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Krakow Barbican

Krakow, Poland
4.8 / 92
An architectural monument of the 15th century, the northernmost part of the defensive wall around Krakow, which was demolished in the 19th century. The Barbican served as a fortification that protected the entrance to the city through the Florian's Gate. It is equipped with seven sentinel towers and 130 loopholes. Wall thickness reaches 3 meters. Today, a branch of the Krakow Historical Museum is located in the Barbican.
Address:Basztowa, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 431 75 90



Engel Heselton
Even closed the building is a marvel to behold. It looks like it was built for a movie set in a medieval fantasy world.
Lucia Gelačáková
I love histori so it was ok, entrance is for free, krakow also make same reconstion on front entrancd
Ouranio Anastasiou
Iconic building in Krakow. Located in front of the St. Florian's Gate and is a part of a former gateway to the old city. It also served as a tax collection point as well as a defensive outpost. You can buy tickets and visit the interior or just.. Read more »
Alexander Parson
Very beautiful ancient walls of Krakow. Requires a separate ticket. You can walk between the walls and there are plenty of opportunities for great pictures.
Its a cute fortress with an adorable little park surrounding it, perfect for a nice relaxing stay or a quick touristic walk through.
sajdubai 1
15th century fortified outpost. Wonderful place with lots of greenery. Almost every tours including walking tours starts from here.
Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
Cool structure but as much to grab my attention for exploring the small inside of it
Robert Chomicz
One of the most iconic buildings in Krakow. Located in front of the St. Florian's Gate it is a part of a former gateway to the city. It also served as a tax collection point as well as a defensive outpost. The barbican is a marvel of medieval de.. Read more »
Sasha S
Cool little spot to explore with your kids
Harshitha S V
It's the walls that protects the City Krakow. The concept of walls behind walls is good to trap the enemies. Lot of walking tours start from this location. It's a good place to start your tour of old Town if you get in or good start to shop.. Read more »
zhenya shevchenko
Amazing medieval stronghold. Small but atmospheric. You feel like inside the movie about the knights and kings ?.
Luqman Hasan
Amazing and nice defensive wall located at the entrance of Krakow old town. You can admire this remarkable architecture from the outside and walk around it. One of the landmarks in Krakow that you should see. Hopefully it will continue to be preserve.. Read more »
Andrea Napolitano
Old defense of the city By itself does not really worth visiting, but the ticket include 2 others attractions, the wall and another that was close. 3 X 14 zpl, really nice Do not expect a proper museum but a nice attraction
Miles Macdonald
There's not too much to see here, no artifacts, just the building itself. However this is a significant structure. Built in 1498 it has survived intact throughout the centuries. There are information boards explaining the history of this fortifi.. Read more »
Oksana Avdan
I really like historical places. Discovering something new every day. Barbacan is unique. Worth to be seen.
Robert Chomicz
One of the most iconic buildings in Krakow. Located in front of the St. Florian's Gate this is a former gateway to the city and a tax collection point as well as a defensive outpost. A marvel of medieval defensive architecture. The barbican is a.. Read more »
Lorenzo Manoni
Wonderful entrance to the old city. Strongly recommended to visit these places with a tourist guide to get all the energy of this magic city.
Asmita Maske
One of good place to visit in Krakow for tourists. You need entry tickets for same. On museum day nights in krakow entry is free to such places. You can get complete tour of Barbican.
adrian moreira
Major landmark, & the primary entry point into Old Town Krakow, historically. Wisely positioned to be intentionally “off center”, so visitors would have to hassle moving their carts & carriages to pass thru the gates. This bought .. Read more »
Константин Сойка
5 stars in advance, no way to get in (04.12.21)
jeanette smith
This is the old gate that's only open in the summer, but still worth a look. Gate & entrance of the old walled city of Krakow.
Marcus Hurley
The Barbican is the most visible remaining part of the city defences, other than Wawel Castle. Entrance is about £2 and includes the small exhibition and wall walk on the city walls. These used to be joined to the barbican but those fortifica.. Read more »
Luca Favero
One of the very few military constructions of medieval times of this type that still exists today. Be sure to take a walk around it
Emilian Kavalski
An amazing remnant from the fifteenth-century fortifications of the city
Adam Machina
Great views and very friendly staff. Sunday 10AM, no other people, exclusive visit, whole barbican for us :)
Oskar Rajs
Famous city and famous place. Little bit history in one place. Strongly recommend!
Lukas Jaromin
Looks nice. Couldn't get in due to Covid restrictions.
David-James Ferguson
A wonderful relic from Krakow's past right outside the old city. It's on the route you'll travel to reach the city gates, so you'll run into regardless, you might as well stop by and have a look! The view from the top is supposed .. Read more »
Gillian Clinch
Nice building, didn't go in.
Burcin Yesil
Nice place to take a photo
Jennifer Smith
Whilst the walls are in very good condition, the only history translated is on the ground level. There is no information whatsoever on the top levels. A few good views from the top but I was in and out in 15 min. Included in the krakow card.
Samuel Torres
The barbican is one of the few remaining relics of the complex network of fortifications and defensive barriers that once encircled the royal city of krakow ... also a great spot por nice pics
Magdalena Pinkwart
Medieval fortress. The biggest barbican in Poland.
Paula Caballero Valido
Amazing place. Super nice, usually Walking tours star here.
Eoisy Mac
Went to the barbecue and yet no burgers, no chicken, not even a sausage!!! Dont know if I would ever come back if I'm honest.
Fortress veteran! built in 1500 took part in many sieges of the city To see such a structure is simply amazing! I managed to get inside and I was cleared one of the people of the Middle Ages were low because the inside of the barbican, which is loca.. Read more »
Phoebe Chung
· Beautiful, historical medival buildings incorporate contemporary stores
anna afek
One of the most recognisable places in Krakow. A beautiful piece of history located right in the city centre at the end of Floriańska street, in a walking distance from the market square. Surrounded by Planty, it's a great spot for a stroll. Cur.. Read more »
Neha Singh
The animation show was superb. Very well showcased the history of Krakow. And being an Indian, got to know its connection with Hindu god Shiva. That was an interesting experience.