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Luxembourg Gardens

Paris, France
4.9 / 95
The architectural complex was erected for the wife of Henry IV Maria Medici in the XVII century. Now the French Senate is sitting in the palace, and the garden has become a popular outing for Paris. There are often concerts and photo exhibitions. It is located in the Latin Quarter of the city. Somewhere in this area lived the famous characters of A. Dumas from the immortal work "Three Musketeers".
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A nice area to walk around and relax. Luxembourg palace is cool to look at along with statues and birds. Their are chairs everywhere so you can sit down and eat lunch or read a book. Great spot to get away from all the city noise and enjoy the quietn.. Read more »
It is a very big garden, where you can relax, take a walk, draw, read a book, have a snack, play with your friends/family. Honestly, it wasn't that impressive to me but it is actually a place for escape during your day and enjoy nature's be.. Read more »
Beautiful place to spend your Sunday. One of the best places for families to enjoy. Lovely area. Activities for children. Few kiosks to grab waffles and mulled wine. Perfect picnic place if you are in Paris. Do try mulled wine.
We visited in September 2022 as the gardens are one of our favourite places to visit when we come to Paris. Lovely. One of the 4 or 5 favourite places that we always visit whenever we're in Paris Luxembourg Gardens is one. A lovely place to simp.. Read more »
This place is very beautiful and very easy to access. The creativity behind the outdoor landscape and the fact that you can sit anywhere and be comfortable makes it suitable for any outdoor activities such as picnics with friends, study group, improm.. Read more »
Amazing place and park... a nice spot to sit down, relax, and enjoy the day after touring and visiting the museums or sightseeing... entry is free and the park is equipped with chairs and small tables.
This Luxembourg gardens in Paris is breathtaking and you can walk around it and sit on the many chairs found around to relax. We only had limited time in Paris but we made a point of going back. Our absolutely favourite part is the Medici Fountain. W.. Read more »
The most splendid park with sweeping views of the central gardens. Plenty of spots to sit in sunbath or cool off in the shade. You could spend all day here exploring and enjoying the gardens, sculpture, museums and people watching.
This garden is breathtaking. My husband and I briefly visited but the wind and rain came in so we went back to our hotel. We only had limited time in Paris but we made a point of going back. Our absolutely favourite part is the Medici Fountain. We ar.. Read more »
Loved the gardens. On holiday, my family spent a few hours wandering around. The flowers were incredibly beautiful. Easily spent 3 hours wandering around. Grab a drink at the Cafe!
One of the best spots in Paris in my opinion and a must to visit. It’s very beautiful and well looked after. There are a lot of chairs and other places to seat all around the park. A great place for a picnic
Beautiful... had a lovely picnic there. the statues were very interesting. I enjoyed reading all of the information about them. My son and I did almost a little treasure hunt, looking for various statues. It was a bit on the dusty side because of t.. Read more »
Majestic gardens in Central Paris, full of people enjoying the beautiful flowers and fountains, and viewing countless epic statues like the ring of French queens going back hundreds of years. Kids will love the playgrounds and renting little sailboa.. Read more »
Awesome park with lots of things to do. Beautiful landscape, cool fountains, and really nice trees. One thing I really like about this park compared to New York parks is it it’s so clean. I could not find a single pinch of trash. The activities.. Read more »
The gardens are beautiful - it’s a nice place to come and sit and enjoy the sunshine and the statues and palace are beautiful! I wish there was more grass or more non gravel areas to sit on as the gravel makes large parts of the park feel like .. Read more »
Huge park in Paris. Just love the place! Very impressive the way the trees are trimmed and lined up. They look like enormous hedges. Public restrooms were usable and actually had toilet seats. This will make sense to anyone who has visited France bef.. Read more »
Nice garden in Paris to visit on a weekend. It is specially nice for kids to play with little sailing boats on the central fountain. Don’t go there wearing black shoes or trousers, they’ll get all dusty and dirty because of the park white.. Read more »
Gorgeous park. Good walks. Plenty of places for coffee. The sailboats are fun to watch, and the games the locals play with the metal balls are worth a few minutes while you eat popcorn. Lots of sculptures and good places to just relax.
