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The castle of Clevan

Klevan, Ukraine
3.3 / 73
Remains of a defensive structure with a preserved viaduct, two stone pontoons and the buildings of a former spiritual school.
Address:Zamkova Street, Klevan'



Gimly Longbeard
Place full of garbage and trash. Didn't risk climbing anywhere. Though castle would definitely look good if cleaned
Ruslan Arvat
It could be cleaner out there, since it is historical monument. Actually it doesn't look like historical and tourist attraction at all. A lot of trash. A lot of broken bottles. Building are dangerous to go inside. I'd even say it is dangero.. Read more »
Stefan Weisshappel
5.11.2020 very interesting defense architecture.Reminds a bit about Medzibozh. Take a look as long as it exists as diggers,weather and locals destroying it step by step....
Тetiana Vochkova
It's a very old castle, hulf ruined but still amazing (if you have imagination)
Dilan Voice
Poorly maintained
Karl 1974
Klevan Castle (Клеванський замок) is one of the oldest forts in Volynia, Ukraine. It was built in the mid-15th century by Prince Michael Czartoryski in order to control a ford over the Stubla River. Klevan was the main seat of the Orthodox princely h.. Read more »
Matvey Andreyev
Abandoned as can be. Not a proper or good-looking castle. Best part is the bridge at the entrance and the passage under that bridge. Come here if in need of another folder of photos of ruins slowly being reclaimed by vegetation.
Mehmet Koşak
Ukrayna'nın Rivne şehrinde, Klevan kasabasında bulunan bizim kalelerimize hiç benzemeyen şatodan bozma bir yapı. Klevan Castle is one the oldest forts in Volynia, Ukraine. İt was built in the mid 15th century by Prince Michael Czartorysk.. Read more »
Eva Johnson
It's completely abandoned, and probably very unsafe in its current state. Stairways have collapsed, as have ceilings and floors.