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Kosciol sw. Anny

Warsaw, Poland
4.9 / 59
The current cathedral, which arose thanks to the generous funding of Princess Anne Radziwill. Inside the church lies its ashes. Due to numerous reorganizations in the architectural composition, a single style is not traced, a mixture of elements from different eras dominates. The bell tower of the church is used as an observation deck. According to legend, if a young couple gets married in the church of St. Anne, then the marriage will be long and prosperous.
Address:Krakowskie Przedmieście 68, Warszawa
Phone:+48 572 551 254



Rohit Bhattacharya
Amazing place with a great view from the Viewpoint tower ✨
Aimar Jaakson
Very beautiful church in oldtown of Warszawa. It is one of Poland's most notable churches with a Neoclassical facade. The church ranks among Warsaw's oldest buildings.
Iryna Panina
One of the most beautiful church in Warsaw) It was built in 15th century but it has been renovated several times. The temple features its good location in the Old Town and a pompous interior decoration. You feel a special mysterious atmosphere and tr.. Read more »
William F
18th century St Anne's church in Warsaw Old Town. A very unassuming building that looks more like a courthouse until I look it up. The interior is very grand and it is worth spending some time inside.
Amazing architecture and beautiful location.
KJK Ravi Teja
It's a beautiful catholic church in the historic center of Warsaw. I visited during the closing hours so there weren't any people except an old lady. Check and visit when the organ is playing, it'd be much nicer.
Warsaw.. old town
Michael Anna
Beautiful church, nice masses
Faruk Z.
This place was so amazing and worth to see.
Adam Czerski
Beautiful church, especially baroque interior. Must see!
Boyko TK
Wonderful catholic church in the heart of the city!
Yonathan Stein
Really nice church and the roof view is quite good
Beata Sylwestrzak (Beata
So calm and peaceful place!
Yonathan Stein
Really nice church and the roof view is quite good
Nasir Masud
Nice historical architectural design of building, recommend to visit
Maja Kamińska
I've seen many churches in my life and I have to admit that this one made me feel so many emotions I can't even describe. Also the Mass was very valuable. And the priests, to my amusement weren't homophobic nor racist
Andrew Sanders
If you're looking for somewhere tall in Warsaw to really test your vertigo then this is a good place to go. It's situated in the town centre and has charming, panic-inducing views for anyone who is scared of heights. It's not that expe.. Read more »
deepika chauhan
The best place in the Center for a light sandwich and drinks. Location is perfect. You are lucky if you get a table outside. Veg Sandwich was really good.
biji varughese
14th century beautiful chruch in the name of Duchess of Masovia Anna Fiodorowna. Nice work inside, highly recommended to visit..
Michael Robertson
Beautiful church in Warsaw. The interior is perhaps the most interesting one in the city. the organ is stunningly decorated. The exterior is not quite as interesting as others in the area, though. This is worth a visit if you’re in the area.
Valentyna Pliushch
Beautiful catholic church in the heart of Warsaw. Once inside the church you will find the a Royal Chapel, decorated with Wall paintings, if you go further to the altar place. There will be the directions to 4 parts of the world on the ceiling: Europ.. Read more »
issa malki
It is a very beautiful church in the historic center of Warsaw, Poland,It is one of Poland's most notable churches with a  Neoclassical facade. Over time, it has seen many reconstructions, resulting in its present-day appearance,.. Read more »
Yuriy Kramar
Excellent organ daily (except Sunday) performance, gorgeous and ancient baroko church