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Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi, UAE
4.5 / 74
Marina Mall is a beautiful and peaceful mall that offers a great escape from the busy city life. It is highly recommended for meeting friends or taking a break. The surrounding environment and views are breathtaking, making it a pleasant place to spend time. However, it should be noted that the shops in Marina Mall tend to be expensive with fewer offers compared to other malls. This may be due to the presence of international and well-known brands. The mall also has a few closed shops and a food court that is not as attractive as it used to be. This might be disappointing for long-time residents of Abu Dhabi who remember the mall in its more appealing state. On the positive side, parking is free and there is a bus available for easy transportation. One of the highlights of Marina Mall is its proximity to Corniche, allowing visitors to enjoy both attractions in a single visit, especially during the winter season. Despite its drawbacks, Marina Mall remains one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi, offering a variety of nice places, coffee shops, and restaurants. It is a calm and easily accessible mall with many choices and several well-known brands. Some areas of the mall are currently under renovation, which may enhance the overall experience in the future. One unique feature of Marina Mall is the ice cream served by a robot, which is a delightful and innovative addition to the mall's offerings. The flavor and quality of the ice cream are highly praised by visitors. For families with children, the play area is large and enjoyable for both kids and adults. However, it should be noted that the tower was closed for maintenance during the visit, limiting the experience for some visitors. Overall, Marina Mall is a great place for shopping with family, offering ample free parking and a great food court. The drive to the mall is enjoyable, with views of the beautiful turquoise sea. The security staff is friendly and helpful, making navigation through the mall easier. Located at the Marina, the mall's layout is well-designed, providing a relaxing atmosphere where visitors can spend their time comfortably. It features high-end shops, classy restaurants, and even the option to book a day cruise at Pier 7 Marina. Marina Mall is a beautiful mall that showcases high-end brands. It offers a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and a rooftop play area for children. Visitors can shop, eat, and play all in one place. The mall is conveniently located along the Corniche, and it provides a nice view of the sea and marina. It is easily accessible by public transport, and it features a massive Carrefour supermarket. However, some visitors have noted that the mall can feel empty at times, despite its size. The food court has a limited number of options, and the mall may lack the bustling atmosphere that one would expect. It is worth noting that this may vary depending on the time of visit. Overall, Marina Mall is a medium-sized mall with a good location. It is convenient for nearby communities and visitors, offering a good variety of products, services, restaurants, cafes, children's play areas, and ATMs. The mall is well-maintained, clean, and has friendly and helpful staff. Nearby parking is available free of charge for up to three hours.
Address:Marina Mall Ring Road - Abu Dhabi
Phone:+971 800 6623



Beautiful mall in the heart of Abu Dhabi with huge free parking lot. Local bus stand available on the door step of the mall. Nearby location heritage village, Palace, Yatch boat, Reputed Hotels, boats for Manar island Available. On-site mall Seha Ser.. Read more »
Boring shopping mall environment with some good selection stores like home Center. The wide corridors for a reason makes it boring. Parking space is huge. Traffic light setup is not friendly. Food court is quite old with limited choices. They need to.. Read more »
The mall is relatively new and still under construction. You could find almost all brands. As the mall is comparatively a newer one it’s very calm and less crowded. You will enjoy your shopping experience.
Large mall with numerous outlets featuring a variety of brands. The top floor offers diverse dining options, including Texas Chicken and Burger King. It's a place where you can easily spend many hours.
The mall is relatively new and still under construction. A lot of stores are yet to open but you could still finds almost all brands. As the mall is comparatively a newer one it’s very calm,less crowded and if you don’t like too much crow.. Read more »
I always feel happy when I visit this Mall. It's beautiful and very quite. If you are planning to meet a friend or to escape from the busy life for sometimes, I highly recommend any Cafe in Marina Mall.The surrounded environment and views will m.. Read more »
One of the best malls in Abu Dhabi, many nice places and coffee shops around as well as resturants, calm and easy to reach, many choices and several brands, nice cozy place. Some areas is under renovation
The best thing of the mall, that I like the most was the Ice cream that is served by Robot 🤖. It's an nice initiative in the mall. Moreover the flavour that I had was strawberry 🍓 and it was awesome 😎. For children's play area is very big.. Read more »
Love shopping with my family here. Many well known brands are here. Ample free parking is available. The food court is great. The drive to the mall is great as we can view the turquoise hued sea, which is sooooo much there in Abu Dhabi. The security .. Read more »
Another beautiful Dubai mall at the Marina. High end shops with classy restaurants. Pier 7 marina has numerous yachts parked and you can book a day cruise here. Very nice layout where you can spend time relaxing.
Beautiful mall with all high end brands. There are many coffee shops and restaurants too! Kids have options to play like BOUNCE and in the roof top play area. All in one place to shop, eat and play
Awesome location along corniche, good brands and fairly big mall. Easily accessible through public transport. Carrefour is massive. The mall is next to the 100m watch tower from which the sea 🌊 and marina can be viewed.
It was very empty, the mall is quite massive in size but the food court had only 5 places and around the mall there weren’t a lot of people. Perhaps it’s the time I went but was a strange feeling considering the amount of space they have.