This is another great photo opportunity if you are looking for some local park photos and there are always so many dogs being walked around these parks. There is a lovely water feature in the middle and it has some public deck chairs where you can lo.. Read more »
It's a beautiful place to walk around. I loved the playground, it was beautiful and my son loved it. The only thing is that you must pay to enter the playground and they charge kids and adults but on the other hand, it has bathrooms and the plac.. Read more »
Had such a great experience here! Late Sept 2021 and the weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too many people. Huge area to explore and spend minutes to hours people watching and enjoying the gardens and grounds. Tons of public chairs available t.. Read more »
Astonishing place to visit. Huge park made for everyone! From the earliest age to the older generation, there's so much for all to do and absorb. Being in the nature while still being in the big amazing city of Paris. You can sit down, get some .. Read more »
A beautiful garden to visit. History lovers will be delighted. All the great men who have marked the history of France, not to mention the beauty of the garden and the various water features. Very nice walk with the family or alone.
Very nice outdoor area with a lot of space and a bunch of chairs for sitting comfortably outside. A place to read, hang out, do some sport, relax, meet friends, chill, dance and just be free. Would be happy to come back some time, maybe even in the s.. Read more »
My favorite park in Paris. go there on a clear day and drink coffee this amazing spot. the palace there is owned by the French Senate, which meets in the Palace. We stopped at a fantastic little spot for a chocolate crepe and espresso and really soa.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful gardens in Paris! Bring a book here and take a seat and just relax. You’ll be joined by many other people who are enjoying the silence and reading away! You can also watch people playing sports here. Or just go for a l.. Read more »
A little idyllic heaven in the middle of the hazy, bustling city of Paris. There are chairs and benches where you can sit for a coffee in the mornings, or to relax after a long day. There are beautiful fountains and it's a very quiet and tranqui.. Read more »
Very beautifully gardens. It's huge so prefer wearing comfortable shoes, it's going to be a long walk. You can sit here peacefully and chit chat with a group of friends or come for a romantic walk with your partner.
One of my favorite parks in Paris. It is nice to find yourself in different “climates” walking around. There is nice pond in the middle where you can sail small boats and small Statue of Liberty in one of park’s corners
It might be beautiful in some other season of the year, or when it is specifically decorated for people, but I visited in July, I did not find it very worthy to spend an hour here. Only if you want to take some rest while exploring the city, definite.. Read more »
Lovely atmosphere. Very family oriented. Really appreciated the security guard keeping the safety of children paramount and stopping groups of people moving all the chairs around the water, allowing everyone to have equal access! Very clean, pretty, .. Read more »
I love this public garden! Lots of chairs which you can (freely) use to enjoy the sun, or have something to eat or drink (there are lots of shops around the garden to get something). In the center of Paris, so the perfect spot to unwind after a busy .. Read more »
Such a lovely place truly. There is banks, chairs and so many space to sit down and just enjoy a peaceful day with a partner, friend or family or your child/children. You will find people who play multiple activities and sports and you will find a gr.. Read more »
A bit crowded, as usual, but very well kept and clean. One of my favorite parks in Paris. And props to the gardeners, the flowers are always bright, healthy and in excellent shape!
This is the biggest and oldest garden in Paris, also one of my favorite gardens in Paris. Although I prefer going to the garden in Spring and Summer but the garden still has its charm in Autumn. Definitely go back
is a garden open to the public, located in 6ᵉ Paris. all the time is great for visit by the Best time to visit will be spring and summer sure. each week there are some meetings and events and the ambiance are so cool and good, the best place for chil.. Read more »
Beautiful and peaceful garden, very pretty statues and elegant building for the Senate. You can play chess and there is a safe place for young children. Two reservations: crowded and no toilets.
This will be my place to pass the weekend ??
The Palais du Luxembourg and surrounding gardens were built for Marie de Medici in 1615. The grounds are laid out in Italian Barque style. Now home to the French Senate you can only view the palace from the outside and watch the gendarmes parading up.. Read more »
A great garden to chill and relax in the sun. I really enjoyed my hours here. I will definatly repeat this! Bring a book and a glass of wine with you and enjoy!
The Jardin du Luxembourg (French pronunciation: ​[ʒaʁdɛ̃ dy lyksɑ̃buːʁ]), also known in English as the Luxembourg Gardens, is located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, France. It was created beginning in 1612 by Marie de' Medici, the widow of .. Read more »
Such a lovely place to visit! Busy but lots of places to sit. Such stunning gardens with an amazing palace. I don’t know how much it costs but little children were playing with boats in the fountain with sticks which looked like lots of fun! Ve.. Read more »
It was one of the best place to spend summer time. Surrounded by trees and spacious place and moreover you will get needful thing to eat. Must visit and enjoy the atmosphere.
One of my favourite gardens in this city. Winter or Summer ? they have added a lot of trees over the spring time to make it look very exotic, I was pleasantly surprised! Amazing for kids and picnics.