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Les Invalides

Paris, France
4.8 / 118
An architectural complex near the Eiffel Tower. The house was built under Louis XIV and was used as a shelter for veterans who were injured and injured during the wars. There were no similar establishments in Europe, so the monarch showed himself from the very best side, showing concern for his subjects. The Handicapped House welcomed the first guests in 1674. The ensemble consists of the church of St. Louis, the slender ranks of the barracks, the park and the hospital.



Saw this amazing building whilst on our travels up and down the River Seine on the Batobus and had to pay it a visit. It is a bit of a walk from the Batobus stop but is well worth it. The museum grounds are free to enter but you have to pay to go ins.. Read more »
Nice museum with history of France from medieval times to ww2. Artifacts perfectly preserved to learn from and read about. The most visited thing is Napoleon’s tomb in the beautiful church right next door. Highly recommend this place if you are.. Read more »
The main mausoleum includes the sarcophagus of members of Emperor Napoleon’s family as well as several other historical generals of the French army. Other sections of the museum features various fascinating exhibitions that take you through th.. Read more »
An absolute essential if you have an interest in French history and worth the entry price for Napoleon’s tomb alone. They do good trails for children which you can print for free from their website. The only downside was that the dome entrance.. Read more »
Very beautiful building and interesting museums. I liked the tomb of Napoleon the most. The ticket office is pretty hard to find if you come from the northern entrance. The southern entrance was closed so we had to walk all the way to the other side.
We did the mistake of coming at 4pm while the museums closes 6, this place needs more than 2 hours! Do your research before you come to optimize your visit, the ticket gives you access to several museums including the tomb of Napoleon. Very interesti.. Read more »
A must visit in Paris, especially if you want to find out more about the history of the French Republic and Napoleons legacy. Many important French historical figures rest here, which is a sight to behold. Napoleon loved himself, which is evident to .. Read more »
Series of museums dedicated to military history, from the Middle Ages until modern times, as well as the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. You can spend several hours in here. Well kept, it includes plenty of historical information and videos in English an.. Read more »
Interesting place to visit, more than a few times you will take deep breath. The display of tools and weaponry used in ancient times was good. A lot information about WW2, it is worth checking out. Definitely reminds us how dreadful wars are. There.. Read more »
The museum itself is wonderful, with a rich historical collection and a beautiful garden. However, during my visit, I noticed something unusual: there were several dead rabbits in the garden, which I found a little strange. I wondered what the reas.. Read more »
Baroque architecture with several museums that portray French military history. WW1 & 2, medieval armour, starforts models and maps, weapons and uniforms,... Last but not least; the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. Restaurants with meals and pastry pr.. Read more »
Great museum! I loved seeing the tomb of Napoleon I! The architecture was breathtaking. The war museum was also enjoyable, though I had to rush it because of a change of plans. The ticket was €15 for an American adult, and it gave access to the.. Read more »
So much history, intrigue and stories of war and sacrifice are in these buildings. The tombs of Napoleon, Vauban, Turenne dominate and rightfully so but the hate of the clans temp exhibition was just as outstanding. Skip one of the other museums and .. Read more »
Les Invalides is a remarkable destination in Paris, known for its historical significance and stunning architecture. This is where Napoleon Bonaparte, one of history's most iconic figures, is buried. The site offers a captivating glimpse into th.. Read more »
Such an amazing collection from some of the most world changing events. We visited on a rainy day in April and spent about 3 hours walking around the museum. The collections are fantastic and the depth of history is truly humbling. I highly recommend.. Read more »
Went to the Napoleon Tomb here and must say it was the most incredible homage to a highly respected individual that i've ever seen. There are many things to explore while here. The gift shop has many books and other documents of the French resis.. Read more »
Built by Louis XIV (construction started in 1670) as a charity home for honored army veterans. Now there are several museums and a necropolis of the military. Everyone, of course, goes to see the sarcophagus with Napoleon. If only the house will take.. Read more »
Well kept museum, lots of exhibits, to view ans appreciate them all will require several hours. Any military members will enter for free with valid ID. We were limited in time and only spent 3 hours going through the halls and Napoleon's tomb... Read more »
Someone had recommended me to visit this museum, but it was a real disappointment. Unless you’re a fan of guns and wars, it’s all really boring. All you will see is hundreds of guns, uniforms and so on. Even the gift shop is boring. The .. Read more »
Very pretty and impressive how big it is. Cool architecture. Beware of bathrooms outside the museum, you have to pay to use it. It's Cool to see all the weaponry on display.
An amazing place full of history from the modern age and far back to napoleonic times and beyond. We enjoy wartime history and seeing artefacts from times gone by. Entry charges were reasonable at €14 an adult for the entire museum.
Wonderful place to visit before/after doing the Rodin museum nearby, especially must if you enjoy history. It contains the army museum and Napoleon's tomb. And definitely come for the beautiful architecture We went on a Saturday afternoon and it.. Read more »
It's an amazing place, though not because I found it moving or emotional. It's a startling tribute to a man who affected a lot of people's lives, and is responsible for a great deal of death and destruction. Next to the pyramids I have.. Read more »
Location is fantastic, the Dome is very impressive. Seeing the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte standing in the middle of the dome is quite overwhelming, especially if you remember that due to Napoleon we have our family names. The museum is impressive as .. Read more »
One of Paris' great public monumental spaces. Although you have to pay for entry to the various Museums and Napoleon's Tomb, it's worth knowing that the gardens, the wonderful central courtyard and the Cathedral are all free to visit... Read more »
Everything from the sitting in gardens in front to the building itself is amazing! But the real crown jewel is going inside to the tomb of Napoleon.. and it's so much more than that... the corner chapels, the dome art, the marble everything, the.. Read more »
This museum is full of fantastic information and exhibits. The website says allow 2 hours for your visit, I would allow at least 4 or more if you want to see it all and take it all in. So much history here in such a beautiful place. The only thing I .. Read more »
Great history and you can visit for free. On the back sode is grave of Napoleon. You can see a lot of old Franch power. A very beautiful building with a lovely courtyard surrounded by various statues, cannons and beautiful architecture. Great to look.. Read more »
A very impressive structure both externally and internally. The scale of the died interior is pretty overwhelming. The ornamental garden creates a beautiful foreground. Crazily devoted the very urban environs there were wild rabbits roaming about th.. Read more »
The main reason we wanted to visit was to see Napoleon's tomb which was nice. The museum itself is quite large and has lots of interesting exhibits over many centuries. It costs €14 which isn't too bad and we liked how quiet it was.
