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Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa, Italy
4.8 / 124
Italy is famous worldwide for its falling tower. When you look at the Italian Leaning Tower of Pisa, you feel like it's about to fall ... However, it's a false impression. According to witnesses at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Galileo Galileo conducted his scientific research, which allowed him to make some discoveries. For example, the law of free fall.
Address:Piazza del Duomo, Pisa
Phone:+39 050 835011



Ganesh Bhavanasi
Pisa is a small town that is easily all walkable. You can easily walk to the Leaning Tower of PIsa, and the Baptistery and museums in the tower plaza, from the railway station. If you visit it during quieter times, such as the weekdays/winter, you ca.. Read more »
Michał Kiełczyński
Wow... this miracle of architectural is even more impressive when seen live. I recommend buying a combined ticket for all attractions in Piazza del Duomo, because each place is truly magical! The price is 27€ and it is best to book it in online... Read more »
Patrick Kam
Visit on a good, clear day. It is good to have little train services for tourists to go into the area. Good location to take a photo , 3 buildings at once. Security alert along the way, there are many pick pockets. You just have to be careful, don�.. Read more »
Alex C.
Arriving at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the evening heightened the enchantment of this iconic landmark. The warm hues of the setting sun cast a golden glow on the marble facade, enhancing its timeless beauty. Despite the late hour, the surrounding S.. Read more »
Yuliya Myan
Beautiful tower. We couldn't make it on top, there were no available time slots for it, so definitely recommending to buy tickets in advance online. But from outside it looks amazing as well. It's funny to observe people doing crazy poses w.. Read more »
Jayan Menon
Must go up whenever you're visiting this place to get a better view of the city. It is about 257 steps to go up. Italy's another historical monument that you should not leave behind.
Nima M.
Fantastic historical monument! The complex includes Tower, Piazza del Duomo and Cathedral di Pisa. There was a parking close to complex with good price, although when leaving, there was issue with gate and not charged :)) There is a bazar in front an.. Read more »
Sagar Kandalgaonkar
Amazing place, its a part of bucket list of many people. The view is mesmerising and it will always stay with you. If you staying in Florence then you can take train till Pisa Central and from there you can walk or take bus just outside station to re.. Read more »
Michelle S
I have to say... I was more impressed with the experience here than I was anticipating. We visited as part of a tour through a cruise and figured we would be here and gone quickly. The grounds were gorgeous and the tower was beautiful. It was a very .. Read more »
Gemma B
Beautiful leaning tower, if you want to climb I'd suggest booking ahead. As gets very busy. Was full on a weekday but still space to take photos and enjoy the beauty and the tower defying gravity.
Aleksandra Kupiec
It's a beautiful spot to see and take pictures. Located in the middle of the town, the route leads you through romantic and picturesque alleys and street. It's definitely worth a stop-over break if you pass nearby. I enjoyed seeing the towe.. Read more »
Stephy Pappu
Beautiful architectural work🥰. A real mesmerizing treat for one's eyes🤩🤩 It's surprising to know that it is about 56 meters high and took about 300 years to be build. Other fact which is said by the historicians is that , the slant of the.. Read more »
Rutwij M.
In my recent trip in month of sunny August, I had privilege of visiting this beautiful piece of art which took almost 200 years to build. This architecture really make you surprise with a ton of history behind these walls. It'll cost €20 fo.. Read more »
Neil Winder
We recently had the privilege of visiting the iconic Learning Tower of Pisa, and I must say, it exceeded every expectation I had. This architectural masterpiece truly lives up to its reputation as one of the world's most renowned landmarks. The.. Read more »
Adie Monty
Why doesn't anyone mention the other buildings at this site. The tower is wonderfully ornate and looks almost impossible at such an angle. But for me, the winner is the Baptistry and the outer walls, which are both incredible for quite different.. Read more »
Dan Woodruff
The famous tower. It's worth climbing to the top but you have to book ahead. The official website takes bookings up to 20 days before your visit. You take an allocated slot. The climb is not too arduous and you can pause along the way. You get.. Read more »
Vatsal Mishra
Exactly what you expect it to be from what all you've read or seen about it. Did not enter as we hadn't booked tickets in advance but still pretty good from the outside. We had visited in June and it was super hot though so make sure to hav.. Read more »
Eric Jacobson
Worth seeing but not what I expected which really was my fault. First arriving and parking: the parking lots are located about 1.5 kilometers away from the square taking about 20 minutes walk. It was HOT when we were there. We should have consider.. Read more »
Splurge on the tram from the parking area to the actual site. Well worth the cost - especially in June! The site itself was spectacular; the Duomo was more interesting than the tower, IMO. The architecture and history ... just amazing! We were thankf.. Read more »
AR Storm
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a world-famous architectural wonder in Italy. Its distinct tilt and stunning white marble construction make it an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Standing tall at approximately 55.86 meters, the tower's lean is a resu.. Read more »
