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Kaufhaus des Westens

Berlin, Germany
4.5 / 83
Six-storey shop of the early XX century. Despite its rather decent age, the department store offers the best service and a wide variety of goods in almost all price categories. In terms of significance and prestige for the Germans, it can be compared to London's Harrods. It is impossible to come across a counterfeit or buy a low-quality item in Ca-de-Ve.
Address:Tauentzienstraße 21-24, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 21210



We did not get to speak to any sales associate since nobody was manning the Hermès beauty counter which was a shame as we were looking to buy a present. The store is, nonetheless, beautiful. Loved the breakfast options on the top floor.
All the premium brands that you would expect from a high end department store but nowhere near the famous department stores in London. TOILET WARNING Almost all pubic toilets in Berlin have an attendant that will charge you to use the toilet. This i.. Read more »
The mall is very nicely decorated and the design is awesome. You can find pretty much anything you’re looking for since they have plenty of options with every floor having a different theme. Of course it’s pricey but you know that if you&.. Read more »
The KaDeWe is just part of the history of Berlin. An elegant department store like hardly no other. It has become more exclusive and I can't really afford shopping here anymore, but the 6th floor has still fantastic restaurants and food. Remodel.. Read more »
I highly recommend the KaDeWe for those looking for a top-notch shopping experience. This mall offers a wide variety of stores and amenities, making it a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs. However, be prepared for prices on the higher .. Read more »
One of the best smash burgers I've eaten. Good quality beef, nice bun and best fries ever. Worth the money. Get it. It's a must!!!
I tried the small oysters platter, which comprised of a variety of oysters from countries. I was a bit disappointed. The oysters were small in size and only one relish. The wine was very good which pulled my review up to a three star.
What a wonderful visit to this amazing store. I'd seen it first on a BBC4 programme in the UK called KaDeWe: Our Time is Now. Set in the interwar years it tells of the owning family of KaDeWe and their reaction to the changing Berlin of National.. Read more »
Beautiful department store on Kudamm blvd. The store is huge, modern, prices are not cheap, and the food gallery on the top floor is exquisite and chock full of goodies. Great to shop for just about everything.
A lovely, vast and overpriced department store on the lines of Harrods in London. Not somewhere where local people would shop, I guess, but certainly attractive to tourists and people looking for the best toilets in Berlin.
Amazing shopping center All you can imagine you can get here. If you don't want to spend money, you can just stroll through and be amazed from all those tasty and shiny things.
One of the best department stores located relatively near Warsaw, Poland. There are all the boutiques I need and the range of goods is pretty wide. The staff speaks many languages what makes shopping even easier. My second favourite shopping destinat.. Read more »
Very nice place to indulge a rather radical, maybe heart-attack amount of beer. Personally I advocate for the BRŁO BERLINER WEISSE, 4%, very nice taste, but if you’re rather a more herb drinker, they do be in stock of BRŁO BALTIC PORTER, with a.. Read more »
I really enjoy coming here once in a while to see what is happening and what is trendy specially on the 5th floor for all the home, kitchen section. If you need some upscale cosmetics with available testers and professional sales people, designer fas.. Read more »
A magnificent shopping center in Berlin, the capital of Germany... A place that contains almost all world brands... The market and dining hall on the top floor offer different world cuisines to your liking.
