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Kyiv Funicular

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.6 / 134
The unique funicular of the beginning of the XX century, performing the functions of public transport, one of the first in the Russian Empire. On it you can climb from Podil to the Upper Town. Previously, on the site of the funicular there was a staircase of 500 steps. Climbing it could be equated to a real physical training. The system can transport up to 4000 thousand people per hour, travel time - no more than 2-3 minutes.
Address:Ihorivska Street, 1/8, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 254 6560



Jacques “Nickelson” Theron
Amazing ride to the top... the view is just breathtaking...
Kyrylo Sulyma
Good and quick transport down to the Podil and back up, however need to avoid public holidays or rush hours, its crowded.
yunus emre demir
It's not a tourist attraction spot. Very convenient and useful ride between two important squares of Kyiv. You can walk from Sofiyska square to Kontraktova square but if you don't want climb back you have to use this funicular. Metro ticket.. Read more »
Nelson Franks
One does this just for the fun of it. But it is fun. The woman at the ticket kiosk went way above and beyond. She took my money and left her kiosk to go to the machine to generate the ticket. She knew I was a dumb foreigner and took great care of me... Read more »
Easy and useful Teleferik. It can be used back and forth if you want to move from up or down of the park. Also, you can take a picture while using it. And it will be unforgettable.
Maxim Achkasov
The one and only funicular in Kiev. Good and reliable
A. Humeyra Demir
It was such a nostalgic ride. We took it twice to see the view from both ends of the wagon. The seats are very comfortable. The ride is pretty frequent you don't wait for too long for the next ride.
Nastya Remele
Awesome point if attraction and the most convenient way to get on the hill front Podol. Pretty frequent but beware of weekends: too many people want to ride it
Yuriy Khokhlov
One of remarkable sights of Kyiv.
Dmytro Mazin
Good and well-looked-after tram. Exciting feeling when you get out on the top of the hill.
Evgeni Rovinsky
Very useful! Amazing experience with children. Great location on both ends.
Anna Valentini
Always fun, especially with a kid! Gets crowded on weekends though.
First time I get this kind of transportation vehicle . It was nice but not really amazing . So if you have better choice you can go it later for experience . And it's good for transportation , in a moment you can go easy to Fairmont hotel . And.. Read more »
Evrim Ekim Iyisoy
The view from the funicular is adorable in autumn when the leaves are yellow- red and on a snowy day in winter.
sanya jhalani
One time thing .Not a fan of it but enjoyed 3 min ride .Easy way to transfer. One ride cost 8uah which is quite affordable.
Taisiia Kryshchenko
Fast way to transfer between Poshtova ploshcha and city center
It's a mean of transportation. Very nice one, and grants a great view if you'll occupy the front seat.
Michael Efimov
Functional, but not as entertaining as old funicular in Lisboa. Doesn't have handicapped entrance. Electronic tickets purchase on the lower station require local mobile phone.
Natalia Riabtseva
Nice short trip, wonderful view (if you take the lowest place). Not very clear procedure of buying tickets from boxes (mostly by cash). However you could pay by card directly at the entrance.
Иван Шевенко
Nice way to go down
Zbigniew Kargul
A very nice line. Cost 8 UAH. You can move quickly from the hill to the bank of the Dnieper River. Or vice versa. Two different "worlds" can be said. It is calm at the top, very lively and busy at the bottom. The old nature of the cable car.. Read more »
Darryl Wandless
Taking a ride on this old funicular is not to be missed.. It's a really fun way to get up Volodymyrska Hill on the right bank of the Dnieper River.. There are good views of the Kyiv skyline as you ascend and the pastel blue St. Michael's Go.. Read more »
Ajay Shaw
If you visit Kiev it's worth a visit ??
Jason Row Photography
A fun and scenic way to get down to the pretty district of Podil. The funicular has an old Soviet charm to and despite have electronic ticketing, you can still buy a traditional token for the ride. The lady at the upper ticket office was very nice an.. Read more »
Gino Canessa
Small and cramp a bit with too many people, it's more public transportation than a tourist attraction. There isn't A/C in case you wonder. Cute thing though. There is a small café with sandwiches and bevs at the bottom and at the top.. Read more »
Nataliya Martynenko
It is always good to get from the bottom of old Podil to the top of the hill by this small rope train and admire the gorgeous views of the river, but, unfortunately, now (summer 2020) it is on renovation
Michal Wydra
Great vehicle, helps you to go up or down the hill easily and quickly. Very beautiful machine. Extremely beutiful stations with amazing lamps. I recommend especially in the evening when you can see the lights of the city. Tickets are very cheap and y.. Read more »
Milan Mraovic
Interesting experience but long waiting lines over the weekend and usually crowded. Although it can be a fast way to get to the riverside as if you would go around it would take much more walking and time.
Geoff Banks
This is a very ornate station and a really easy way up the hill, so if you're passing it's worth popping in and having a look even if you aren't going up the hill. I've added a couple of views of the waterfront area across the roa.. Read more »