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Louvre Museum

Paris, France
4.8 / 123
The architectural ensemble, which served as the residence of the French kings from the XVI to XVII centuries. before moving the courtyard to Versailles. The palace turned into a museum in the XVIII century. The first collections were collected from the personal funds of Francis I and Louis XIV. Now the collection of the Louvre has more than 400 thousand exhibits, about 35 thousand are constantly exhibited. The museum houses the famous painting "Mona Lisa", created by da Vinci.
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We purchased our tickets in advance and for a specific time, so the wait time to get in was about 30 minutes. I don’t know how long it would have taken if we hadn’t purchased tickets in advance, but the ticket lineup was extremely long. I.. Read more »
It was busy entering the museum but the line was also moving pretty fast and we didn’t expect anything else. But definitely book your ticket online beforehand! The Mona Lisa is super crowded but the rest of the museum is very do-able in terms .. Read more »
Absolutely immense place. A lot of walking and a lot of stairs. The Mona Lisa is very busy, so take an early tour and go directly to the room, or you'll never be able to get near it.
Booked online on Friday for Saturday. Got 4 pm time we time slot that was the earliest available. Did the main art attractions from 700 to 720 rooms. We got ushered out from the museum around 5:45 pm...they start to to restrict areas you can see from.. Read more »
This is one of those places I wanted to go to since I was a kid growing up on the other side of the planet! It didn't disappoint at all. The staff were amazing, the layout was done perfectly once you understood the structure (by looking from the.. Read more »
It was an absolutely incredible experience to visit Louvre during our Paris visit. We booked tickets with Paris Museum Pass in advance and had to line up for around 15 minutes. There was a huge line up for people who were buying tickets on site, and .. Read more »
Amazing place! I think the Louvre has the most extensive collection in all the museums I’ve visited all over the world. If you can’t book tickets on its website, as it’s sold out , try to get via tour packages. I copped our ticket v.. Read more »
It’s a treat for all the art lovers! One can spend hours in just looking at all the art pieces in this museum. Do take the entrance ticket for the museum online to avoid the long queue. Visit the museum in the morning as it is less crowded. The.. Read more »
It was very cool it was like going too a trip into the history I really loved it I even get too see the Mona Lisa but the line was very long. I really like the architect of the building looked very interesting I suggest people whit a lot of curiosity.. Read more »
Our visit was scheduled at 9 in the morning. We arrived at 8.30 and there were about 20 people standing in the queue. The gates opened exactly at 9. It did not take much time to have our tickets checked. Then the funniest part began. Everybody was al.. Read more »
One of the best museums in the world. If you love art, you can literally spend an entire day inside without getting bored. The building is huge with so many rooms displaying artworks and artifacts from different parts of the world. Despite the crowds.. Read more »
We had a fantastic time around the Louvre Museum for the day. Unfortunately the museum was closed during our visit. We decided to make the best of it regardless and admired the architecture of the buildings and grounds. We have another trip planned t.. Read more »
Really beautiful building beautiful prices of art. But I think people are really going there for the Mona Lisa. The piece is beautiful but the line and security to get in is really uncontrolled and your only a certain amount of pictures. And I though.. Read more »
Many years ago I visited this museum and I remember it was possible to walk in front of the Mona Lisa painting and to take a picture of it. Today I see and hear that it is an impossible thing due to the massive number of tourists. This was a reason I.. Read more »
Visiting the Louvre was truly an amazing experience. The museum is home to some of the most renowned artworks and historical artifacts in the world, and I was in awe of the sheer beauty and cultural significance that surrounded me. From iconic master.. Read more »
What more to be said than everything that's written during the years about the worldwide famous Louvre museum. Yes, it is extremely big. Yes, you can spend days and days discovering the collection. Yes, the Mona Lisa is really small. Yes, the mu.. Read more »
Quite a lot of work of arts. I saw the highlights, but wished I could have seen more. Will go back definitely. We walked about three km and focused on about three statues and the Mona Lisa. It was amazing to learn a bit about the history of the mus.. Read more »
This is one of the best visits to do in Paris. The museum blows your mind away. You can do this in 1 day or 3 days. To fully appreciate the works here you could spend 2 days easily here. I would highly recommend you buy tickets in advance for this mu.. Read more »
It is an amazing place to visit with friends or even alone. It has so much history that an entire day is not enough to see all what the museum offers to see. The gift shop has lots of informative books and souvenirs. Bring your camera: you will remem.. Read more »
It is a really really nice museum in Paris and in the world. I went there to see Mona Lisa paint and Venus. You need to wait and line to buy ticket . It would be better if you could buy tickets through online. The museum is super wide and bigger. You.. Read more »
It was a great visit! We had a lot of fun during the 3 hours we spent on our visit to the museum and we saw a lot of great sculptures and paintings. Definitely recommended to buy the tickets in advance so you have to wait less time at the entrance qu.. Read more »
Amazing place! And also an amazing palace! The most famous tourist place in the world has various surprises for visitors. You'll be impressed by the view from the balcony of Cafe. Don't even try to see all of the expositions for one day. Be.. Read more »
