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Shopping center Macy's

New York, USA
4.4 / 81
A large and well-known store of the American trading network Macy`s. In it you can buy almost any goods - from trinkets to massive furniture and designer items. Every year, a colorful parade is organized in honor of Thanksgiving. A procession is organized with the participation of artists, huge dolls and Hollywood stars. For Christmas, store windows are decorated with bright garlands.
Address:151 West 34th Street, New York
Phone:+1 212-695-4400



Visited this iconic store during a recent visit to New York. The Christmas window display and lights are impressive and certainly create a wonderful atmosphere. Inside is huge with something for everyone. I was looking for some Christmas decorations .. Read more »
Cute window displays but BEWARE of pit pockets. My friend had their phone stolen outside here in broad daylight on a Sunday and the security guards did not do anything about it. It’s not the safest part of town anymore and honestly it’s n.. Read more »
You must see this place and shop here on your trip to NYC. The decor inside and out is incredible. If you are looking for something this store has it. And make sure you visit the top floor to see the Christmas ornaments for sale. And ride what appea.. Read more »
Macy's at Christmas. There's nothing like it. The holiday windows are always so fun to walk past, but the inside of the store is just as magical. Floor upon floor of fashion, makeup, etc. Nice and bright and clean. Super helpful staff. .. Read more »
A great shopping center where one can find anything their hearts desire. We are here right before the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years holiday season. As such, I will show some of the beautiful decorations on display.
Always amazing. Never disappoints! The selections are beyond. 7 floors. Options for everyone. If you do not like shopping then this IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU! Clothing, jewelry, accessories, housing needs, jackets, kids attire, toys, food, shoes&helli.. Read more »
Finally been to the biggest department store in the world. Yes, you will get lost. If you like window shopping, you'll love this place. If you don't, or might overwhelm you. The good news is, either way there are plenty of smaller .. Read more »
If you love to shop, Macy's is THE place to go. Every kind of makeup & beauty counter is there with readily helpful friendly staff. Perfumes, phones and watches to clothes, games for every age, sweets and treats, candles, everything you co.. Read more »
We called into Macy’s to see the 100 year old wooden escalator. Typical department store selling good quality, high end goods. As we had never been to the store before we stopped and looked at the map explaining where the different departments .. Read more »
Macy's is a shopping paradise that embodies both tradition and modernity. Its vast array of departments offers a wide range of products, from fashion to home goods, catering to all tastes. The iconic Herald Square location is a magnet for shoppe.. Read more »
This is the most amazing Macy's store! It's 9 floors of shopping pleasure with tons of friendly/helpful staff! They have a ton of elevators and escalators to keep everyone moving. I especially like the old wooden escalators! Most floors hav.. Read more »
Very nice departmental store. Almost all top luxury brands here. Cloths, shoes, bags, perfumes & makeup etc. Better have Macy’s membership card to enjoy extra 25%.
This is the most amazing Macy's store! It's 9 floors of shopping pleasure with tons of friemdly/helpful staff! They have a ton of elevators and escalators to keep everyone moving. I especially like the old wooden escalators! Most floors hav.. Read more »
It's definitely more of a tourist place to me than a store to me. It was cool to see their flower display for spring collection. We actually went there because in the back of the store is an original wooden FUNCTIONING escalator. It's cool .. Read more »
One of the long standing holiday traditions in NYC is stopping by Macy's on 34th street and Broadway. I come every year to view the shop windows along the sidewalk - recommend a night time visit to get the full lighted effect. Inside the diffe.. Read more »
If you have to go, you have to go (but if you can shop online, I'd recommend that!) It's obviously a very busy and very famous department store, but it's eclectic enough that there's something for everyone. The Sales around Black .. Read more »
A shopping-landmark in New York, a must see especially on Christmas Time, with its lovely decorations or during thanksgiving and the popular parade. Outlined over 7 floors, offers from make-up to clothes, shoes, home and toys. This department store h.. Read more »
It was great getting to walk through this iconic department store. I didn’t buy anything this trip, but enjoyed the experience. The layout is odd - men’s clothing in between women’s sections and so on. There didn’t seem to be .. Read more »
We never miss an opportunity to shop at this location when we visit NYC. We've wandered around this store for hours. The service is nothing less than perfect and the care taken with decorating this store is second to none. I love the original.. Read more »
Great store to shop. It is the biggest Macy’s in United states. There are 7 floors and takes the whole block. Macys do beautiful decorations every Christmas and makes it more special. There are many sales going on there and a huge collection yo.. Read more »
One of the must sees of NY. This place is nostalgia on steroids and my six year old loves this place. Highly recommend the ninth floor for great deals on furniture. Toys and the wonderful displays are on the eighth floor. Plus size section on the sev.. Read more »
Hugo at Jo Malone was amazing. I just came back to the states the day before. I was on my way back home to the Burgh. I immediately connected to him because of the love he had for the brand and his love of traveling around the world. The attentivenes.. Read more »
Visited this huge store (it covers a whole block!) to purchase a red dress for a themed party. I found a huge selection and found my perfect look. The reason for the 5 stars however, is due to the customer service. Being from the UK I was not 100% su.. Read more »
This is my main Macy's store to visit before going anywhere else. This store is where I know I can find anything from makeup to undergarments to home decor. Always top quality in their products, the staff is friendly and helpful if needed. They.. Read more »
The flower display in Macy's are spectacular. Love this place. Tons of branded wears. Wait for the sale and youll get a deal. I can spend all day here searching for good deals.
