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Matthias Church

Budapest, Hungary
4.9 / 103
Officially, the temple bears the name of the Virgin Mary, but residents of the capital name it in honor of the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus. For Budapest, the architecture of the temple is quite unusual, since Gothic elements prevail in it. The church regularly hosts musical evenings where you can listen to the organ, violin, choral singing. The first church on the site of the modern temple appeared in the XI century at the behest of Prince Istvan.
Address:Budapest, Szentháromság tér 2
Phone:+36 1 355 5657



Wow, what an amazing church and in a beautiful area too . I came to Budapest specifically to visit St Stephens Basilica and left totally confused .There are so many lovely churches here, and this one is right up there . The beautiful roof reminded me.. Read more »
Stained glass windows and the airy heights of a church? Let there be light and good golly what a sight. Though its small and quaint, it has many artifacts and a wholesome ambience. Attendants were very nice and helpful. 72 day card only offers free .. Read more »
The Fisherman's Bastion area is already known for its amazing views, and having a beautiful church there adds to its charm. When you visit, you'll be amazed by the church's beauty amidst the historical walls of the bastion.
Tickets for entry are across the plaza, with an optional extra ticket for going up the tower (around 300 steps). Architecturally aesthetic church that’s worth a visit if you’re religious or just want a quick sightsee. It takes about 30 m.. Read more »
A must visit site, it is more beautiful in person. With a breathtaking view of the Danube and the other side of the river. Although I did not go inside, just walking around the outside is unbelievably amazing!
One of the most beautiful and unique church architectures I've ever seen, from outside and inside. You need to buy a ticket to go inside, but it is totally worth it. In front of the church there is the fisherman's bastion, creating a nice a.. Read more »
Spectacularly well maintained church. If you’re lucky, there will be live music when you are visiting and you get to enjoy the amazing acoustics of the building. This is in a very well visited part of budapest so if you want to get a private .. Read more »
Magnificent church. Very beautiful and impressive. lots of beautiful and breathtaking details. I loved every single corner of it. inside the church you can see some valuable objects too. The paintings and ceiling craftsmanship were amazing.
Matthias Church in Budapest is an absolute gem. This architectural masterpiece effortlessly blends history, culture, and spirituality, leaving visitors in awe. The intricate details of its exterior and the exquisite craftsmanship inside are simply br.. Read more »
Very elegant & pretty. The church pillars and ceiling are hand painted. Not many churches allow to use stairs and view from 2nd floor and this church allows. You can conduct weddings :)
Wonderful architecture, the top tiles are colorful are unique for that place. The inside acoustic is awesome, the person in charge of the piano played a piece in the organ, it literally blew our mind. The museum, collection of seals, artifacts, treas.. Read more »
Gorgeous church near sights Buda castle and fisherman’s bastion! Church entry tickets are 2500ft each, worth it for the beautiful interior. The church museum is also included in the ticket. Lovely worship space, amazing architecture. Definitely.. Read more »
Such a gorgeous church. We didn't tour the church itself because we didn't have the proper attire. No short clothing is allowed to enter. That was fine with us because the area around has plenty to do and see.
Amazing church built in Gothic fashion. It is more beautiful from the inside, and has very unique architecture and design. The small fee you pay to visit the inside is worth the experience. There are several info placards inside that guide and inform.. Read more »
Magnificent church, together with the castle making the whole complex so beautiful. The church itself is very impressive. So if you go to the Buda castle and hill area, ensure to walk all the way to the end for this spectacular church and surrounding.. Read more »
Definitely add this stop to your walking tour of Budapest. The location of the church itself is worth checking out. The outside of the church is impressive. You have to purchase a ticket to the inside across the street at the ticket booths. The whole.. Read more »
A truly unique church in Europe. Not too grand, but also not small. The church is beautifully decorated with patterns usually not seen in other churches. Very hard to believe that this was once a mosque. Exterior tower is nice. Went for a High Mass s.. Read more »
Old churches always amaze me and I love visiting them. This place is amazing. The red and green decoration on the walls is something to see! Along with the stain glass windows and amazing altar. There is also a little museum tucked away that gives yo.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. Very beautiful architecture, color, and roof of the church. Just wow!! Painting inside the church is so elegant and mesmerizing. We visited the church both during the day and night. Separate ticke.. Read more »
An amazing place, and an even better view from the top of the tower! Entrance tickets are purchased at the box office across from the church, there are several tours a day. There are 197 steps to the top and you go with a guide who speaks in English .. Read more »