Hoang Tuan ECOMLED
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a famous landmark located in the city of Pisa, Italy. Its construction began in 1173 and took almost 200 years to complete. The tower is known for its distinctive lean, which is caused by an inadequate foundation. It is m.. Read more »
This stunning architectural masterpiece with its characteristic tilt is a must-see for any visitor to the Tuscany region. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy and is part of the complex surrounding the Pisa Cathedral. Here, one can experie.. Read more »
Aarna Pandey
Leaning Tower of Pisa is the most iconic marble monument of Italy! The Leaning Tower of Pisa was a beautiful tower with some great architecture. Entering the area there is a massive park facing the Pisa, this is a great spot to take creating pictures.. Read more »
Rebecca Auer
Lots of people at once, one cafe which stresses you to leave as they want other people to sit down even though one orders constantly. For people who love to observe people it is amazing. ? lots of fun Action. Interesting fact: Bell ringing from tow.. Read more »
Kamil Młynarski
Amazing climbing the steps of the leaning tower. When climbing the steps, you clearly feel a tilt. The climb is quite long. Please be careful when you go up the main stairs there is another smaller set. Which leads to the top. Many people don't .. Read more »
Prashant Bhati
Book online to guarantee a times slot to go inside. The tower is not as big as you think but still impressive. It's is well kept and a great opportunity for photos. The tower can be accessed right to the top. Spectacular views from the top make .. Read more »
Adriana Pinzon-Malaver
Beautiful place, everything is close to the next attraction. Of course, a lot of people trying to take the typical picture, but you can manage to get good shots away from others. Nice coffee shops to have a snack or an amazing ice cream. Remember to .. Read more »
Ghassan Yammine
What an amazing site!!!! First, I saw it very quickly when I was in the train. Then when I went out from the train and was heading to the site, I saw the top of the tower! What a feeling!! Just amazing! It’s among the most impressive things I e.. Read more »
mike guerra
Seeing the leaning tower of Pisa and the surrounding buildings was a great thing to see. They are all so marvelous and pristine. It was a short visit. Once you see the cathedral, the tower and the buildings in the beautiful courtyard, there isn'.. Read more »
Albert Lopez
incredible place to visit. A must see! If possible climb to the top (280 easy steps). That's a unique experience since the inclination of the tower makes a weird sensation when climbing. Stunning views. Try to go early since it gets crowed by th.. Read more »
Sasi M
Simple place but one of the world wonders so better don’t miss this spot when you’re in Italy. Bit far away from the city centre but very easy to reach, also but crowded when we visited there. One important thing is kids under age 6 will .. Read more »
David Green
Actually was more impressive than I expected.. the area was beautifully presented and the cafes and bars were well priced considering they had you exclusively. I know we've all seen photos, you can't get the true feeling of just how far ou.. Read more »
Andrew Vail
Better than I remember from 1983 and better than expected up the tower. A bit pricey at €20 but they have you over a barrel if you want to do it. Great staff and supervision. Great views on a good day and interesting seeing the bells at the top .. Read more »
Andreas Demetriou
An Impressive and recommended visit! A definitely do when in Pisa or Tuscany! You’ll be amazed how much the tower is leaning, its really cool!!! Going up is nice , costs approx 20€. They say that for hundreds of years, the tower was indeed.. Read more »
Uday Kiran
Visited Pisa tower on a sunny weekend, this place has a different vibe and history. Another one marked in my list of world wonders. You go on top of tower paying 20€, due to the current situation and a huge queue we have decided not to go, I su.. Read more »
Balakay Smith
We visited as part of a cruise we were doing, and our cruise docked late so we ended up walking most of the way. It was well worth it though. We were able to meet up with our tour group and walk up to the top of the tower. Some of the steps up the to.. Read more »
Edson Soares Ferreira
Incredible place. The area of the tower is beautiful. The church inside construction is explendid. It's worth while going inside the tower, the top view is amazing. Try the late evening time slots and get the sunset view from there. Be aware tha.. Read more »
Ahmad Al Awadhi (A7MDONA)
Pictures simply doesn’t do it justice. A beautiful place, not just the tower; the whole scene is simply spectacular. I totally enjoyed the experience. Everything was relatively simple. Be prepared to for a lot of steps, the climb is a bit tough.. Read more »
Maria Brill
Definitely wear your walking shoes cos you do not want to miss anything. Have your mobile fully charged so you can take photos and the funny one everyone is doing pretending to push the Leaning Tower over lol. Take your time walking through each buil.. Read more »
Greg Barry
It was so great to finally get to see this iconic historical structure. The grounds surrounding the tower are surprisingly serene, with large grassy areas shaded by the other buildings, creating comfortable places to relax. The tower itself is magn.. Read more »
Jesse L
Awesome views of the history. Bring good walking shoes as it's a few blocks from parking. The tower is now open to climb up, but costs extra to do this and is very, very narrow inside, barely big enough for an average size person.
