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Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles, USA
4.6 / 110
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is a renowned museum in LA that offers a variety of exhibits and experiences. One of the iconic features is the light poles outside the museum, known as "Urban Lights," which has become a popular spot for taking photos. The museum itself showcases a rotating collection of artwork from various artists, providing a diverse and ever-changing experience for visitors. While there is an admission fee, it is worth it for contemporary art enthusiasts. The museum also offers a great space for learning, as I witnessed a class of engaged students during my visit. Additionally, LACMA's location near the Grove outdoor mall and movie theater makes it a perfect spot for a day date or a night out. The museum's outdoor area also features free art sculptures, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere. However, keep in mind that the museum can get crowded, so finding the perfect photo spot may require some patience. Overall, LACMA is a world-class museum that is definitely worth exploring if you're in LA.
Address:5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 323-857-6000



I've always wanted to get my photo in front of the light poles here at the museum. My partner brought me here this afternoon and we had a really good time. 😊 The cost was $25 per person (outside of LA COUNTY) They also had other museums and food.. Read more »
An ever changing rotation of artists work comes through here. At the same time the stuff that is always there is so good it sticks with you for a while. This is a world class museum and we are lucky to have it in LA. This is a perfect day dste spot.
Really cool museum with a nice outside area with free art sculptures. I didn’t go inside the art museum but I walked around for the outdoors portion. The streetlights piece was really cool and the best place to take photos and look around. It&r.. Read more »
The museum has a great space and fabulous exhibits. It is a pay museum, but it is worth it for anyone who likes contemporary art. When I visited, I also saw a class of students engaged in art. The exhibits are changing frequently.
We have visited on Juneteenth holiday. It was nice. We have been to LA Bria Tar pits and museum and exploring different pits we reached to LAMCA. We took some pics at lights which is one of the famous place for photography.
I heard about these lights and seen photos in social media, they called it “Urban Lights.” So when we were out and about in LA we went to see them. To some it may just be a bunch of lamp post but to me it’s a beautiful street displa.. Read more »
I really loved this museum. It’s art all around. It’s well curated art, all the buildings are worth it. The parking is very comfortable. They have elevators to go up and down frequently. One of the greatest things to share is that as a Ba.. Read more »
I love LACMA and the exhibits they always have there but this time, I was there for Friday night Jazz series. I did not know what to expect going to the event as it was my first time. Street parking which is the cheapest is almost impossible to fin.. Read more »
I really enjoyed the museum. There are three floors to view. My favorite was the third floor of modern art. Lighting inside was excellent. Plenty of room to walk around. Main bookstore on the first floor has so much to look at, I want to go back. Loc.. Read more »
It was too late to go into the actual museum, so we stayed at the light sculpture in front of the museum for photos like everyone else there. It's a perfect photo op area, but you will have to time your shots right if you want to make it appear .. Read more »
Worked across the street on Wilshire so I was always able to come over and see a wide range of exhibitions daily whether they were featured or temporary. It's a good time with family, friends on a date or by yourself. There is something for ever.. Read more »
This is definitely a must-see art museum in orange county. The place was very unique, with some outdoor pieces as well as indoor. There is an outdoor escalator that takes you to the first exhibit. There is a good variety of art as well, from differen.. Read more »
Beautiful. I’ve been wanting to go take pics there for a while and it did not disappoint. We went during a weekday and it was fairly empty. We did not go in, so I can’t attest for the art inside, but I do remember reading that you have to.. Read more »
This is one of my favorite museums in the world! I went on the free day of the month, otherwise there is a cost for a ticket unless you have a paid membership. The staff were well organized and super helpful, giving out masks in line. I came for the .. Read more »
This is a great museum! It covers all eras of art from ancient through to modern, one of the only museums on earth to do that. The collection is powerful, especially considering this museum started collecting long after museums in other parts of the .. Read more »
I only give it 5 stars because they have a huge Picasso exhibit over a dozen works by him. But overall the museum is really small and not much displayed. The main exhibit I guess is the modern art section. It's free during the week from 3pm to .. Read more »
LACMA has some extraordinary exhibits. I’ve been there a few times the last time I was there two weeks ago there was one room dedicated entirely to original Picasso paintings. We also visited a room that was inspired by art done by local artist.. Read more »
My experience here was quite nice. Parking is convenient (but pricey). The COVID protocols make it so that all visitors feel safe (temps are taken, vaccination cards are a must, and masks are also mandated). The indoor exhibits were beautiful and .. Read more »
A pretty cool lights display! This lights art installation is amazing and worth the visit to this place. It really lights up our spirits too! Only drawback is that you can never take a picture without any people walking amongst these lights, since th.. Read more »
Very cool place! I've been here a few times throughout the years and it never ceases to astound. They require proof of vaccine and masks, so the experience feels much safer than other activities these days.i highly recommend that people explore .. Read more »
Awesome art museum with cool places to take pictures. Art displays are nice. But what made my experience memorable was this cute security employee with dreads telling me that he liked my vibe and it made his night. I legit was so touched by him that.. Read more »
