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Kharkiv Choral Synagogue

Kharkiv, Ukraine
4.8 / 11
The Kharkiv Choral Synagogue is a truly remarkable place that is known for its incredible and inspiring work done by the Chabad of Kharkiv. It is a peaceful and beautiful establishment that also houses a lovely kosher store. Many people describe it as a place where they feel a sense of home and connection with Hashem. However, it is important to note that there is a slight inconvenience for ladies who are unable to climb stairs, as there is a problem in terms of accessibility. The synagogue holds great historical significance for the city of Kharkiv and has a small museum-exhibition that displays unique and fascinating artifacts. Furthermore, it is the largest synagogue in Ukraine and ranks as the third largest in the world, making it an architectural marvel. It is widely regarded as the best place in the city, offering a Jewish orthodox and traditional experience that includes kosher practices and a strong emphasis on monotheism, all under the guidance of the Chabad movement. In Kharkiv, the synagogue serves as the hub for religious life, and there is a culture of mutual respect among the different communities. The establishment is well-maintained and kept clean, situated conveniently in the city center. Finally, the synagogue is led by an incredible team of shluchim who are dedicated and passionate about their work, making it a beautiful Chabad shul.
Address:Pushkins'ka Street, 12, Kharkiv
Phone:+380 57 731 1971



Chabad of Kharkiv do the most amaizing and inspiring work!!
A beautiful peaceful place with nice kosher store
Feeling home with Hashem! ? There is a problem if you are not fit to climb stairs, for ladies.. ?
An important part of the history of the city. There is a small museum-exhibition of unique exhibits.
The largest in Ukraine, and 3 in the world in size Synagogue. Interesting architecture.
best place in city
best place in city
Jewish orthodox and traditional! KOSHER AND MONOTEISTIC! Chabad.
There is all religious life in Kharkov. And everyone is respectful to each other. The synagogue is clean and well maintained in the city center.
Beautiful chabad shul let by the most amazing shluchim
Beautiful chabad synagogue in center City
Shalom So friendly community . Thank you for all hosting like home BH"