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Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Berlin, Germany
4.8 / 78
Monument in honor of the ruined Jews by the Nazis. The memorial complex has a rather interesting and unusual architectural solution, which accurately conveys the atmosphere of horror that reigned in Germany after Hitler came to power. The memorial consists of several rows of nameless gray tombstones of various sizes. They seem to form a maze and symbolize death and hopelessness.
Address:Cora-Berliner-Straße 1, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 2639430



Nina Baeten
Entering the site, it is more impressive than how it looks from the outside. Once you are in the centre, you do feel more closed off from your surroundings.
Melanie Hughes
A wonderful memorial and museum that is like nothing I have ever seen. Every stone is different and wandering along the rows not only captivates you but also disorientates you too. The museum is free for visitors and very interesting.
Chelsea Southard
One of the best memorials ever done. Truly breathtaking in its beauty and powerful in its presence. A masterpiece for such a tragic part of history. The museum compliments it very well and is a great balance of text, story, interaction and immersion.. Read more »
david randellini
an installation of approximately 2700 concrete blocks all equally long but differently tall. I wasn't very impressed, perhaps because there were many people, some sitting or lying on top of the blocks. I know there is also an underground part bu.. Read more »
Diana Izabela Ilie
Also known as the Holocaust Memorial, this place is a historical landmark full of sadness. The memorial is located 5 minutes away from the Brandenburg Gate. Do not walk on the stones! You can sit, but never stand on top of them. Do not take happy p.. Read more »
Arinka Travels
The Holocaust Memorial was created in 1999 to remember the Jews that were murdered enmass in Germany. It's a place of contemplation, a place of remembrance and warning. It's close to the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin. Was here wi.. Read more »
Annie Itsameee
A great way to physically show the next generations the importance of history and why we should always learn from it. Situated actoss from the American embassy with blocks representing age of victims and the design intentionally disorientating once i.. Read more »
The monument consists of “The Holocaust memorial” and underground museum. Strongly recommend to visit museum before entering the Memorial itself. Free entry, just 20-30minutes waiting time in a queue which is worth. Attn! Museum is not fo.. Read more »
Tab W
Fantastic and moving free museum. No need to get the audio guide, as there was an abundance of text and information to read. Very informative, and does not shy away from any topics which is appreciated in a museum with a topic such as this one. My o.. Read more »
Lisa Jones
Fantastic, eerie and a beautiful memorial for people who were treated appallingly. Historical, factual, informative and striking display both in the museum and outside. A must see. Admission is free but if you want audio it will cost you 4Euros(worth.. Read more »
Danijela Radivojević
Beautiful place, must see while visiting Berlin. Great hystorical value. You can sit and get some rest after a long walk through the city center.
Corbett Fertig
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a really well done memorial and definitely sobering. The dark history surrounding these atrocities is displayed in this large stretching memorial which has you reminded that the holocaust was very very r.. Read more »
Deborah F
What can I say. Breath taking, awe inspiring, thought provoking. It's just absolutely amazing to see how it's laid out and it really makes you see. If you get chance to have a guided walking tour, they will give you an insight on why it was.. Read more »
Jim C
This is definitely one of the top things to see in Berlin. It is very walkable from the Brandenburg Gate. It is simple, yet moving. We suggest reading a description about it when you are there or in advance to understand the artist's intentions.. Read more »
Vonnie Wright
A place you truly don't understand unless you walk the grounds and think. The artist really thought about this concept and it really makes you ponder it's vital significance. No line or tickets needed. Walk between the rows. Very thought pr.. Read more »
Sandra Josefsson
It feels wrong when the rating says "loved it", because obviously it's not something to love, but the place was so worth the visit. The museum was heartbreaking and difficult to go through, but the staff was lovely and making sure to f.. Read more »
Simli Mishra
Must vist and you cannot skip this. In the very heart of the city next to Brandenbirg gate, the memorial is huge symbol of the dark past. Very impactful amd uncomfortable for the right reasons. The memorial is an unique experience. The holocaust exh.. Read more »
Liz Hattaway (Ginger On t
A sad and incredibly moving memorial for the millions of people who were murdered because of hate. Make sure you visit the museum under the memorial, it is free to all and definitely worth the visit (as of this posting you still need to wear a medic.. Read more »
Ian Benedict Mia
Saw from afar some idiots jumping on top of the blocks. Other than that, I felt emotional walking around here. My tour guide said that the artist kept the design vague because there's just no way to properly represent into art what transpired ba.. Read more »
360 Metaverse Experience
The sun was there, the air was blowing a little, but it was still hot, but I got freezed. The walls were so cold, soulless and numb. How an ideology affected people's lives could only be described as beautifully as this monument! The persecuted.. Read more »
Sam Fitton
Top tips 1. Through your Instagram influencer BS out the window and understand the memorials thought processing, floor placement layout etc. 2. Walk through alone 3. Visit the underground museum. Free entry. Cracking.
Maria Meireles
Very powerful memorial. The information centre is free and audio tour available. A piece of the world history that cannot be forgotten...
Ko Nyunt
It is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, also known as the Holocaust Memorial by most Berliners. It is opened in May 2005, the city's most impressive sight is located near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. The Holocaust Memorial.. Read more »
Michael Winkler
The memorial itself is really cool and gives a great sense of perspective about the horror. Sadly there was almost no story or anything to mark it as a memorial besides a small text that stands there. That really really doesn't do the whole thin.. Read more »
Neil Taylor
It’s hard to give a rating for a memorial like this. It has so much meaning to different people who have and will visit it. it’s very difficult to interpret the meaning of a rating and what it could imply a to something like this. Person.. Read more »
Paul Hunter
Superb monument to the memory of the victims. Museum is well worth a visit and very informative.
Stephanie Florencia
Must visit place if you are in berlin. But unforyunately the walls are getting old and not maintained, the paint has started to fade. But overall is okay. Catching sunset in here are amazing
Joshua Lacerda
The history that this park/monument is representing it is indeed scary and from a dark period of our time. The place is nice as a tribute to the victims, but the way it was designed, it didn't represent anything specific. I mean for example the .. Read more »
Vlasta Rucka
A great memorial of the victims by the guilty nation. This is rare. The design and dimensions are such so it takes out humility of us as visitors.
Andrew Stratford
"Loved it" is not the correct phrase, but this memorial is definitely worth a visit. Just around the corner from Brandenburg Gate, it seems to carry an aura of somberness and quiet you wouldn't expect in the centre of a city.
Stephen Kitchener (Steve)
It stands for a time we must not forget.
Juan Arias
A good reminder that the past can be repeated
Aiman Hamadah
Good for hiding from the family. But If you have kids be careful you might lose them
Nima Maloumi
Very impressive spot, there is a sad story behind which made me down today.
Charlie Arnot
A sobering, compulsory experience.
oma hunter
Beautiful place with a very sad story behind it you really should visit it when you are there
Even though I haven't been there before, I know it is a great place. At first it feels eerie, but it is hilarious. when hilarious things become reality, then it is no longer a joke. All the best for them and Rest in Peace.
mike aoun
This memorial is nice for photoshoots since there are many angles to take pictures. It’s located among buildings and construction cites and you are not allowed to jump on it for those who consider the idea. I would have enjoyed more information.. Read more »
Mikol Mortley
It's a surreal experience to look at this memorial considering what it represents but once inside you see the beauty of the artists expression on simple concrete columns. Definitely something you have to experience