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St. Petersburg, Russia
4.3 / 69
The museum, created by decree of Peter I, where for more than 300 years samples of mutations, deformities, gene disorders, pathologies and man-made "outrages" of nature and the human body have been collected. In the early years of the museum, real dwarfs, giants and other people with "abnormalities" lived here. All three centuries of existence, interest in the collection has always been very high. To date, more than one million copies have been collected.
Address:University Embankment, 3, Sankt-Peterburg
Phone:+7 812 328-14-12



Diana Abroskina
One of the most interesting museums with unique collections in the world! Located in a super old but well-kept building. We were impressed by the Eskimo exhibition created from the things brought from Russian expeditions, you don’t see that in .. Read more »
Abijah Kajabika
Very well structured and rich museum, loved the collections. The excursion was great and informative on all aspects of the museum, however the reception and toilets (always a long queue stands there) still need some improvements.
Jurgen Kurti
Amazing. Although the oldest museum in St. Petersburg, it’s worth visiting spearing min. 2 hr of your time. Make sure you buy the tickets well in advance online, otherwise you will have to stay in queue for hours.
Highly recommended. Not a lot of museums with deformed fetuses but this one does. Buy tickets online otherwise you will be in a long queue.
Deepak gupta
Great place to Visit. However we waited for long around 2 hours to get the tickets and language issues.. Management should take care of these points..
It was travelling in history and knowing their struggles and at the same time how different people adapted to different environments and also got to know about many different countries tradition. It was very informative
George Ianovski
The Kunstkamera is the museum most famous for hosting Peter's chamber of horrors, filled with skeletons and deformed foetuses, but that's just one room. The rest of museum is dedicated to ethnography, organised on a geographic basis. It.. Read more »
Thomas Godfrey
Very old dusty out of date museum with some interesting exhibits. Get tickets in advance to avoid line
Aleksandrs Barkans
Place like no other!! If you are into strange and sometimes gross things and would love to discover the possibilities of human evolution and abnormalities, this place will impress! This place will not be enjoyed by kids, as it is rather creepy with.. Read more »
Earth Earth
Classical museum. Exceptional ancient findings live. Some collections are 350 years plus. Easy to find. Limited parking around. For kids no fun, except anatomic hall 13.
Vinh Phuc
The Kunstkamera (or Kunstkammer; Russian: Кунсткамера) is the first museum in Russia. Established by Peter the Great and completed in 1727, the Kunstkammer Building hosts the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Russian: Музей антр.. Read more »
Ivan Zhaldak
Will tell you about being off different Nations of past and will show very strange and scaring things
Nina Dibb
Great museum. Interesting exhibitions. Totally worth a visit, as it's one of a kind.
Febby Slk-Charles
Nice museum but i was expecting more of russian culture not of other countries
cristovao freire
Not so far from Hermitage museum, this museum has plenty of curious objects that is worth to visit. I've specially liked things about the artict history and life.
Kula Eyal
One of a kind museum. Very informative
A Matter of Taste. Who likes something extraordinary then that is the right place. But only the 2nd floor, I would recommend (First Natural- Scientific collections of the Kunstkamera).
Vincent Oliver
"Come, look, appraise and believe your own eyes only" is the motto of this museum. A fascinating collection of cultural, religious, hunting, social and dress from regions around the world. Its was like a world tour from the Eskimos, past th.. Read more »
Kota Seki
It's the most impressive museum in my life. There are many exhibits. You can go there to take Uber or taxi.
Fann S
It was great! I think it's probably one of the best museums in St Petersburg. Lots of interesting cultural exhibits, including the curiosities section which has babies in preserve to explain certain scientific processes. Almost everything has an.. Read more »