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Mercat Central d'Alacant

Alicante, Spain
4.8 / 64
The main market of Alicante, located in a building that occupies an entire city block. The shopping malls are located on two floors - one sells meat of all possible types and shapes, the other houses numerous counters with seafood, fish, vegetables and fruits. The market also has a large section with wines, cheeses, olives, spices, nuts and all kinds of sweets.
Address:Avenida Alfonso El Sabio, nº 10, Alicante (Alacant)
Phone:+34 965 14 08 41



Brilliant market, great variety of foods all well presented with decent prices. Well worth the visit just to view it. The seafood section is particularly good and potentially free parking see my photos
Wow, an incredible market! Worth visiting even if you don’t have a plan to buy something I just spend 30 mins or more watching to shops and what products they sell
A lovely place to visit in Alicante. Now with trendy little bars for drinks and food. I concur with the positive comments about the architecture. I love the little Hermes sculpture / statue at the rear door which I've put another photograph up o.. Read more »
A big city central market with great produce, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers and very busy with locals and tourists. Seems that every Spanish city has one like this and they are brilliant. Just wish I could buy more and cook it locally. Accessib.. Read more »
The food there is so good and such great quality!! We bought dates, wine, ham etc. and the people were really friendly. We were able to try most of the things we wanted to buy.
Really great market. Lots of choice, with a floor for fish and a floor for food. Amazing fruit and vegetables too. Highly recommended.
On of Alicantes jewels. Enjoyed market, lunch with freshly prepared fish, beer and cava. Another spot here for enjoying drinks and tapas Bar central. We added also strawberries from the near fruit stand. This was Michelin experience in my taste.😃
Good place to buy local products, including meat, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, cheese, bread and cakes and lots more. Worth a visit
The city's biggest market. Lower/ basement level is for fruits and vegetables, and seafood..meaning a lot of meat products (unfortunately). Prices were varying for oranges ex . between 1-2 €/ kg. I had a better experience of freshness and p.. Read more »
You must visit Mercado in every single country. You can taste all the country has to offer in one small area. The best food, the best wine, the best sweets. It is a must when visiting every city in Spain.
This is a must go place for those who love going to local markets. I really enjoyed seeing seeing a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and processed meat and sausages. A bit touristic but I see a lot of locals also shop here. We can real.. Read more »
Very nice Market. Developed on different levels. Meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, probably the freshest you can get. There are several bars there as well. Good luck to choose the butcher or the fish shop!
Mercat Central makes it fun to do the groceries. We go almost daily, everything is fresh and local. There are many kiosks to chose from and we now have our favourites where helpful merchants offer a friendly service. Be attentive to prices as some ha.. Read more »
This was open 7.30am until 2.30pm, Monday to Saturday. Unfortunately, due to only being in Alicante Saturday to Monday, we were only able to get there after checkout on Monday, about 12.30pm. By this time there were only a few stalls still open, so i.. Read more »
Fantastic food market in the heart of Alicante. Head here for an authentic atmosphere and to buy some of the best food products of Spain. There's also a selection of small, friendly sit-by restaurants on the edges of the market.
I love to visit the local markets when I go to a new town and see what the locals buy, and shop like a local. This market certainly didn't disappoint. Great tapas and wine at local prices. Well worth a visit.
Alicante Market is a must visit if you are in Alicante, whether just passing through or there for an extended stay. It offers a wide variety of fresh foods, with multiple butchers, fish mongers, cold meat suppliers and fresh fruit and vegetables. Eve.. Read more »
A very big market, with a lot of quality food. You will find here fresh vegetables, fruits, meat or cheese. There are also some mini bars where you can try some tapas.
Various kind of fresh fish market which is a bit expensive.I tried to find wild salmon with no luck,there is salmon but farmed.Some sellers are very honest but watch out when you get your change,always check to the last cent especially if you are a t.. Read more »
Kind of meat, fish, veg and fruit market. Great choice of everything that is fresh. It is very expensive but you are paying for high quality food. I have never seen better asparagus than in this place. As a British tourist I was very impressed and e.. Read more »
Great building so much history. Then it's filled with wonderful food and drink stalls plus some small local eateries. What's not to love ? There are also toilets and a couple of other shops. The florists outside at the back of the Mercado o.. Read more »
Well worth a visit, we caught the tram from Villajoyosa. Journey was very pleasant seeing our area from another prospective. The market was in full flow, hustle and bustle of a modern day market. Great experience to see the fresh produce, meats, fis.. Read more »
You can find barely everything there. Fresh meat, cheese and fish downstairs also vegetables and fruits and dried fruit. There is also a big market that sells bathroom things and beauty stuff. In front of it there is a nice square with flowers shops .. Read more »
Alicante Market is a must visit if you are in Alicante, whether just passing through or there for an extended stay. It offers a wide variety of fresh foods, with multiple butchers, fish mongers, cold meat suppliers and fresh fruit and vegetables. Eve.. Read more »
What a discovery. This market can easily compete with the ones in Barcelona and Valencia. The assortment is amazing and the prices normal and not for tourists. I am sure we will make this a weekly trip
This is the place to go to buy great fish meats fresh baked goods etc. It's huge and lots to choose from. The only place that is walking distance if you are in the center . Otherwise to go to the supermarket you have to drive 10 minutes. Only ot.. Read more »
I saw a lot of locals shopping there. The market is a two floor market in which the first floor is meat and the second floor is seafood and fruit. They have a variety of seafood. I recommend you buy some shrimp or fish. The Crab I bought was not asfr.. Read more »
Great food market in centre of Alicante. Meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables all top notch, & at a fraction of what they would cost in Ireland, if even available. Would definitely recommend a visit, if you're staying in self catering accommod.. Read more »
Absolutely great place to pick up your meat, fish, eggs, cheese or many other interesting things. I was surprised that it is mainly food related as its a very big place. I would definitely recommend paying a visit here but definitely shop around to g.. Read more »
So much fresh produce! Overwhelming and awesome variety. The traders we're happy to chat. It's a beautiful building. Definitely worth stopping by. Check timing first.