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Maiden's Tower

Istanbul, Turkey
4.5 / 71
Maiden's Tower, also known as Kız Kulesi, is a stunning tourist attraction in Istanbul that offers a memorable experience for visitors. Situated on a small islet in the middle of the Bosphorus Strait, the tower provides panoramic views of the city skyline, the shimmering water, and the majestic Bosporus Bridge. The location alone is enough to take your breath away. The tower's rich history and cultural significance make it even more captivating. With origins dating back centuries, Maiden's Tower has served as a lighthouse, a defensive fortress, and even a quarantine station. Inside, informative displays and exhibits provide fascinating insights into its past, making the visit both educational and engaging. The architectural beauty of the tower is another highlight. Its preserved structure showcases intricate craftsmanship and unique design. Exploring the different levels, including the observation deck and the museum, allows visitors to fully appreciate its beauty. The hospitality and service at Maiden's Tower are exceptional. The knowledgeable and passionate staff members are dedicated to sharing the tower's history and stories, adding to the overall ambiance and making the visit even more enjoyable. For those looking to indulge in a delightful dining experience, Maiden's Tower offers an on-site restaurant with a delectable menu featuring local and international cuisines. The combination of excellent food, attentive service, and the captivating surroundings makes for a truly memorable meal. Getting to Maiden's Tower is convenient, with regular boat services available. The organized entry system ensures a smooth and pleasant experience for visitors. In conclusion, Maiden's Tower is a must-visit attraction in Istanbul. Its stunning location, rich history, architectural beauty, warm hospitality, and delightful dining options make it a destination that should not be missed. Whether you're interested in history, architecture, or simply want to enjoy breathtaking views, Maiden's Tower is the perfect place to experience all of that and more.



The Maiden's Tower, also known as Kız Kulesi, the gem of the Bosphorus, has opened its eyes once more. On May 11, 2023, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism oversaw its completion, and the Maiden's Tower reopened to the public with its new a.. Read more »
Visiting Maiden's Tower in Istanbul was an unforgettable experience! From the moment I set foot on the boat to cross the Bosphorus to this iconic landmark, I was captivated. The tower's rich history, stunning views of the city skyline, and .. Read more »
Nice historical place... I recommend visiting on weekdays to avoid crowded queues. It will not take you more than 30 minutes to see the whole location before you return to the shore. P.s. boat scheduled every 30 minutes, not every 15 minutes as you m.. Read more »
Historical Tower, I loved the view from the top of the building. Well organized & has a cafe inside it.
AVOID!!!!!! It's a rip-off. 600 Lira and it's totally empty inside. After the renovations, they removed the tower bar, no place to sit except outside, restaurant and souvenir stand is gone. Zero value. Do not waste your money.
Good place to visit and taking photos besid enjoying the sight seeing You reach it with small trip with the boat for nearly 2minutes Also you must drink a cup of team at the Teras (Cay) Tickets 🎫 =600TL per person
The place is wonderful, clean and organized .. there are trips every 30 minutes .. tickets for local costs 100 lira whereas for tourists it costs 600 liras. I visited there on 21 august 2023 However they lady working in the cafeteria was not welcomi.. Read more »
Visiting for the first time after renovations. It was a Sunday morning and no cue at all. There was boat every 30 minutes. I don’t know if that is regular. I hate the light work at night but the day trip was nice.
Beautiful small tower, with a nice view of its surroundings. There's a small cafe inside the tower also washroom are available. Boat will pick you up from pier and will take you to the tower, where you can spend 1 hour before the boat comes back.. Read more »
This is a very beautiful tourist attraction to visit while in Istanbul. The tickets were very expensive but worth it. They will. Take you in a boat to the separated island. There is a small cafe and a lot lot of stairs to climb. But worth it the vie.. Read more »
The view is fantastic. There are lots of myths regarding this tower so it is worth a visit. Sadly the ticket is unbelievably expensive if you want to see the museum as well. Go there and order a cup of coffee and enjoy this breathtaking view of Bosph.. Read more »
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Maiden's Tower during my trip to Maiden's Tower, and I am thrilled to provide it with a well-deserved five-star review. Maiden's Tower, also known as Kız Kulesi, left me mesmerized with its rich .. Read more »
The Maiden’s Tower sits in the middle of the Bosporus straight in Istanbul. You can get a view of it from either side of the water, but the best view is to be had from the ferry. Insiders tip: this picture came from the Princes Islands ferry. D.. Read more »
Landing from a boat It is a small sightseeing. Inside the restored tower, Stairs require a little leg strength, it felt likes a small Galata Tower:) 50 TL for the boat, 400 TL for general admission, and free to enter the Musée Card. (21.06.20.. Read more »
Maiden's Tower has become a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of Istanbul. It has been restored and transformed into a restaurant and café, providing visitors with the opportunity to dine or have a cup of tea while enjoying the pict.. Read more »
Maiden's Tower (Leandros) Existed in 408 BC. J.-C. Rebuilt and transformed into a fortress in 1110 AD. J.-C. Restored and modified by the Turks in 1509, 1763 and 1998. Converted into a popular cafe and restaurant. There are many legends about he.. Read more »
A must visit place! The cost line is nice and very walkable. The atmosphere is very cozy. You should grab some coffee or tea there and sit by the tower and Enjoy your time
Inspiration for numerous legends (the name also) and place where famous movies where filmed. Actually, this was a customs office for ships travelling through Bosphorus, but later an interesting legend spread about a maiden whose father built this tow.. Read more »
Beautiful view of both sides of the river part in which of turkey falling in Europe on one side and in Asia on the other side. Amazing surrounding and you will feel vibrant atmosphere all around. A must visit tourist destination
Maiden's Tower (Kız Kulesi) is a small tower on a small island at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus, about 200 meters from the coast of Uskudar in Istanbul. It was said about the reason for its construction, that there was a sultan who love.. Read more »
A beautiful place to relax and enjoy. Nice spot to take a good photos. As it is by sea there are a lot of seagulls that you can feed and play whit them. You can get here from European side when you take ferry on Kabatas - Besiktas station and take wa.. Read more »
A place accessible by boat, on the Asian side. You don't have to wait a long time for your transportation because the boats go and come back every 10-15 minutes. A pleasant location.
It's a beautiful place to visit. The tower and surrounds are not as vibrant as last year but that is due to corona. The restaurant doesn't seem to be open for business at the moment but you can still get a drink at the top of the tower. Bea.. Read more »
Beautiful This building Used as a symbol for the great city of Istanbul, ‏the Old story of building this beautiful tower: An ancient king dreamed about his lovely daughter death by a snake bite so he decided to isolate her in the middle of the.. Read more »
Maiden's Tower is one of the most beautiful places to dine or have coffee. The history behind the tower is beautiful. To know the story must visit the place. I am not a spoiler. And to visit this place there is a boat ride which costs some mone.. Read more »
i don't know if everyone know the importance of this place. then please guys go there and take a memorable photos. the location is wonderful
It was a really amazing experience to grab a cocktail and drinks up in the top of the tower. They have a decent variety of liquors and a few non-alcoholic beverages as well. Prices weren't cheap but also weren't crazy expensive. Our barten.. Read more »
You are not only lover of Istanbul ?
It’s a great place, especially for a romantic walk at the Bosporus. Looks great at night from Asian side looking at the tower whilst across Bosporus you see all the sightseeing highlights. I don’t recommend the restaurant. Although it is .. Read more »