The place which has something for everyone - from cosmetics, toys, kitchen, clothes and all one can ask for under one roof. And the gourmet choices are endless. This place is an absolute delight especially during festive time, it's so exquisitel.. Read more »
My favorite place to shop in Berlin. From designer brand to gourmet products. Not to forget the kitchen stuffs! Most of shop assistants were friendly, probably because my tourist look ? anyway the place is just really nice and clean, there are lots .. Read more »
Great posh shop for all your shopping needs, but very very overpriced! In the food hall, items were routinely 20% more pricey than in nearby shops. Unless you're looking for something very specific you know you can't get elsewhere, I'd.. Read more »
Germanys top department store. With a long history and remarkable assortments. The 6th floor is the food heaven for Berlin standards. In General they are trying hard to impress but it doesn't meet international level yet. It can not keep up with.. Read more »
The Kaufhaus des Westens or KaDeWe, is the second-largest department store in Europe and attracts 40,000 to 50,000 visitors every day. It is an experience of luxury and abundance. Food floor is the place to visit, the display of all the products is .. Read more »
Very big and expensive place. There are many clothes, stuff for home, cosmetics and food. There are many cafes on the last floor and grocery shops. And here is big variety of handmade sweets. Of course, there are many luxury brands. And here you can.. Read more »
Forget about clothes/cosmetics head strait to the top floor to the food hall. Just spectacular selection of quality eateries and delis. We had Thai here and the service and food was spectacular (pictured). Prices are expensive however the atmosphere .. Read more »
Always something special to go there, all luxury brands available and also nice designs of the different shop areas. Only one missing star because new shopping area of toys section is not as it was in the past (today, very tiny little corners, small .. Read more »
As many items do not have a price sticker, make sure you know with certitude the price of what you will buy before going to the register! I recommend to pay with cards only, no cash! Watch your belongings carefully when you stand or sit at the resta.. Read more »
Beautiful (and yes, pricey) upscale department store but my favourite thing of all is the food hall! Great place to eat. Food prices are a bit towards the higher end for Berlin but not outrageous. Compared to London or Amsterdam, the prices are OK. F.. Read more »
huge department store that caters to every upscale need. in fact, it's so big that we got lost frequently because there are no signs pointing to different departments (aside from those next to the escalators). the cosmetics department is fantast.. Read more »
Luxury is in the air, and in every peace of clothing. Best brands and discounts that we can discuss if they're real ones, but a place to visit for sure. Be prepared with your credit card. The place is busy, so I don't recommend to bring chi.. Read more »
I’m breathless about the food floor. Such excellent goodies, such impressive taste and choice. Then, since you’ve gotten so fat there, you need to go downstairs and choose from the world’s finest fashions. OK, so it isn’t chea.. Read more »
Shopping mall in the heart of Berlin for high-end brands and all sorts of luxury goods. Probably one of the few best malls for ? luxury?shopping in Germany. Gotta love the sweets ?section, too☺!
We love this shopping center specially in Christmas time! It's like being in a dream with the beautiful decorations! If you go there make sure to have a hamburger they are the best I've ever had! No kidding :D
This places is brilliant! The food is amazing. I loved the choice of fish bars. The service is fantastic and the staff are so pleasant and helpful. The chocolate bar was delightful. The place was so clean and tidy and really well laid out. I would sa.. Read more »
It was a lovely place with a beautiful restaurant on the roof. However you should bring your wallet if you are looking forward to buy something there. A great place and I would recommend it if you are in Berlin.
Lots of great stuff to see. You can easily spend most of a day, or half day here. Yes, you have to work hard to navigate through everything, but it's well worth it. I like the treats, toys and variety.
I think that the corona policies aren’t useful because plastic things don’t really work to stop the virus spread, most shop attendants wear that. And it’s so crowded that people are just a few cm from each other. Otherwise it&rsquo.. Read more »
Nice high-end store, prices could be over-the-top, but in general you can find most of the "luxury" brands. Nice food court, with a wide variety of products, and shops. You will find all sorts of gourmet food and drink. Amazing cakes, and c.. Read more »
The food and restaurant department is probably the high light. Don’t miss it! Who shops in store now days - ? anyway great that Kadewe still offers live shopping ?. Had a lovely encounter with a lady at the Guerlain counter - can definitely re.. Read more »
The department store itself has everything you'd like if you're looking for high end brands. But the service in the shoe department is awful. Was planning on buying 2 pairs of boots, which would cost me almost €2000. I consider myself .. Read more »
Nice, bit overhyped, Harrods is far more impressive. Delicious cakes!
It was a really interesting place with a beautiful restaurant on the roof. The only problem is you should have some money with you if you are looking forward to buy something there. Still it is a great place and I would recommend it because if you ar.. Read more »
Anytime I come to this place I dream about the first time I’ll purchase my first Dior bag ???... Lol back to the basics, The Ordinary has a full stocked stand here!! Right in front of Hourglass. I get my products here. Mario the makeup Artist.. Read more »
A posh shopping mall representing the Golden Era of West Berlin. The food court area on the top floor is well-organised and you could try the deli-assortment such as oysters from the North Sea, fresh fish and seafood, German meatballs and salads and .. Read more »
I wasn't there to buy anything because it was all very expensive. But it was a nice walk through the entire place. Huge department store. The upper level had food options and looked really nice.