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Mariatrost Basilica

Graz, Austria
4.6 / 69
The temple is located on the top of a hill that rises almost 500 meters above the city. The church is an important pilgrimage center for Austria. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century in the late Baroque architectural style. The main facade consists of two symmetrical 60-meter towers and a portal of the main entrance. The interiors are distinguished by lush decoration in the best traditions of the Baroque style.
Address:Kirchplatz 8, Graz
Phone:+43 316 391145



Edi Brko
Worth visiting, it is really beautiful both from the inside and outside. If you are lucky to come at the right time, you might even hear a piece on the pipe organ, which is to say the least spectacular. Definitely put it on your to-see list
Srujankumar Howdekar
Great architecture! Great Paintings on the ceiling! Excellent place on hill top! Very peaceful!
கிறிஸ்துவை பிரதிபலிக்க
Wonderful church for pilgrimage
Mohammadreza Kariman
A Catholic church with beautiful interior. The landscape from the church is also nice. Bear in mind that the church is located on a very steep hill. If you arrive by public transport, you should take a number of steps to get reach the church.
Josh Hedley
Impressive site, although a lot of steps to climb to actually reach the church from the tram stop.
berke ayrancioglu
Great basilica with historical background.located in a beautiful neighbourhood. Also easy access with public transport although it is away from the center
Sidhant Padhi
Very beautiful church located in the hills of Graz.
Sandra Scott
Hard to get to unless you have a car but thoroughly recommend going. Really beautiful.
Klaus Wanderer
Imposing cathedral that impresses not only through sheer size but also through the very detailed and ornate baroque interior. Located on a hill and accessible via a flight of a few hundred steps makes the whole experience even greater, you have a nic.. Read more »
Erick Garcia
The church is very pretty, and you can get a nice view from the top...
Igor Fabjan
impressive church. Nice option for a visit is with tram nr. 1. There is a small farmers market at the last tramway stop - probably just on Saturdays
Miloš Došen
Really nice cathedral. Great walks and great views all around.
Matthias Heher
One of the major Catholic churches in Graz. Situated near the terminal station of tramway line 1, just up the hill. Widely seen because of its exposed site. Definitely worth a visit.
shishir baliyan
Nice park for a walk in the dark nearby, next to the cemetery, if you are into that sort of walks
Martin Krottmayer
Worth a trip if you visit Graz! Nicely renovated and impressive location on top of the hill
A must, nothing less and nothing more.
Mohammadali Akbarzadeh
Awsome view over graz city
Aleksandra Jakšić
Just beautiful Monument ?
Candy Zimmermann
Location: there's a big set of stairs to climb up first. But it's definitely worth it ;) You could also used it like a real optimist and use it as a sports thing. There where many people just running it up and down. During the stairs walk t.. Read more »
Jane Mendonca
Such a beautiful church with a such a beautiful view! Absolutely serene!
Great place for a Sunday walk. From the tramway you can walk up the hill after after the visit to the Basilica, you can continue to the forest and back to the city centre of Graz. Don’t miss the eagles statues on the side of the basilica
Daipeng Zhang
It is located in a quiet corner. I have been there twice, quite lovely place. You can take bus to reach there.