Incredible museum of the history of the French Army over the centuries. The prowess and achievements over the centuries are superbly displayed. Lots of signs are in English which helps as a tourist! A must visit in Paris, especially the Napoleonic se.. Read more »
There's a lot to see on these grounds. You can wander the grounds without a ticket. Each if the various exhibit spaces is accessible by a single ticket ($14?). Nappy's tomb is the star attraction. If you are into military history in any.. Read more »
Great museum! You can easily spent the whole day here! They have made alot audio and visual so it won't be so hard to get through. Not too crowded and nice staff.
If you like history and war outfits this is a place to visit. It has a huge display of all the weird weapons used during evolution of mankind. Also very famous place to visit the Napoleon Tomb. Its definitely amazing all the diverse equipment you can.. Read more »
Amazing place with wandering atmosphere! If you like history this place is exactly for you. S₩end there 2h. But it was not enough. I would recommend to plan 3 hours took every object
One of the best monuments in Paris. The interior is wonderful, so is the church you can find inside. Worth going when there is a service so that you can hear the choir. The museum was also nice with a beautiful collection of weapons. All in all a won.. Read more »
Probably one of my favourite places I'm Paris, so much to see, you'll need a good few hours to spend looking around. The museum is great and the architecture is amazing. The highlight was obviously Napoleon's tomb.
Sobering & fulfilling at the same time. Lots of French history contained - actually, >>exuding, from this grandiose heratige site. If you adore the Little Corporate, this is a must ; if you are curious about the French in world & Europe.. Read more »
This was one of my favorite stops in Paris. I could have spent 2 days there. Seeing history from France's perspective was so great.
The "Invalides Night" for the memorial of Napoleon was magnificent and I totally recomend it if you were lucky enough to encounter it (make sure to get the audio guide too, you can get the "stand up" option that is cheaper than &q.. Read more »
Amazing place to visit. Napoleon's grave is absolutely stunning and the marble halls and other graves are beautiful as well. I got in for free. Be sure to check if you can as well!
Very interesting museum about the world wars and Napoleon. There is a lot to see, maybe one day to make a complete tour. Moreover seeing where Napoleon is resting, this amazing church, is very thrilling. A must to see in Paris !
An exceptional building with lot of history. We love the Dome inside and out. Napoleons tomb was such an amazing sight to see in Paris. All the military history you can see in this building , it covers the French Army History. Architecture is really.. Read more »
Les Invalides (French pronunciation: ​[lezɛ̃valid]), formally the Hôtel national des Invalides, also Hôtel des Invalides (literally, "House of the disabled") is a complex of buildings in the 7th arr.. Read more »
Space. A lot of space. For walking. Or running. Basically if you own a space shuttle, you can land there without problems.
Les Invalides (French pronunciation: ​[lezɛ̃valid]), formally the Hôtel national des Invalides (The National Residence of the Invalids), or also as Hôtel des Invalides, is a complex of buildings in the 7th ar.. Read more »
Les Invalides (French pronunciation: ​[lezɛ̃valid]), formally the Hôtel national des Invalides (The National Residence of the Invalids), or also as Hôtel des Invalides, is a complex of buildings in the 7th ar.. Read more »
a must see in france when you are visiting france and remember Napoleon you have to visit his tomb which the design is attractive and the decoration inside was interesting to me.The dome is much more beautiful because of gold used on it.
Disrespectful tourists are the absolute worst. Please remember this is Napoleon's tomb, be quiet and aware of your surroundings. It's full of French history and artifacts. The architecture and mural on the dome are unforgettable!
Very interesting. Very good exhibitions. Gift shop a bit pricey though.
Beautiful loved the field full of rabbits out front.
Beautiful and spacious area , greatly secured where I could perform my aerobics session at open air. Due to mask wearing requirements , there I could exercise and feel free. Priceless. Thank you all for having me, see you soon?
One of the most beautiful historical landmarks I have ever seen in my entire life. Absolutely incredible and a must visit if you are visiting Paris.
The ornate Pont Alexandre III points directly to the expansive esplanade and grand entrance of the Hôtel des Invalides. The former military hospital is one of the City of Light’s most recognizable sites. The sprawling historic complex has.. Read more »
Very beautiful historical monument. If you are interested in French history you can also explore from inside. The monument from inside is very beautiful. Missed the chance to view this place from inside.Visited Paris few years back and hope to visit .. Read more »
Genuinely stunning. Something you must see in Paris. I love the Dome; inside and out. Napoleon’s tomb was such an amazing sight to see in Paris that I definitely recommend visiting.
Great building with incredible design, signage around the inside could've been better.
This was our first stop as it was located across from our hotel. Full of rich history and beautiful artwork to go along with the stunning architecture. Home to the tomb of Napoleon as well as French military artifacts throughout history. The cafe was.. Read more »