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Mound Black Tomb

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.3 / 53
Mound Black Tomb is a historical site located near the Yelets Monastery in Chernihiv. It is a Slavic mound dating back to the 10th century. According to legend, it is believed to be the burial place of Prince Cherny, the founder of Chernigov. The mound stands at a height of over 10 meters with a circumference of 170 meters. It was excavated in the 19th century by archaeologist Dmitry Yakovlevich Samokvasov. During the excavation, burial remains and various artifacts were discovered, including swords, a saber, arrowheads, and Byzantine coins. However, these artifacts are now housed in the Moscow State Historical Museum. Visitors have mixed opinions about the site. Some find it to be a beautiful and interesting place to visit, especially when combined with a sightseeing tour of Chernihiv. However, others feel that the mound itself is underwhelming, particularly compared to the nearby Saint Anthony Caves. There is also criticism regarding the surrounding area, including construction work, a banner blocking access to the monument, and the proximity to a private school. Despite these criticisms, the mound remains a significant historical site in Chernihiv.
Address:Kniazia Chornoho Street, 4, Chernihiv



lost in miramar
You can see this once
Ajay Kumar
It's okay to visit if you're bored
suyash raj jain
beatiful place but only a one time experience !!! Not worth the hype. The saint anthony caves are way more beautiful and interesting.
Катерина Дзюба
So many reviews, but in fact just a slide with a pillar in the middle of a new building. We wandered around for a long time, because we stupidly did not understand that this is what is in front of us. They were expecting something more majestic. It i.. Read more »
Наталія Дяченко
The place is cool, but needs improvement. It was just shocking that at the entrance, far to the main entrance of a private school, which is still under construction, hangs a large banner that prevents access to the monument. Where is the local govern.. Read more »
Elena Goncharuk
The mound is located opposite the Yelets Monastery. Now the road is being repaired there, so the mound and the monastery must be visited from the center, not from Boldina Mountain. Near the mound - a memorial sign. You can go upstairs, there is anoth.. Read more »
Виталий Акдал
The Black Grave mound is a Slavic mound of the 10th century. According to legend, the ashes of Prince Cherny, the legendary founder of Chernigov, lie in the Black Grave until it was excavated in 1872 - 73 by the famous archaeologist, a native of Novg.. Read more »
Олеся Хошобіна
It is said that the founder of Chernihiv, Prince Black, is buried here. People lie, but the place is still interesting ? On the bangs of the mound - a memorial sign in honor of the archaeologist who first studied it. He has a funny last name - Samokv.. Read more »
Inna Arhipova
If it were not for the memorial sign in the form of a stone, you would hardly guess that this is one of the famous ancient Russian burial mounds dating from the 10th century. The height of the embankment is only 10 m. The mound is located near the Ye.. Read more »
Александр Алгинин
Smashed the bumper on the concrete block that closes the hatch, constant queues, but trying to work quickly. The prices can finally be kaBzda .. (
Андрей Купас
I love this place. Eletsky Monastery opposite the Palace of Culture. To restore a little the courtyard in front of the entrance, especially the most expensive school in the city, 200,000 a year per child. God help you.
Sergey Visotskiy
From here you can see astonishing view
Dmytro Antoniuk
Extremely interesting place. It is a pity that the museum of paganism did not appear there as planned.
Vlad Skoroplias
That's a must see! Nice can't describe that beauty;)
Діма Стоун
You inspire
Юрій Трофименко
Under the mound of garbage, the stone is painted, do not appreciate the crumb
Yaro Shm
Underestimated landmark