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Malpensa Airport

Milan, Italy
3.8 / 36
Malpensa Airport is a sprawling airport with terminals that branch out in different directions. When you first enter, the low ceilings can make you feel a bit claustrophobic, but once you're inside the terminal, things improve. There are various dining options available, although they can be a bit pricey. One thing to note is that gate announcements are only made 20 minutes prior to departure, so it's important to keep an eye on the listings and be prepared for a rush to the gates. For international flights, customs clearance is required, so it's important to factor in the additional time. On the positive side, security procedures are efficient, and you don't need to remove laptops, liquids, and other items from your backpack. However, from there, things go downhill. Boarding gates are not assigned until just 25 minutes before boarding, and food choices can be quite disappointing. The air conditioning is also quite weak, leading to uncomfortable temperatures at certain gates. In one instance, an Air France flight experienced delays in boarding due to overcrowded overhead storage bins, which took 40 minutes to resolve. These experiences have left some travelers swearing off flying through Malpensa Airport again. However, both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are decent terminals, and there is a free shuttle service that runs every 15 minutes between the two. The T1 bus stop is located across from the Sheraton hotel, while the T2 stop is at the very end of the departure building. When it comes to security, electrical devices and liquids can be left in your bag at T1. During a visit to Terminal 1, there was beautiful art on display, which some travelers have shared photos of. Passport control was efficient and the officers were friendly, providing a pleasant surprise for visitors. Malpensa Airport consists of two passenger terminals that are connected by shuttle buses and trains. There is also a free shuttle service available between Terminal 2 and Terminal 1. However, it seems that there is a lack of squat toilets, with only sitting toilets available during a visit. The airport is highly regarded for its ease of navigation, with convenient access by train, bus, or taxi. There are plenty of shops and dining options, including local establishments rather than just chain brands. Travelers have enjoyed items like focaccia and beer, and there are also vending machines available. Overall, the airport is described as modern, big, and nice. However, there have been some complaints about long queues at the duty-free area and a lack of departure and arrival boards. It's important to pay attention to the schedules to avoid missing your flight. Despite some minor criticisms, the staff at Malpensa Airport are praised for their effort to create a happy and positive atmosphere. It is considered one of the nicest airports by some travelers. It may be smaller than other international airports, but it effectively fulfills its purpose. However, there are suggestions for improvements in the public bathrooms and overall appearance, as some areas appear outdated. One traveler highlights the exceptional restrooms, but mentions that the rest of the airport falls a bit short. The food court in the Departure hall can get overwhelmingly busy and stuffy, but the Departures hall itself is better, with more food options. Transportation options to other destinations are well-operated, with buses and trains readily available. Most signs are in both Italian and English. It's worth noting that Milan is about an hour's train ride from Malpensa Airport, and there is a highly recommended hotel, Hotel Villa Malpensa, nearby with a 24-hour airport shuttle service. Overall, experiences at Malpensa Airport vary, but many travelers appreciate its functionality and commend the efforts of the staff. While improvements are suggested in certain areas, it remains a convenient and navigable airport with a range of amenities and transportation options.
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A meandering airport, split into all directions. At the entrance there are low ceilings that feel claustrophobic, but in the terminal it gets better. There are places to eat, a bit expensive. There is a rush to gates as they are only announced 20 min.. Read more »
The only positive was that security was pretty fast. No need to take laptops, liquids, etc. out of my backpack. All downhill from there! The boarding gate wasn't assigned until 25 minutes before boarding! Food choices atrocious. Air conditioning.. Read more »
Both terminal 1 & 2 are decent terminals. There is a free shuttle service service between the two, with a bus running every 15 minutes. The T1 bus stop is across from the Sheraton hotel, and the T2 is across from the very end of the departure bui.. Read more »
MXP Airport was a pleasant surprise. Once past security, there were a ton of shopping and eating options available. The airport was larger than I anticipated. Passport control moved fairly efficiently and officers were nice.
Malpensa Airport has two passenger terminals and they are connected by airport shuttle buses and trains. Malpensa Airport additionally provides free shuttles connecting Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. But, Can you provide us a squat WC?? When I was there, .. Read more »
Like this airport as its very easy to navigate around. Accessible by train, bus or taxi. Lots of shops and places to eat, and not all chain brands. Enjoyed some focaccia and a beer. Number of vending machines also available.
Modern , Big and nice airport . Many stores . At the duty free area ( alcohols, perfumes , candies ecc ) only a few cashier's , long queues. Not many boards for the departures and arrivals. Be careful not to miss your flight .
Big busy airport. The staff are really trying to give a happy vibe to all they do. It is the nicest airport that I have been to in a long time. Keep up the good work!
