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La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain
4.9 / 124
Unusual Catholic church in the Art Nouveau style, which is built according to a unique project of the famous Antonio Gaudi. The building is still being built solely on the donations of everyone. “La Sagrada Falimia” is considered one of the most visited attractions in the world, guests of Barcelona stand in line for hours to climb the bell tower or explore the intricate interiors.
Address:Carrer de Mallorca, 401, Barcelona
Phone:+34 932 08 04 14



Opeoluwa Arowolo
Absolutely beautiful architecture. Cultural and picturesque in spectacular ways. Would recommend downloading the app for the audio tour. Helps gain good insights into the rich history. Definitely had an amazing time.
Vishesh Saxena
Its different. Architecture like food is very subjective to personal choice and I didn't find this beautiful in first. The style is definitely quite intriguing and grand. The best part is that the construction is still going on and was never st.. Read more »
Sky Amy
The ticket is expensive but it's worth visiting. It's hard to describe by words, you have to see it. Naturally tears came up to be here. The sound guide by the app was great. We had 1.5 hour but I recommend booking your ticket with a bit mo.. Read more »
Prof.Janki Patel
What a Marvelous place it is..!! Perfect description designed with architecture,art , engineering and spirituality..!! The upper portion is still under construction (will complete it in 2035). One of the most amazing buildings in the world. Truly Ico.. Read more »
Alvin Hunter
One of the most beautiful place I ever visited. The colour glasses windows and architecture style amazed me. I wish to have more time to spend here. If have time spending around to enjoy the different angle of this beautiful wonder. I’ll visit .. Read more »
A must visit for first-time visits to Barcelona, amazing views inside and outside of this church. The windows artwork is mesmerizing. You should choose a relatively sunny day to enjoy the lights and colours throughout the basilica. Try to reserve the.. Read more »
Kuba Smieciuszewski
Definitely a must see in Barcelona. Get tickets way in advance online. You can spend a whole day there once you enter and whatever tour you had ends, you can stay and wander around on your own. We spent almost 6 hours there taking lots of pictures
Nicholas Lim
Beautiful basilica. Words don't do it justice. Visit to experience the history and the local emotion tied to this place. Not too crowded in the morning and you can sit in area for praying and contemplation. Photos hardly does justice, but I'.. Read more »
Dean McCauley
Amazing of course. I particularly liked the way the light came through the various windows. Cool colors on one side and warm on the other. Every detail, such as the colors or proportions of the hall have meaning. Leave time for the quite extensive a.. Read more »
Sophie R
This church was breathtaking. The architecture was incredible. Additionally, they really put a lot of thought and detail into the museum exhibits. Definitely pay extra for one of the tower tours, I did the Passion Towers and it was so worth it! You c.. Read more »
Josh Plummer
Loved this place. Taking a tour helps to explain the architecture and inspiration. Especially for the outside. The inside is truly beautiful. The natural light, stained glass windows. You're seeing history in the making as it will certainly .. Read more »
The Happie Hypno
Definitely a must visit in Barcelona. It’s magnificent! Their entry system has improved so much that you don’t need to queue up to get in anymore if you buy tickets online. The entrance was a lil troublesome with the security checks but t.. Read more »
Asli Durmus
Absolutely one of the first places to go in Barcelona. It is very easy to go with the help of integrated and convenient public transportation options. I bought my ticket from the official Sagrada familia application effortlessly. When I reach there, .. Read more »
Cathedral is stunning both from the outside and inside and it is very different from the other cathedrals I've seen so far. The sun hitting stained glass windows made a beautiful scene. On the other hand, tower visit (we chose Nativity tower) w.. Read more »
Eddie G.
