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Maritime Museum

Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.6 / 55
The museum is considered one of the best in the world. It mainly contains exhibits related to the maritime theme: ship models, ship equipment, maps, navigation devices and much more. The museum also has an impressive outdoor collection. In this part of the exhibition, you can see real ships, various mechanisms and elements of the port infrastructure.
Address:Leuvehaven 1, Rotterdam
Phone:+31 10 413 2680



Ciprian-Daniel Bulgaru
A perfect place to spend a few hours and learn about ports, ships and offshore activities. Also is a perfect spot for a walking.
Dian Luthfiana Sufyan
I've never experienced things just like this!! Fascinated by the wonderful histories and scale model ships they exhibit. We also enjoyed the activities of the off-shores experience. I just couldn't stop wowing. On the highest deck, children.. Read more »
Josh Baltazar
This was one of the first museums I visited in Rotterdam. I also got my Museum pass here too, nice employees who helped me with everything. Overall a nice museum, you start with an oil rig simulation and then just get to see history of the boats in t.. Read more »
JP Bouchard
We visited this museum as part of or one day visit to Rotterdam and it was worth it. The museum describes the history of Rotterdam, from the middle ages to modern time. There is also a separate building called the port pavilion which describes the m.. Read more »
Mateusz Wozniak
I'm pretty confused and not sure how to rank it. This place isn't bad – it’s just not good enough to be priced at almost EUR 20 per ticket. I’m reviewing it from a foreigner, a non-speaking Dutch tourist perspective. The o.. Read more »
Abdul Omooba
Very educative and informative. Enjoyed our visit to the museum and also the outdoor activities and sight. Enjoyed watching the iron monger making iron at the other building. Will recommend.
Süheyla Dilşat Karaarslan
One of the most interesting museums I have visited so far, the museum explains some historical information about Rotterdam as well. lots of art and interesting structures are built inside, it would take around 2-3 hours to fully experience the museum.. Read more »
carol chow
A friend recommended us to take the kids to play there. So we did, paying thirty odd euro for 2 adults… took them to the play area floor. The play area not too big but kids have a lot to do there. It’s like a mini logistic transportatio.. Read more »
alya hasan
A great family museum. Something for all ages. All out of interactive exhibits. Professor Splash was so enjoyable. The complimentary audio tours for the fine arts section was greatly appreciated. I would visit again as we couldn’t cover everyt.. Read more »
Bruno F. Santos
Very nice museum to visit, with kids and adults. The kids have many interactive elements and a nice play ground. The museum is informative and interesting. Some of the interactive elements were not working properly, which was a pity.
Carmela E
My daughter loves this place. We go about once or twice a month with our Museumkaart. There’s an area for younger kids where they can play inside or outside with a nice view of the harbor. Very interactive for kids and adults. You can also go n.. Read more »
Anastasia Dokuka
Very strange and definitely poor exposition, especially for teenagers. I would say I expected more objects for museum located in Rotterdam. Would not recommend
Really have a good time here. The drug tour is very interesting to adult, the art collection from classical to modern worth a visit, it really can tell the history. The offshore tour is a family must go, can learn a lot from it. Large space for kids.. Read more »
Charlie Hill
Great experience, completely accessible for English people. Friendly staff and affordable price. Simulator experience was very enjoyable, with a little competition!
Maria Livia C
We spent a few hours exploring this museum, the best bit was by far the oil platform experience. Lots of interactive games and displays and it was really impressive to learn about the technology used. Recommend it!
Xin Wang
Highly recommend the boat tour, especially in a nice day. It's a small boat and a good chance to chit chat with the skipper. Super museum and well worth a visit!
Giulio C.
Good museum, great for kids! A really kids friendly museum, with lot of activities and learning experiences! Moreover, a quite big section fully dedicated as “playground”, with a maritime theme. Awesome!
Hindrik Bruinsma
Nice playful museum. Fun for both kids and adults. We did a dry run before taking the kids ?
Kamila Marzetz
Great place for adults and kids. Amazing playground imitating Harbour. Whole day can be spent here
jenn denlinger (JadeVioli
As a mariner's daughter, it was a little like stepping into the memory of seafaring. I took endless photos and absolutely fell in love with the library. Worth every penny of the entrance fee.
Giulia Macrì
Amazing!! It was super fun, for both adults and children. You have to go there, best place in Rotterdam.
Mateusz Dąbrowski
Really interesting experience! So many interesting games - not only for children :). Museum combined with playground for Younger visitors - each person will find something interesting and that's making this place so amazing!
S Mitchell
So much of visiting Europe deals with the fabulous architecture and eateries. There are so many museums, including many children's museums. Not just a few, but many. This museum keeps the children entertained, motivated, and constantly learning... Read more »
Patricia Ribon
If you love history, I highly recommend this place. The Dutch and this region of Europe can be called "the masterminds" of the sea explorations for centuries!
Dr Win Sutanto
Arguably the best and the most important Maritime museum in the world. The Dutch have been masters of the sea for centuries and this rich history is showcased in this museum. On display in various sections are masterpieces of the Golden Age of Dutch .. Read more »
Sireen York
Its very nice place for kids to play inside and out nice experience for all ages. Educating kids about ship and sailing however ,The TOILET WAS SOOO disgusting please clean these toilets properly !!!! I liked this place overall and my stars for the p.. Read more »
Alexander He
Nice "simulation" of an oil rig with lots of information, videos and games. Apart from that the museum has not much more to offer. There was an exhibition of sea related art which in my opinion belongs to an art museum plus few bits of info.. Read more »
Tole Leto
Very cool museum: perfect for the child in you and your kids, of course. It's interactive with lots of challenges related to being/working on the sea and they have an outdoor area with old ships. Unfortunately we had bad luck with the weather an.. Read more »
Anaïs Garnier
Exhibitions were okay but it lacked coherence for me. The Offshore experience was not guided at all and apart from the person at the door, we just had to watch a video telling us to take equipment that wasn't there (covid?) and then had to read .. Read more »
Ria Arinda
If you live in the Netherlands or are planning a trip here, I recommend that you include this museum on your list of places to see. This museum features paintings depicting the history of Dutch marine life, as well as fun interactive exhibits for bot.. Read more »