A very beautiful place that should be visited by everyone who comes to Budapest. A wonderful view of the city. Impressive surroundings and Mathias church both from the outside and inside. Where you can go around the whole interior. And if you man.. Read more »
The most beautiful church in Hungary, they say. And one of the most beautiful I've ever visited, and trust me I've seen a few and the best around Europe! Easily beats some very heavy names out there! Very warmly decorated, really good vibes.. Read more »
Never seen any other church like this. Absolutely amazing from inside out. The exterior and the tiles on the roof is fantastic. The interior is all painted out, it looks like a wallpaper but it's not. So beautiful. It's worth visiting
A great part of Hungary, was very peaceful and quiet here. You can pay a small price to go in to the church and have a look around which I would recommend due to the beautiful architecture. You can pay a small price and climb the tower which I would .. Read more »
Beautiful church, you get to see what true creativity looks like when expensive materials like marble are not available. Great interior design, small exhibition and student discount granted even to Swiss citizens. Take your time to explore the connec.. Read more »
An amazing place, and an even better view from the top of the tower! Entrance tickets are purchased at the box office across from the church, there are several tours a day. There are 197 steps to the top and you go with a guide who speaks in English .. Read more »
Such a beautiful ?, monumental and peaceful place ⛪. No guide guy available here, so you need discover this place by yourself but no worries you will enjoy it ?. You can take pictures ? without any additional fee. I was there during Christmas ? time .. Read more »
Beautiful Church! A must see for tourists. Everything you need to chill is nearby. Amazing views of river, bridges and parliament. Many great restaurants and coffee/wine shops close by. Our family enjoyed an evening here. Peaceful n take all your str.. Read more »
Amazing, both exterior and interior. Has a nice small museum inside. Everything is bright and painted in vivid colours, very different than most of the other cathedrals. I assume climbing the tower offers amasing view, but you can go there only in th.. Read more »
This is a really interesting church. You have opulence of many Roman Catholic churches, but this one doesn't overwhelm you. Then you have a look outide and you can see patches in the stone. They repaired bullet holes from WWII. There are a .. Read more »
Beautiful church, incredibly detailed. Was hard to find a brick that wasn't decorated. Easily worth it for me. Also has a small museum inside, which takes you up a floor for an even better view.
Magnificent church with great architectural interest. However! It is a church!! Why need to pay for a ticket to enter?? Please also carefull in specific stairs which are quite narrow - mainly for elder people
Definitely worth it to visit the church! The architecture and the design are really nice. The tour in the tower was also interesting and the view from the top also nice. To visit both you need to pay 2 different tickets which makes the whole visit ki.. Read more »
Budapest is an amazing city with not just stunning architectural marvels, but also the vibe there is infectious. We went to Matthias church during the city walking tour. The walk till the church was a fascinating one, with a lot of climbing, explorin.. Read more »
Really worth a visit. Sometimes they have free concert on.. The funicular can be crowded so you could always come back down via the stairs on the far side of the hill. There are some enchanting little streets as you exit. Budapest is an amazing City!
Amazing place. A historic building on the Holy Trinity Square. You will love the architecture.
Seeing this church is something fascinating. It does not leave anyone indifferent, it's simply beautiful. It is definitely not like other churches. Budapest is full of attractive sites that attract tourists from around the world. Among them is t.. Read more »
Live this place ... The view on Pest side is incredible and the place is beautiful
If you visit Budapest, this is something you don't have to miss. It's so detailed, its roof is really eye catching and dreamy. It's something unique! Don't miss it. Beautiful ?
I'd say the price is worth it. A uniquely beautiful place.
What an amazing place, this looks like Disney film! Beautiful and worth seeing. Must see in Budapest!
The Church of the Assumption of the Buda Castle (Hungarian: Nagyboldogasszony-templom), more commonly known as the Matthias Church (Hungarian: Mátyás-templom), more rarely the Coronation Church of Buda, is a Roman Catholic church locate.. Read more »
My last visit here was special. It was raining cats and dogs. This decreased the amount of tourists and made it, surprisingly, the most beautiful visit so far. An old Hungarian man was playing accordion next to us, which made the raining view an abso.. Read more »
It’s an absolutely marvellous church, I find both parts, the exterior and the interior, just amazing, there’s so much work done there that you don’t know where to look, everything is so eye-catching that you could spend hours inside.. Read more »
One of the best places in Budapest for chilling. Amazing spot, vibrant colours all around and a bit touristy. Nice place to spot some great views of the city.