3 visits to Barcelona and all 3 visited this wonderful church. Tips that stand out: *Early reservation/ticket is a must. 9-9:30am. When we left at 11am it was insane outside. Early morning is the only way to truly absorb this place and take it in. *M.. Read more »
Szumo Mzumn
Breathtaking experience. You expect a classical church but this is completely different. Modern and classical art combined. No boring golden altars or statues but brilliant architecture and philosophy of a genius. The best monument i have ever visit... Read more »
Cheryl Ann
Absolutely stunning! We were fortunate to be greeted by a police officer who gave us a private tour. The panoramic view was amazing, and the surrounding area is easy to walk to see more landmarks. It's lovely strolling the streets of Barcelona. .. Read more »
Ravish M
Visited the place earlier and it was a wonderful experience to observe the architecture and detailing around the building. It's a real piece of art and admire the work done so far. Did not get chance to get the ticket to enter as no tickets were.. Read more »
Martin Flemings
Loved it here. A real stand out in Barcelona. Book tickets via the app before going. We did not and had to do this on the fly outside. Worked OK, but would have been better before. Building is amazing in both scale as you wonder around and also in t.. Read more »
Dominick Maone
Obviously worth a visit, at least to see the outside. It’s an amazing structure. We almost didn’t go inside, but had some extra time in Barcelona so went I side. Really beautiful. Can see what is left to be built, watch documentary about .. Read more »
Lori LP
Definitely a must see while in Barcelona, Spain. I’d recommend doing a bit of research on the history of this Roman Catholic Church before visiting so you can grasp exactly what you are seeing and experiencing. Buy your tickets in advance if yo.. Read more »
Noel V
Amazing building. It is HUGE!!! It is bright in the inside perfect for photos but I’m here to leave a review on taking the elevator up and walking down the narrow stairs. What an amazing experience. It’s a tight squeeze but worth the trip.. Read more »
Jan Verstraeten
Most beautiful building ever seen in all of my life! You need to see the inside. Booking in advance is recommended, in high season it is needed. One day in advance will usually do. Recommend to go in the early evening or late afternoon as the lig.. Read more »
Brad York
Worth the admission price. Absolutely stunning. We went in the morning but I was told later to try for the last slot in the afternoon as the colours are different and better due to the angle of the sun. Very impressive cathedral and nice to just sit.. Read more »
A must see venue when you're in Barcelona! You can buy tickets in advance or the same day. Give yourself at least a couple of hours to enjoy the architecture and the gift shop. Just go and enjoy half a day there! You won't regret it. The .. Read more »
Jamie Riddell
Just incredible!! You can book tickets online and use the app for your fee audio guide. Getting in was a bit of a crush and you go through airport style security. But once you are in there you will have plenty of space. The building is incredible. T.. Read more »
Thao Vi Quach
The most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen! Even though it is not fully done yet, it is incredibly interesting to look at, I highly recommend it! You can get an audio guide before entering, which I would highly recommend as well. Look carefully at.. Read more »
Juan Jose Arroyo
Amazing church to visit. A real wonder. must see in Barcelona. Best to buy tickets online in advance.
Noukka Signe
This is a magical building. I got lucky, being there later in the day and the way the sun hit the west side bathed the temple in a warm light. The outside is of course fascinating, but the atmosphere inside is very special. The sheer space of it all,.. Read more »
Miguel Mesa Chica
Beautiful building. Very recommendable to go with a guide. it's more interesting to see the history and the meaning of each part of the church, how was made, etc. tip: try to go when the sun is slightly after midday. The color through the staine.. Read more »
what can I say, the most beautiful church you'll ever see, especially the inside. You really have to get the Audio tour to understand what you're looking at. Also bring a wireless headphones and down load the tour app on your phone before g.. Read more »
This is the most beautiful building I have ever visited. The light through the stand glass is amazing. It is still being built as you know, but it is wonderful enough to visit, and I would like to come back again once the construction is completed. Y.. Read more »
Rika Gö
The “Bible of Stone”! This was actually my absolute favorite attraction in Barcelona! I would recommend strongly to book a tour with a guide. The information about this place seems bottomless and I just loved discovering all the Bible sto.. Read more »
Jajabar BD
It's a nice, clean and affordable hotel to be in there. The neighborhood is serene. Restaurants, convenient stores are nearby. Staffs at the hotel are admirable. I loved to stay. Except the cleaning person is inattentive. Not providing water not.. Read more »
Rasmus Greve
A truly "wow" experience. From the outside, you truly feel like you're standing at a monument of man. Even with a lot of tourists, the facilities are made to handle it and security is top notch with back scans and metal detectors. You .. Read more »
Nataliya Gusyeva
This is absolutely unique place in the world! It worth its money for visiting inside. This is immaculate place, you just don’t want to go. There is a huge gallery inside, furniture museum and beautiful souvenir boutique, exactly boutique :) Eve.. Read more »
Sarah Wong
Walk around the block and admire all corners of this building. Or better even, go and sit by a restaurant nearby and enjoy the view. A building of so many layers of architecture was breath taking. I thought the design on the outside was more engaging.. Read more »
Oana Daneliuc
Impressive building. Such an unique experience each time you go back. Very interesting architectural and structural details. I recommend taking the guided tour. It is worth every cent. Book the tickets in advance from their official website. No more .. Read more »
Maria Jane
We thought it was closed during the week, but were positively surprised when we were able to purchase a ticket on the spot. Very quick and easy to buy, and you are given a time slot. The interior is breathtaking, and we spent approximately 1 hour ins.. Read more »
Fatinaz Aghanezhad
The most amazing building I've ever visit. I can't describe the amount of beauty and astonishing view of this cathedral. I love that. Around the cathedral there are a lot of cafe and restaurants and you can enjoy the excellent ice creams a.. Read more »
Vanina Petrova
Amazing experience! Literally one of the best buildings i have seen in my life. The employees there were extremely friendly and friendly. Get your tickets in advance definitely with audio guide. Definitely a sightseeing you must visit! ?