I truly do not understand art, so I can't really speak for my opinion on the pieces. What I can tell you is that they are carefully monitored, well organized and seem to entrance other people into them. I can tell that there are several genre of.. Read more »
Why bother going.It has become a sad place, a shell of its former self. They are hardly trying to hold a space for art and there is zero ambiance and character there now.Red metal girders and low overhangs around square buildings show no imagination... Read more »
Super awesome museum with so many paintings and art installations to see! I absolutely love Nara on the second floor and his work. I love the style and the medians he painted and drew on. The first floor had a variety of different pop items. I didn&#.. Read more »
With the museum partially closed but the prices the same it did not feel as worth it as other art museums like in Chicago. What they have is four floors, and to give you an idea of the size, two of those floors are dedicated to a single artist each r.. Read more »
One of three things I try and visit when I attend a new city is it’s art museum. This one was very good. They had some odd policies. I kind of understand one of them. For example my partner was asked to remove her backpack and instead sling it .. Read more »
Awesome museum. Definitely is worth a visit. There’s a huge selection of many types of art. We were especially fond of the Contemporary Art on display. We spent a few hours here, and could have stayed longer had we had the time. We did go on a .. Read more »
Reserve your tickets and go early so you’ve got time to really view everything and take photos! Very beautiful backdrops for taking photos, and some amazing pieces of art including Picasso, Michelangelo, just to name a few. Be mindful that beca.. Read more »
This place is awesome. I was lucky,I was there when Carvaggio exhibit and the ancient texts were both on display, amazing! I was last there before the remodel,can't wait to see the changes. I also love that it is right next to the tar pits, so I.. Read more »
Very tranquil place very nicely done in the rocks in the middle of The park then all the coolest views. Loved then Tara Pit. The new building sculpture.in. the walk was so great very refreshing in the most historic destination in LA California.. Read more »
super cool art, not bad at all for $40 total. there was a LOT to look at and it took us about 2 hours total to visit all exhibitions. although, workers were pretty rude, which i understand to an extent since they most likely deal with some strange vi.. Read more »
Amazing musium. Looks very great. Lights setup is very creative. Some areas were close when I visited but a lot to see. Nice place to enjoy evening live music.
Great museum. Probably a little less then half the Museum is currently closed to install more displays (3rd floor, several rooms on the other floors), I almost feel like prices should be less when you see such little. But great museum, layouts great,.. Read more »
located a block far from Hollywood and highland, i might advocate road parking if you can locate it or taking the teach. that is perfect for businesses or couples, if you don't have your very own tripod you may rent one for $7. The have several .. Read more »
The next best thing would be a trip to Munich in late September. This is much less expensive. If you're training for a beer drinking competition this is your place! Don't let your head get the best of you, a boot of beer that's 2 li.. Read more »
Light experience is still open during pandemic. Required to wear mask the entire time you view the exhibit which is great! Glad to see LA is taking the pandemic seriously while reopening safely. Line moved fast and there was plenty of staff to assist.. Read more »
I absolutely loved this museum of art. We really enjoyed the Fiji exhibit, as well as the Julie Mehretu exhibit. Great place to take pictures at the front of the public lights. I love this museum
This museum is simply amazing. The kids really enjoyed their visit here and they even got inspired with the artworks that are displayed here. My son would like to become an artist and my daughter would like to be a sculptor. There are a lot of food c.. Read more »
This was the first time I have ever been, I was not disappointed. This was just amazing to see all the different areas in the museum. The rain forest intrigued me. The butterflies were awesome to see. Aquarium was also amazing to see the jellyfish.. Read more »
This museum is a gem with various interesting exhibits, but it is kinda short - you can cover it in a hour or so. I've heard that most of the exhibits were closed that day, which makes the admission ticket a bit "expensive." Anyway, it.. Read more »
I went this museum with my best friend. Now she moved to LA from Austin. We both had a very great happy time there
Beautiful place hidden in the la Canada residential area. It's nice to go for a walk, to lay on the grass or even enjoy the beautiful scenery. I wish they would let you picnic but unfortunately you are not allowed to as it attracts animals. They.. Read more »
You cannot miss this photogenic spot when in LA. This is a signature photo spot when you’re in town; therefore, it is always crowded. The light looks much smaller outside. It is also important to choose the time. I went at afternoon time and I .. Read more »
Every second Thursday of the month, Los Angeles County Museum of Art transforms into a big giant art festival. All the art galleries open their doors to the public, the food trucks line up to fill hungry bellies, and talented people display their art.. Read more »
This is a beautiful place for a trip to picnic and walk the grounds. I perfect for photography.
Went to see the lights was told we had to wear a mask while taking pictures which was fine. Wanted to use my tripod and was told it was not allowed and to go to the sidewalk meanwhile everyone on the exhibit had their masks off but my tripod was the .. Read more »
I've seen this in movies and was like ehhhh it's just a bunch of lights...but I still put it on my list of places to visit. I am so glad that I did! It's extremely beautiful and it's relaxing. It was almost like hanging out under .. Read more »
His family members to get it would like that I have no idea what the most likely permanent residents in this year of
Located a block away from Hollywood and highland, I'd recommend street parking if you can find it or taking the train. This is perfect for groups or couples, if you don't have your own tripod you can rent one for $7. The have several rooms .. Read more »
It is extraordinary that in this wealthy metropolis, the main art collection is so insignificant. I’m not talking about the current remodel, which was not needed. The building has been remodeled not that long ago. Incidentally, the contracted p.. Read more »