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Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.6 / 86
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is an Orthodox monastery complex in Kiev, Ukraine. One of the largest Christian shrine centers in the country. A landmark of history and architecture.
Address:Lavrska Street, 15, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 255 1105



Drifter Travels
I visited just before the start of war, so my review is based on my experience at that time. A beautiful and historic monument in Kyiv. Arguably the centre of the Slavic Orthodox religion. I wish to visit again when things are back to normal.
JP Laf (JPL)
This is an amazing site to discover in Kyiv. Visit the church, see the mirror egg outside. The outstanding architecture. You need to visit this as travellers. It's a must and less than $5 to visit. On my visit there was some coffee machine outsi.. Read more »
Anshuman Kashyap
❤️❤️ So calm And Beautiful 😌😌
harun raşit aydoğdu
I was there 2 years ago. Entry ticket was so expensive
Daniel Bar
This is a refreshingly happy of sorts religious monument. Forget about being a tourist and just join the crowds, go around and soak the atmosphere. You’ll see groups praying, pilgrims kissing icons, priests care of daily chores and the like. Hi.. Read more »
Jung Woo Yae
It’s not really “free” to enter but 100 UAH to pay. But of course it’s worth paying the amount as you’ll get to see amazing monastery with so many beautiful ornaments around. Do not miss the viewpoint as you’ll b.. Read more »
John Rain Upit
My goal is to travel to Ukraine to Kyiv. Extraordinary beauty, power and strength. I believe that everyone who is not even religious should visit here. Smells like the memory and unforgettable past of Christianity. Of course, the secret caves attract.. Read more »
Navneet Singh
Nice historical place. Recommend to use the guide if you have time to learn more about the place. If just want to visit go by your self
laurent G
Wonderfull monastery and impressive "caves". Just a pity, that's my personal opinion, that there are.so many markets, shops ... Religion / money. It's true, nobody is forced to buy sth. Anyway, wonderfull place !!! Enjoy the visit.. Read more »
Ursa Humar
They accept international student cards. For 65UAH you can enter 2 museums, 3 main churches and climb the tower. 176 steps up for amazing view. The caves close 15.30, so I wasn’t able to visit them, also the monastery part.
Moni Patkos
To see that how important religion is and bears basic values for Ukrainian people, one cannot be surpired to see this monastery complex being a historical site and a day-to-day worship place at once. The buildings are in very good shape and the archi.. Read more »
Nice historical place. Recommend to use the guide if you have time to learn more about the place. If just want to visit go by your self.
Ak Traveller
Enjoyed the experience. The church is picturesque. Be ready to walk alot as there is a ton to see. Estimated time to check everything except the caves is a good 2-3hours. If you want to see the caves then remember it shuts by 16:30.
yulia d
Beautiful place! Please allow time to visit all the sites inside and get a guided tour! I didn't get a guide and regret it tremendously. A visit to the tower is a must! Great view of the monastery from above.
Jason Giuliani
Beautiful place!!! Lots to see so make sure you have plenty of time. The bell tower is a little bit of a workout but completely worth it. The architecture, artwork, grounds and history is quite amazing.
Vladimir Shnayderman
One of a must see historian landmark while you're visiting Kiev. I highly suggest you get a tour with one of the monks they be able to tell you all about the monastery. I took a tour in Russian not sure if they speak English
Chuck Shehadi
A unique fortress of sorts, with several altars (feels like hundreds) and beautiful churches. The bodies of several saints are, by far, the most interesting highlights of the experience. It’s dark and claustrophobic, so ensure you buy candles.. Read more »
Elvin Suleymanov
This place is must see. I recommend to spend half of the day minimum in the whole complex. Churches, tower, museums were very interesting. For me, as a non religious person, caves were just dark tunnels with a lot of burials which you can not see due.. Read more »
Foad Niestat
It seems to be a complex of church and holy place- i just describe my experience. there was many priest i think it is kind of university for them as well. again i just describe my conclusion. The whole are is so big there was a amazing wooden bri.. Read more »
pooyan talebi
Looks fantastic. Unfortunately it was closed and we couldn't go inside to see there. It's an ancient religious place. If you were successful to get inside, keep in mind that there are also some parts under the ground that you can see and en.. Read more »
Incredible architecture. You can go up the tower and experience an amazing view. Love this place!!!
One of the oldest and most significant places of Ukrainian and Kievan Rus’ cultural history. Women must wear a headscarf and a long skirt in the caves. The caves where the hermits lived and many mummified remains can be seen by a guided tour.
Dmytro Getsby
This is one of the best examples of Orthodox church architecture. A must to visit. Come better not on big Orthodox holidays. A little past in the center of Kiev. To get to know Kiev just right - took all friends and relatives
Boris K
The bell tower is great. Climb it! The cathedral is beautiful. The caves are a sanitary disaster.
mike farrell
Lovely clean peaceful place to look around. Try the cafe local food and so cheap cheap??
Qazi Obaid
For me the most iconic place in Kiev is Pechersk Lavra.. You will be mesmerized with its beauty..
Today is the feast of Venerable Father St. Anthony of the Caves: co-founder of Kiev Pechersk Lavra & the monastic tradition of Kievan Rus’.
Natalia Hennady
I would recommend any religious and non religious person to visit this monastery especially the lower caves. The architecture and symbology has a lot of meaning and is very beautiful. The whole place resonates with what is inside of you and you alway.. Read more »
Tuğba Bülbül Ataç
The biggest religious place I have ever seen, and it is beautiful and clean. You can see a lot of ceremonies while you are visiting. Great way to observe and meet with new cultures.