Excellent store, even they have a full level for plus size. I was impressed. However I was surprised that all the employees in level 7 in plus size section refused to purchase for us on Wednesday 23/2/2022 at 8 pm and said go to level 6 or level 4 to.. Read more »
I like the old time feel of this store. You'll see what I mean if you ride the escalators to any floor. There are still wooden elements to these electric stairways. I'm sure they have been updated but you might get a sense of what it was.. Read more »
Ok, we get it. This is the biggest Macy's store, right? Which is exactly why I needed to sit down after walking several blocks from the hotel and around the city. So, while in the men's section my son wanted to look around while me and my 8.. Read more »
Be prepared to hike your way through this store. No matter the day or time of year, it’s always a mission to get anywhere. It’s massive layout and huge crowds are just part of the attraction of the world largest store. Staff are known to.. Read more »
Found most of what we wanted but it took time and effort. Staff was generally pleasant and helpful. Love the wooden escalators with the wooden sides and steps. My favorite thing. It would be easier to shop if they kept like with like so that, for exa.. Read more »
it is Macy's, what else can one say? bought a bedroom set here for a splendid rate. Mary, the woman who helped my lady friend and i whole the purchase, was extremely informed and really efficient. not a typical and pushy shop clerk, she honed in.. Read more »
This review is for one customer experience I had at this Macy's. Rina in the women's accessories (hats) department provided outstanding customer service. I had purchased a defective item from another Macy's and Rina worked with me to g.. Read more »
It's Macy's, what else can one say? Bought a bedroom set here for a great price. Mary, the lady who helped my girlfriend and I complete the purchase, was extremely knowledgeable and very efficient. Not a typical and pushy salesperson, she h.. Read more »
It's Macy's, what else can one say? Bought a bedroom set here for a great price. Mary, the lady who helped my girlfriend and I complete the purchase, was extremely knowledgeable and very efficient. Not a typical and pushy salesperson, she h.. Read more »
Macy's is generally a great place to shop for everyday consumer needs. Macy's does run a good amount of sales daily. They also have clearance for final few items. Their customer service is good, though nothing stellar. Online orders general.. Read more »
Pricey even with discounts but the quality is amazing and the stores large enough to look around and find a price that reaches your price range a little better. Shopped in the first floor yesterday for my dad and got him a pricey jacket and today I s.. Read more »
Love cruising through the men's areas for super duper (never-fail) discounts and sales. Love having practically the whole place to myself... hardly customers and no salespeople bothering you. In-N-Out in 40 minutes don't forget to go to t.. Read more »
Gosh you could get lost for days in this store, but never fear, you can find anything you want, including food. Discounts are really good and every member of staff we interacted with, was really lovely and helpful. It's well laid out and we visi.. Read more »
There is always good offers in all the departments. Tourists can enjoy an extra 10% discount on most days. During sales the discounts are even bigger. Good place to look for blazers and suits for men.
Kind staff. Beautiful displays. Sales. Clean bathrooms. Reminder that life is more than all miseries.
Everyone come back! I had a great experience today. The sales people are super helpful and nice. Everything is clean, sales are going on and hand sanitizer is at your disposal. You just have to use it.
Absolutely everything is sold here. Expensive watches, perfumes, apparel, home decor items and much more. If you are a tourist you can avail of a tourist discount by showing your passport. It covers one entire square block of New York. Some might cal.. Read more »
I ordered a mattress set a month ago and only got the frame. I keep calling and trying to track my order but no help. They keep giving me automated calls saying it's being delivered but nothing is here yet. I threw out my old mattress expecting .. Read more »
This is the old flag ship. I like the wooden escalators. But best of all, I like the people who help you and the hidden people who handle your problems. One time i bought a celling fan in their "cellar". I installed it but it blew up. I .. Read more »
Aside from the obvious shopping side, this store is incredible on the architecture side. The outdoor awnings are worth looking at on the outside. There is the historic old wooden elevator. My favorite is there is also a sign in one of the entryway.. Read more »
Lots of stores have closed down however they've added more outdoor seating . Macy's is a great place to shop . its big , clean and cool. Lots of street venders with cheap gifts for tourists. Times Square is a 15-20 walk away so just wear y.. Read more »