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Kreuzenstein Castle

Vienna, Austria
4.6 / 93
Kreuzenstein - one of the most visited Austrian castles, it is located a few kilometers from Vienna. The fortress originated on the site of ancient Roman fortification, in the XIII century it became the possession of the Habsburgs. After the destruction in the seventeenth century as a result of the Swedish war, for almost two centuries the castle lay in ruins. Only in the XIX century Vilczek family bought land and reconstructed the castle in its original form.
Address:Kreuzensteiner Straße 2100, Leobendorf
Phone:+43 664 1632700



Amanda Hirschl
The castle is very beautiful and definitely worth a visit, but don't expect anything like an authentic medieval castle. The guide provide interesting stories about the objects and rooms inside the castle, but it is only available in German. On s.. Read more »
Hoffman Post
This is an excellent castle to visit! With a guided tour that lasts 1 hour and a falcon show for 1 hour and a great restaurant. The tour was 15€ and the falcon show was 12€ per adult. At the restaurant we had the goulash and Radlers with co.. Read more »
michal elkind
No English tours, but you have to enter with a tour guide and follow them while they explain in German. Tour only every hour, but wealth the wait.
Pontus Thedvall
Kreuzenstein Castle is beautiful and a definite "must see". Every top of the hour they have tours but tragically only in German, but I was notified until after I purchased the ticket and the tour had started. In addition, no pictures were a.. Read more »
Magdalena Reszke
Guided tours and in German only. Be sure to wait at the gate 5-10 minutes prior to the tour, you will buy tickets behind the gate. You can ask for a short summary in English printed on A4. You will see only the kitchen, armoury, dining and sleeping r.. Read more »
Alexandru Kardos
All visits(at least the regular ones) are with a tour guide and only in german. You only get to go inside when the guide let's you in. The tours take about 50 minutes and start at fixed hours 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 and so on. They do have informati.. Read more »
Radovan Bojkovsky
A very nicely reconstructed castle, but only a small part of the castle is accessible. During our visit, even the parts that are usually open (chapel and library) were closed.
Oleksandr Protsenko
The castle is like a fairy tale! This is a must-see point when you are in Vienna. The castle is very interesting inside, the kitchen, the armory, and the knight's hall, but you almost will not find any picture because it is prohibited to make ph.. Read more »
Kreuzenstein is an interesting castle to visit. Situated an hour drive from Vienna it makes a nice day tour destination for those who appreciate medieval architecture. The castle was badly damaged during the WW2 air raids. However the owners restor.. Read more »
Jovana Milanovic
The castle is amazing with a lot of rooms to see inside as well as the surroundings. The only thing is that they don't receive credit cards and the tour is only in german :( There is also a nice biegraten near the castle where you can eat and dr.. Read more »
Tourist rip off alert. Expensive ticket (EUR 15 per head) -for this price you get a short and quite useless guided tour in German. No English tours available. The castle is cute on the outside, but the inside is not authentic, it's a mish-mash o.. Read more »
Minwoo Kim
Looks great castle. It was built relatively recently. Some places inside could see. It was an excellent place to visit, but a few things were the disadvantage of this castle. From the train station to the castle, no public transports exist. I went th.. Read more »
Radovan Bahna
Beautiful castle. Inside is not allowed to take photos.The biggest european hand weapon collection.
Ioana Neagu
It was a nice Castle to visit, but I was a bit disappointed that we didn't make it with the guide that was speaking English and the other that we ended up with only spoke English when he announced the next room we're going to. I was lucky I.. Read more »
Re-m g.
Beautiful castle, the tour was in German, other than general direction which were also said in English, but was still worth it and very interesting rooms and stuff to see there, so I would still recommend going inside.
K Carmen
We loved it. With a wonderful medieval private collection. It is very atmospheric, as if we are really in the Middle Ages. Well worth a visit
Štefan Ďuraš
This Castle is situated in very beautiful place. Near by castle is restaurant where you can eat or drink something. The exhibition lasted approximately 60min. But inside you can not make any photos and exhibition was only in German language. Inside y.. Read more »
Roz Box
My favourite place! Lovely walks, amazing views all the way to Vienna and the 'Wienerwald', the Viennese woods.
Szabolcs Bogyor JKF Wado-
Very nice program to visit the castle, the falconry and the restaurant nearby. (Tour in the castle only in German)
Joejoe Abi
Such a wonderful castle featured in many movies including Disney's Three Musketeers movie... the guided tour was in German but we were able to see everything inside and see how a castle like this worked. One star taken off for not having English.. Read more »
Vytautas Kubilius
Expensive (15 EUR), as customary in Germany - tours, signs and anything interesting is in German language only. This is also NOT a medieval castle as the description states - it's a fairly recent castle that was built by assembling different par.. Read more »
Martyna Wolska
Nice place, encouraging from the outside but the tour was only in german and quite quick. I had a feeling that paying 15€ is too much for visiting only a few rooms inside. Also the tour guide seems to have an occupational burnout.
