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Lychakiv Cemetery

Lviv, Ukraine
4.6 / 116
The cemetery of the XVI century, turned into a memorial museum-reserve. There is a version that back in the Middle Ages people who died from the plague epidemic were buried in this place. The necropolis consists of several parts - the oldest graves, the cemetery of the defenders of Lviv, the rebel quarter, the graves of the victims of the NKVD, the pantheon of prominent Poles and others.
Address:Mechnykova Street, 33, L'viv
Phone:+380 322 755 415



Chendra Reddy
Great place to walk about. Lots of ups and downs but overall well maintained and interesting well trafficked to this Wednesday morning. Make you graves interesting, people, strangers do come visit…
Peter Humphreys
Very nice and reasonably well maintained. A mixture of new and old. Quick walk from downtown. Admission is 50 UAH.
Yuriy Polyashko
Definitely underestimated place either for calm walks or for thinking of eternal things. Highly recommended. Entry ticket 50 uah.
Tolga Yaşar
It's like an art gallery. incredible atmosphere. fascinating!
Ashkar fayaz future Docto
Great ambiance ,30uah for students and 60 for adults
Suraj P S
Awe inspiring place.. it’s a very large place and requires atleast couple of hours to go around. Beautifully created head pieces on most resting places.
Alyona Derkach
Very old and impressive cemetery that is a real museum containing lots of interesting monuments.
Tanya Kobiljanska
I like to visit Lychakiv cemetery. It is the history of Lviv and Europe, a place of numerous architectural masterpieces and a good place to think, to listen to silence and to comunicate with it. Lychakiv cemetery is a great museum too.
Małgorzata Zielińska
Amazing place with uncommon graves, definitely worth visiting.
No Mad
Great "ZEN" place. Very peaceful to walk - I especially suggest to do it in summer on a work day closer to the closing times, less people to see, so you are almost on your own to wander and observe monuments and discover interesting things.
claus frandsen
Very big area and very beautiful place
Артем Лучко
Very beautiful and silent place
Nice to see. A lot of tombs from WWI.
Tanya Soznashvili
Absolutely mesmerizing place. Was so pleased to see how the history is respected. And how respected are those who laid their lives for Ukraine.
prajjwal amliyar
It's.Ukraine one of the most visiting tourist place
Executive Thrillseeker
Didn’t expect to like this place as much as we did. Took in a lot of history and knowledge of the people and events that occurred in Lviv.
Ankitt Patel
Since the 1500s, Lviv’s most prominent figures have been laid to rest at this 40-hectare cemetery that has now been recognised as a national reserve. Lychakiv Cemetery is the equivalent to Père Lachaise or Highgate and is treasured not .. Read more »
E. D.
This place is a must visit when in Lviv.
Artem Chepurnoy
Wonderful place. Entrance fees are 50 UAH for an adult and 30 UAH for a kid.
Vaida Jonušytė
A beautiful place to visit. Take some time to wander around, it's worth to visit
Marcos Gallego Llorente
What a beautiful place to reflect and wonder. I came here on a late summer day and didn’t regret it a single time. The way to arrive there through the medicine faculties is actually also quite beautiful. Unmissable experience for Lviv!
Paweł Kubalewski
A beautiful cemetery. It carries a ton of polish and ukrainian history. Definatly one of must sees of lviv.