Merry Widow! But when I saw this performance in 2015 Mrs Fleming sang the song of Vilja. Why was it not there now? It is one of the most famous song in this operetta and of all operettas. I was a.. Read more »
Elina Paliakova
My favorite place! Love its architecture, interior, and overall atmosphere! Stunning performances! Must to visit !
Vasiliy Ranchinskiy
Closed....can't wait for it to reopen
Daniel Molloy
As illustrated in the accompanying photo below, those walking past the beautiful Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts complex in Manhattan’s Lincoln Square section during the summer months are treated to the quintessentially New York City phe.. Read more »
raphaela J
Amazing Opera! The seats are so comfy, the space is beautiful and the quality of every performance is outstanding. La Traviata was very dramatic and I don't think there was a dry eye on the audience during the third act!
Cui Luke
What can I say except that it’s one of the best opera houses in the world? Great acoustics, massive and (often) sumptuous/creative staging, (most of the time) great cast, and above all, very affordable (standing room/rush/student tickets) and .. Read more »
Maria Knox
Took my mom to see The Magic Flute (the show my husband and I met in as performers) and we had the best time. The gift shop is great too, and the 'My First Opera' book we bought for my 3 year old was a huge hit! She's played over and .. Read more »
Jamie Albano
My sister and I took my mother to see the Magic Flute for her birthday. We had an amazing time. Show, customer service and seats were great. My only two issues which are minor and did not really hinder the experience are the bar is cash only. Be sure.. Read more »