Spencer Q
While I'm not a fan of churches, this one totally BLEW MY MIND. It's the perfect combination of architecture and artwork in my opinion. As you walk around to explore, you will notice all the intricate details on every piece of the buildin.. Read more »
Took my breath away ❤ Really amazing! The moment I stepped into the place, I had goosebumps. Really though, Gaudi really did great on this design. I may sound overreacting but there is a peaceful and calmness feels when you're inside the place... Read more »
Adriana Martí­ Zarrias
Yesterday, my class and I went to the Sagrada Família in Barcelona. We saw lots of incredible sculptures and gargoyles. Then, the guide taught us that all those parts of the cathedral where made of Montjuïc stones. It has three entries an.. Read more »
Sait Kus
One of the most beautiful building I have ever seen. And the story behind is amazing. I was heard the name of the church in the Alan Parson's Project's song at first when I was a child. Then after long time I had a chance to visit the build.. Read more »
Bahar Cengiz
It is a remarkable place to see in the heart of Barcelona. It is so impressive that you can’t take your eyes of it. You need to book in advance. Booking can be done online. The security is great at the entrance. You need to be ready there befor.. Read more »
Perhaps the most spectacular Church ever built (and still under construction expected to be completed by 2026), designed by Antoni Gaudí. Completely mesmerized by this masterpiece. Truly blessed to have seen this marvel. We spent a great deal .. Read more »
All About Action CC
A must see! Just make sure to get the full package so you can go to the top. Amazing views! It is a bit warm inside so dress appropriately... (women) just make sure not too much of your legs are exposed because if they are you won't be able to g.. Read more »
hironori fujinami
I visited here at midnight in June 2018. I and a local people had a dinner 9 pm, which was still bright. After dinner he send me to the hotel and stopped by here for me on the way to the hotel. It is a magnificent building. I was surprised because t.. Read more »
Yaseen Ali
One of the most renowned church in Spain. It’s so big and magnificent and definitely a sight to see in Barcelona. Construction started in 1880 by Gaudi and it still in progress! That’s over 130 years of construction and you can tell the w.. Read more »
Juana C.
Incredible piece of art!! This is a unique experience and a must see when in Barcelona. There is nothing comparable out there. The entrance is pretty pricey but worth every pence. We loved it!
Tanislava Gorska
Amazing collosal cathedral, my favourite part turns out to be the Eastern facade, dedicated to the Birth of Christ. Absolutely beautiful sight, pure art. The statues are full of grace and what i especially liked was the cypress tree with white doves,.. Read more »
Karim Yafi
Gaudí's masterpiece! Must visit if you are in Barcelona.
Ngo Hai Anh
The Basílica de la Sagrada Família (Catalan: [bəˈzilikə ðə lə səˈɣɾaðə fəˈmiljə]; Spanish: Basílica de la Sagrada Familia; 'Basilica of the Holy Family'), also known as the Sagrada Família, is a large unf.. Read more »
Artur Zajkowski
The style of the building is amazing. More inside than outside. One needs to see all the dancing colours of interior. For that please go in while a sunny day. Choose the option with a guide/audio guide to get to know more about the amazing place. Unf.. Read more »
Sophia Scott
I love this church. It is absolutely amazing. I could keep coming back. Theres so much to explore. I'll definitely recommend getting the map and guide. Also if you can afford it book fast track tickets because queues are long!