One of the best museums I have ever visited. It has so much art and history inside that you need a week to truly appreciate everything that the Louvre has to offer. It is better to book tickets in advance as there's always a huge line to visit i.. Read more »
Absolutely gorgeous all around. It’s very big and informative, and could be overwhelming too. It was challenging to have a baby on a stroller to tour here as no ramp anywhere. Other elevator/lift is a bit hard to find, but still accessible to b.. Read more »
You probably need five weeks to cover the immense Materials in here. It’s incredible collection. I highly recommend at least one full day and to get the audio guide. Start with the masterpiece trial to get a good introduction. Left the museum b.. Read more »
Our family of seven (ages 8 to 69) planned in advance and bought tickets to the “My First Louvre” private tour led by museum staff, directly from the Louvre website. The 90-minute tours are Saturdays and Sundays at 11 o’clock. It&rs.. Read more »
Well, this place deserves 5 Star from Artistic point of view, no doubt in it. My rating is more from logistic and ease of visit for tourist's point of view. First of all, expect a huge crowd, queues, waiting time and a lot of walking if you are .. Read more »
I actually didn’t go inside but I’ve seen some pictures and I know it’s amazing, I wrote this review for the people that may come to Paris in limited time. I advise you to book online in advance, we tried to book our tickets but it .. Read more »
You should definitely visit Louvre when you are in Paris! Plan your visit in advance by purchasing the ticket online. When you arrive, find the line with your visit time! The line will go fast so don’t scare of a big lineup! You need minimum 3 .. Read more »
What can you say... It's the Louvre. Fantastic but very large museum. Do some homework before you arrive to get the most out of the visit. The staff is very helpful and we were able to get through a see most of what we wanted to see. We trie.. Read more »
One of the best places and 100% must visit place during the season, though you have to be careful of social distancing because Covid19 is high peak once again, may Hid protect all humanity and out loved ones. Be safe, Enjoy life, take precautions a.. Read more »
With comfortable shoes, a good plan and a lot of time you will have a very nice time at the Louvre. Go for what interests you the most, because it is close to impossible to see everything during one visit. I would recommend checking out the crown jew.. Read more »
Love the pyramids. Such a lovely place to sit out side. My boy loved hanging around here while we sat and had out lunch. Took lots of great photos. It was clean and tidy. You can down the pyramid and see the museum. Looks so amazing.
Best time to go now before school ends. Price is reasonable and free for kids. Prepare to spend hours in the largest museum of all time. Reservation may be recommended however we walked by pass the museum and saw that almost nobody was there and deci.. Read more »
Visiting the Louvre is an amazing experience that will stay with you forever. There is so much history and beauty to absorb and admire. The building itself is exquisite along with the beautiful painted ceilings. Then, there is of course all of the ar.. Read more »
I feel silly even reviewing a place like the Louvre because of how well known it is but here I go! This is an absolute must. If you are only in Paris for a few days, spend one of the days in this area. There’s a beautiful park to walk around a.. Read more »
The best art museum in the world. The Mona Lisa may be on your bucket list, but please do yourself a favor and see the rest of the museum. There are many paintings that are breathtaking that do not get the attention because of the "Photo Op".. Read more »
Louvre is the national museum and art gallery of France established in 1793, housed in the Louvre Palace in Paris. It is the world's largest art museum. About 38 thousand collections are there. Among them painting ‘Mona Lisa’ is the .. Read more »
It's huge and beautiful and mind blowing. They're so many interesting pieces tucked away in little corners, you feel like you have to check every wall. I don't speak French so I think I mistakenly ordered and ate some bologna flavored .. Read more »
What and incredible place full of history and art that boggles the mind. To see artifacts that biblical Ester might have held or scene. And to walk by painting hundreds of years old and see windows into the minds history. It was truly an awing experi.. Read more »
I always watched this museum in movies but the real experience was mesmerizing !! Each floor would require even a day for the guided tour. On a note, you would need a lot of energy to walk all day to finish all visiting all artifacts. Mona Lisa is re.. Read more »
There is no doubt that it is an absolute must visit for anyone who visits Paris. The place is the most beautiful museum of the whole world and houses a great deal of artworks, paintings and monuments. It is a real gem with lots of very high-end artw.. Read more »
An absolute amazing place. Lourve does not only offer a place to go back time but also Instagram-worthy. The queue during Covid is faster and you can see the artworks very clearly without getting in long lines. Mona Lisa is a must-see. You should spe.. Read more »
The Louvre is a must-visit every time you’re in Paris.. the queue to get inside in Covid era was much faster, you reserve online ahead of time. There was a short line to take your pic with Mona Lisa but at least it ensures you can have a nice p.. Read more »
If you are visiting for the first time and you want to make the best out of your time, money and enjoyment this is the package you need to go for. If you like a tour, this one was good! Mr Ferier, out tour guide, was fantastic, he presented all the .. Read more »
Absolutely in love with this place. It is huge so I would recommend spending a day or two if you really wanna go through everything. wasn’t too crowded overall except around the Mona Lisa where it was a stampede. There is something for everyone.. Read more »
The museum is amazing. We were the whole day in Louvre and still you have the impression that you could stay there forever. It's something you definitively should visit when in Paris. Buy your tickets online so you don't have to wait in que.. Read more »