A bit richer mall, that will cost you more if you spend, all branded and quality products available. Nice atmosphere inside and outside. Nice view as it is near by corniche side
A medium size mall. Good location. Very convenient for the nearby communities and visitors. Good variety of products, services, restaurants and Cafe's, children play areas. ATM's . Well maintained and clean. Friendly and helpful staff. Near.. Read more »
Spacious shopping mall and you can pass time having a walk, shopping or chilling with friends. There is a MOFA attestation Centre also. The directions and maps for the outlets can be improved with some digital maps however there are helpful staff wit.. Read more »
Small mall but has essential shops. Not very crowded. Food court isn’t great, only junk food available. All shops start closing before the mall timing itself.
Small. In principle, there is everything you need in the form of an exchanger and a grocery store. Free parking 3 hours a day. From the place where we lived - the closest and most adequate. But we did not like shopping on this trip. There are man.. Read more »
Marina mall stands near Abu Dhabi gate This mall is vast and beautiful Not much pocket friendly a place to visit Only good to visit when there’s offer availed The interior of the mall is beautiful. Parking lot is free infront of the mall
Old but good mall at a super exciting location. Central watch tower views are stunning, but its down for most of the visits. Houses a huge carrefour. Food court should have got more options. Beaches around are superb. A short boat/ yacht ride is econ.. Read more »
Very nice mall for shopping and also has a few good restaurants. Located right in Marina and you can easily access by tram which has a station just 1 minute walk. Definitely worth visit.
Great shopping mall. Very large, plenty of parking. Houses all services you can think of. Carrefour hypermarket is a plus, with exclusive access and basement parking. Mall has important Govt offices too that serve public. Great place ??
One of my favorite mall in abudabi . Mall is well managed . You can find almost all brands under one roof,Mall is perfectly designed for shopping and entertainment for its customer. During festival seasons special discounts are available in cloth sec.. Read more »
To any shopping aficionado Marina Mall provides a dream experience! Endless options, magnificent facilities and optically beautiful. Some much to do and access to a beautiful walk and sight seeing ?♥️
Good start if you want to explore the city. They have everything and variety options of restaurants. They have massive store for Zara and forever 21 that i love. And new food court.
Very nice place. A great variety of stores and restaurants. Huge parking area and good restaurants. You can enjoy a good view of marina if you go for a walk outside the mall. Not too crowded.
From luxury to affordability its all here...the only catch is its a little bit far from the city center so you have to put effort to reach it. If only i could reach it easily i would be there everytime. But the location adds beauty to it as well.
One of the oldest malls in AD city, still has its own ambience and glory, it's small compared to other malls around yet you may find all you need here from cloths to jewelry to hyper market. Still one of my favorites here.
A great shopping location. Include a kids theme park. But overall it's pretty empty and void of fun activities (example include bowling arena, pool tables, etc)
A very nice mall with useful shops, easy parking and some nice options for coffee. The big attraction is the huge Carrefour, the negative points are the lackluster internal design and the lack of upmarket food options. Don't miss the mammoth ske.. Read more »
If you want luxury shopping this place has the best to offer. Several brands can be found from fashion to passion. Parking is also commendable.
Often less crowded as it is located a little away from the hustle bustle of the city. A lot of attractions around this place to enjoy. Good shopping and dining options. Carrefour, Centre Point, Home centre etc cover a lot of shopping needs..
Super organized mall, it has all the things one needs. Beautiful location as well. Parking is also not a problem.
One of the best mall in town at the same time a little away from city. Not much crowded.Good collection of shops too. Carrefour and Center Point are major ones
I had a great time in Marina mall and took wonderful pictures for memories. It has world's renowned brands. The mall is near to the famous heritage village.
The Mall with beautiful surroundings . Different nationalities meeting hub I would say. Parking facility is awesome and you would feel enjoying within. Must visit once or twice if you have time.
Shopping mall with great beach side view. If your shopahollic everything is there from cheap to expensive brand. Restaurant with great food, nice facility, variety of coffee shops available there. Everything was great.
Marina mall always been great, cozy, well maintained and clean. But currently new malls in the city stole it's glory, and high end and some street fashion brands are shifted in other locations with more visitors. For this they even closed the th.. Read more »
Nice shoping mall in the end abu dhabi city. Not crowded even in fridays,nice view of marina. Lots of parking spaces are there so don’t worry about that. There are many amenities for fun including jet skiing and dragon wheel etc. Carrefour is t.. Read more »
Very nice place for shopping ? and grocery This place is in the end of Abu Dhabi city to the west and has beautiful views surrounding. We also have water bus service which will take you to lulu Island ? and come back. Must visit place. Its my favouri.. Read more »
One of the best mall in Abu dhabi. There are nice restaurants, big carrefour , nice view.... No parking issues... Security team is so polite.. love to shopping there
“The marina view. The pool is perfect. Big and perfect temperature and gets the sun all day. Excellent service all round. Very clean. The beds were so comfortable. Great location next to the mall and pier 7.”