Kylene Grell
This castle is stunning! Things you should know: 1) the tour is only in German BUT there is an English guidebook you can buy BUT the ticket agent will not tell you about it. 2) Tours start on the hour and the doors are closed until just a few minutes.. Read more »
Daria D
It is worth a visit, but reading the reviews guide only does a tour in German. I was lucky one at 2pm I was by myself and it was private tour in English! Guide opens the door for you and you are not able to just walk by yourself around the place. Def.. Read more »
Nataljya Bulatova
Castle is amazing! In great condition. Tours are in german. In autumn time the last tour is at 2-3 p.m. - depands on the weather. You are allowed to take pictures outside but not inside
Bobby Allen
Ok- when we got here it was closed. It was cold and windy- but no one else was around. We walked around the castle a bit- admiring it and thinking about how cool castles are, but also considering how dangerous life must have been to inspire that sort.. Read more »
Yinglan Ang
Lovely visit! The guided visit lasts about 50 mins and is conducted hourly. They accept cash only for the entrance. The guide was very knowledgeable and engaging, we had a wonderful time visiting the castle!
Іван Далібожак
Castle is in excellent condition outdoor and indoor. Gives the gives the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of that time. Unfortunately, tours are provided only in German
I just have seen it from outside, but it looked really impressive!! Very well maintained and a lovely restaurant is waiting outside. You can walk around in 15min and see the height of the castle: imposing! I definitely will return to checkout everyth.. Read more »
Noah Cortez
Do the falconry! Bring sunglasses though, you'll need them. The birds get very close and the presenters are humorous (it's only in German though).
Stefan P
Wonderful castle. Great decorations, beautiful rooms. A must see in the area. Tours only in German, so if you do not speak German you just look at the rooms
Koen Mulder
Amazing castle combined with a well guided tour provides a unique experience. The tour is advertised as German only, however the guide was able to speak in Spanish and English as well. Both history and artefacts are explained in detail. I highly reco.. Read more »
We're normally happy to look at castles from the outside but here we paid the 12€ for a guided tour and really enjoyed it! Tours start hourly, can't even get to the inner courtyard without.
Les Rhoades
The castle is only a 30 minutes drive from Vienna so it's close enough for a morning or afternoon visit. The inside is nice to see, but only via guided visit hosted on the hour. ( In German) sadly they have a no photos or video policy. Take some.. Read more »
Andrejs Kostenko
Very interesting place. From outside like a castle from fairytales. Inside also is good and interesting.
Sabina Evtimova
The price is high for entrance - 12 € for tourist tour, they spoke only in German, I didn't understand any word. No photos allowed in the rooms of the castle. You could make photos out of the rooms but we were with a mask all the time. I�.. Read more »
Faisal Masud
I am a big fan of visiting castles and love all of them but this one is one of the most eye-catching ones i have visited so far. Didn't go inside as indoor visits were closed due to corona so explored from outside and it was still amazing. Ampl.. Read more »
Das Motivation
Impressively well preserved and maintained. A construction that carries you mentally in times long gone. Thank you for the opportunity to see the way the Wilczek family thought, felt and lived over the centuries.
Jelena Zdjelar
Currently closed because of the lockdown, although Google does not say so. From the outside very intriguing.
Flavius Cristian Ionus
The playgrounds around are top of the top, excellent integrated in the forrest.
Johnny Boy
Beautiful castle but such a shame they do not do tours in English. Also it is annoying they don’t let you go up the castle tour to see the view. Could be really good.
Biljana Nikolić
A beautiful castle near Vienna reminded me of childhood stories.
Roy Obermiller
We have toured many castles in Europe. We had a private tour of Kreuzenstein and loved it. One of the best.
Jessica Postigo
Peaceful and quiet, we took beautiful pictures, and we have a very nice walk.
Giedrė vilkmerge
Big place for auto, no asfalt, bad parking place, but free.
Matt Borneman
Amazing castle! Could not go inside as it was closed on, November 1 2019.
Aria Ethen
Very nice castle. Don't expect much from the tour inside. But the outside and inner courtyard is definitly worth visiting.
Zsolt Mikóczi
One of the most stunning castle I've ever seen. It has a unique medieval atmosphere. It's worth to see both adult and kids. It takes a short walking distance from the free parking place.
KP 0610
Best time visit between August and mid September. Very nice people and presentation is awesome.
Although it rather is a large museum, and only viewable with a guided tour, it offers a lot of cool and impressive items from the middle ages. Right next to it, is an eagle conservation which even offers a GREAT show.
Martin Toft
Amazing castle and looking good. Well preserved and renovated. You can walk around the castle in 10-15 minutes. Note, that inside look requires you to pay for a guided 50 min tour in German only. At the summer 2020, the tours starts every whole hour .. Read more »
Bohuslav Burghardt
Castle itself looks very nice and well preserved. It is worth noting, that the only way to see the castle from inside is to book the guided tour in German (~50 minutes). There is no option for English tour and no way to explore the castle on your own.. Read more »
Denis Rasulev
The castle is in perfect condition outside and inside. It is very beautiful and there are many things from that times that are in perfect shape. The tour is great, but only in German. The guide, nice lade named Kristina (I hope I remember correctly) .. Read more »