Kathleen Coudle-King
While this is a jaunt, if you have someone in your party who can't resist climbing tall structures, you must go. What is better than a tall structure that leans? Nothing. That's what. Of course, the views are spectacular. You won't w.. Read more »
Gleeko Mgpc
I've never seen a leaning tower as the one in Pisa which is still standing and strong after many hundreds of years. It is definitely something worth to visit even the surrounding places like the cathedral and museums. Entry is for €20 at th.. Read more »
Jaroslav Vácha
Beautiful, but slightly crowded place. It's understandable though, as it is one of the most popular sights in Italy. We did not feel the need to "support" the leaning tower. As you escape from the crowds you can enjoy cheap food and ha.. Read more »
Indrajit Sarkar
Visited the place in 2014 in Jul during kids school holidays. I would say, the best time to see places as the weather was pleasant. It was a start of summer there and it was perfect for the tour. Among many things, the architecture of the leaning tow.. Read more »
Jim James
This was a fun day trip from Florence. The tower is cool, but I could have sat and watched people posing in the plaza for hours. Don’t stop at the tower, but spend time in the many buildings surrounding it as well. Little caution, the street ve.. Read more »
Chandramohan Devaraju
Not sure how this monument's incorrect feature becomes so famous, but an iconic place to visit at least once.. have not bought tickets to climb up as we reached late evening after finishing few other spots.. but was wonderful visiting in the br.. Read more »
Alf Hofstetter
The city of Pisa, located in Northwest Italy at the Arno River mouth. Its origins going back about 200 years BC as a unknown village to a important trading center in the mid century. Today the city has close to 100,000 inhabitants and is known for it.. Read more »
The visit to Pisa was really nice. This is one of the most visited monument in Italy. The location is quite nice and the area is well maintained. We managed to find a secure parking lot within a short walking distance. There are several restaurants a.. Read more »
Amine Boushaq
It is really something special to see in Pisa and it will be more special if you know the history of The tower and get your ticket to go up. We went there in that Corona time and it was not so crowded and we have really enjoyed it till the fullest. Y.. Read more »
matthew robinson
Beautiful as expected but didn't realise you can climb up the tower. Well worth a visit if your passing. Lots of selling touts on the entrances to the Pisa, and didn't feel that safe outside. But a nice experience
Zena Braithwaite
Iconic structure. Book a timed ticket at the office. Small group goes up the steps , stops at two viewing levels. There are no handrails going up so you need to have strong legs and be fit especially wearing a mask at present. Great views.
Ivailo Manassiev
Well everyone knows about the leaning tower, but it is impressive when you actually see how much it actually leans. Highly recommended place to visit and then maybe take a stroll in the old city and get some ice-cream. Enjoy!
Marjory Freitas
It is worth the visit of course. But I was distracted that I had to pay 18 euros and that the visit was quite fast. We were asked to go down, after having a few minutes to take pictures. To use the bathroom you have to pay 1 euro. I'd expect to .. Read more »
Jerebel Guintapa
Quite interesting to visit this kind of place. The Pisa tower is not straight. I was't able to go up the Tower but lots People waiting on the line. Still corona time so we keep distance as possible that is why I was't able to climb the Pis.. Read more »
Matteo Tomassetti
Always wanted to go and I finally made it happen! It kinda feels like you're drunk the whole time but that's was so interesting about this tower! You can also get the most amazing pictures outside as well as of the view when you're at .. Read more »
Chris De La Rosa
We were there last Fall and it was CROWDED! While we expected this as like others we are tourists and it comes with the territory, we didn't expect the rude police/military people on guard nor the onslaught of people trying to sell us sunglasse.. Read more »
S. Gadenne
Of course everyone knows this tower in advance, but it is still a unique experience to see it with your own eyes. The tower is really leaning very significantly, so much so that it is difficult to accept that it is not falling. The visit is fun as w.. Read more »