Overall not a bad experience. It’s a small international airport compared to others in the world, yet it does the job very well. Sometimes having less means more. Easy to move around the gates, lots of food options and shops are also great. Fo.. Read more »
It's difficult to give stars here, as they deserve 5* for the restrooms, but 3* for the rest. Food court at Departure hall was insanely busy and very stuffy. Pic herein indicates just how busy it was. The Departures hall is much better than Arri.. Read more »
It was easy going through customs. Baggage claim was slow(~45 min to an hour) after getting off the plane) Finding the Enterprise rental car office was a little difficult. They are located on a lower level (piano level) once exiting the baggage cla.. Read more »
Efficient, friendly. staff. Very limited seating, even in the few restaurants. I have just never understood why, in large, international airports, that shops and other services are not open in the morning. Do early morning passengers not deserve serv.. Read more »
although the airport is very busy the staff is great and they are doing their best, security was also fast and efficient. however some of the restrooms were not not adequately maintained. Also, every airport that respects itself has water fountains s.. Read more »
Had a very bad experience during my last trip. I was flying on Sunday with Wizz Air. Skipped breakfast in hope of eating something on the airport. Came almost 3 hours in advance due to global staff shortage on airports. Came to my gateway and alrea.. Read more »
We have travelled through 4 Italian airports over the last 7 days and this was by far the best. Easy to navigate inside, lots of shops and places to eat. Good air conditioning, etc.
A very busy airport but very easy to get around. The airport staff were friendly, not too many people spoke English. It was very easy to follow the signs for the city centre, and we appreciate that it was only €12 per person to take the Malpensa.. Read more »
The airport has a very smart layout, so it was easy to find the check-in area and the gates. The employee were very friendly and helpful and made the whole experience more enjoyable. In the airport there were a lot of people but the nice layout made .. Read more »
For an airport of its size, it's disorganised. At security, one passenger at a time puts their things on the belt. At other airports, you will have 3 or 4 at a time, which speeds things up hugely. The man at security would let 30 passengers a.. Read more »
I landed here so my review will not include security check, restaurant, shops etc.. I just had a bit of troubles finding the train area. To get to Milan. People supported on the vending machines, that was great!
I only came to Milan due to a technical fault with the aircraft we were travelling in. Nice enough and just an average airport experience. Update: CS team just replied, which was nice of them even though it was not their fault! Perhaps like you say,.. Read more »
It was nice and clean. Important thing to remember if you're using train, you need to validate tickets. They will fine you if you don't. I forgot and had to pay 17.2 Euro extra on what I've already paid.
Malpensa Airport is the biggest Milan’s airport. Well connected to the city by train, even if it takes around 45 minutes to arrive here. Well organized, quite clean and lots of stores and restaurants, all these makes Malpensa a very convenient .. Read more »
Terminal 1 had only one entry.But the rest went very smoothly, there were no lines everyone was nice and helpful. Customs is quick. Overall good experience .
This was our gateway to the last trip to Europe and our experience in here was fine. The staff were helpful. The airport was clean and well-maintained. Nothing to complain about. At the departure , we felt that it took a very long time to reach the .. Read more »
Airport is not that busy. It's clean and easy to navigate. Staff was really nice and helpful. Not many food choices at this moment. Currency conversion rate is not good plus commission. I would have exchanged in US.
I always fly out of Malpensa. It is easier to get to, everything is very well marked, not too busy and has enough places to rent a car from if you need to. Never had an issue. Linate is about 70 km from Malpensa and a headache if you need to transfer.. Read more »
Major International airport in Italy. Probably the second busiest airport after Rome. Connects flights to major cities in Italy and also around the globe. Situated a bit far from Milan.
Spectacular customer experience, as always. Top service, friendly employees everywhere who don’t stress you even if in the rare times when there are queues. And they’ve done everything to maximize efficiency. It’s sad in these covi.. Read more »
Great and welcoming Environment for travelers. Especially now during the Covid-19 Pandemic, distancing and preventing measures are taken seriously at the airport from your arrival to departure. I always feel welcome every time I arrive. Availability.. Read more »
Far from Milan. Police control passport took too long The police officers where taking their time despite of the long queues. Security control could be faster too if they open one more line.
Early morning flight ..nothing open for snack except at the boarding gate .. easy excess neat and tidy
Well, it´s the Italian lifestyle there - when you´ve been there more than once, everything is easy to find. The staff is always nice and helpful, the train to the city is rather good, eventhough we prefer to rent a car or are used to be p.. Read more »
Not helpful at all , no one spoke or understood good English except from a lady that was cleaning Which helped me a lot , you‘de better give her a better position. No info desks , only 2 entrances in the airport, I had to run a marathon to go.. Read more »
A couple of years ago, I traveled to Milan and I took the Malpensa bus from the airport to the Milan's downtown. When we got downtown, the driver didn't control the baggage tickets, and anyone could grab their bags from the baggage compartm.. Read more »
Nice airport. It was my two hours of stop over in Emirates to India. The airport has large area of shopping stalls and it is quite good. The interior design is marvelous. Area for waiting is very spacious and the staff are very polite and helpful. It.. Read more »
Great Italian Airport to fly into from the United States, Malpensa Airport. (Milan) . We have also used Marco Polo Airport (Venice) as well as Fiumicino (Rome). It's a typical Italian Airport. Wonderful! Loved to fly in here usually over the Alp.. Read more »