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Karlštejn Castle

Prague, Czech Republic
4.6 / 88
The famous Czech castle is 30 km away. from Prague. It is an almost impregnable fortress, where important state documents, relics, jewelry and symbols of power were stored. The fortification was built by order of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the middle of the XIV century. The ruler personally supervised the construction and finishing works. Karlstein remembers the glorious kings of the past and keeps sacred relics in his walls.
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Nyein Nyein Thant Aung
It is a place where we can get a train from Prague Smichov Station in less than an hour.. For the museum entry, I would recommend buying at the counter if you are not on a tight schedule because they offer a guided tour only.
Nick Ivanov (William von
The outside of the castle is amazing. I was on an excursion on the first route - rather meager in the sense that there are very few exhibits and everything that is rather boring and uninteresting. Also, be prepared for the fact that there will be chi.. Read more »
Brian Planchard
A very impressive castle outside of Prague that used to house the Bohemian Crown Jewels. Once you park in the lot at the base of the town, you can either walk to 2 km up the hill to the castle or pay a van service to take you to near the castle. I us.. Read more »
Kamil Bukowski
Castle is pretty big, very interesting history. You need a little walk of 2 kilometers, and it is steep, but worth it. Prizes are high, but as I said, worth it. About 45 minute tour around the castle. At the way to castle you can find some restaurant.. Read more »
Sabina Mostafa
Beautiful castle and the village. We went by train from Prague main train station. It's cost us £18 up and down. Spend only few hours. Wish could go earlier. But managed to have a tour inside the castle last one.
Ion Bodnari
It is better to choose another castle to visit, in Czech there are plenty from what to chose and for sure much more beautiful then this one. One important thing. There are 3 different types of tours. If you decide to go there, my recomendation is to .. Read more »
James VanderWier
Excellent bathrooms and cafe up at the castle. Also were street vendors in the courtyard serving food and beer. Not a bad wake in that environment at all! Great view of the city or rather town below. The tour of the castle itself was engaging and int.. Read more »
Kelly Fortner
Great day trip just 30 minute train ride from Prague. The mandatory guided tours are informative and full of neat information. During winter months, the main part is closed off for preservation, so best to visit after May. We still enjoyed our time a.. Read more »
Tom Wanamaker
This was a beautiful spot and the castle was in impressive shape. The restoration emphasized historical accuracy. The hike up the hill goes through a gauntlet of tourist shops, but we went at the end of the day and things were mellow.
Robert Reds (UltraVires)
We went to see the castle as we had some spare time in Prague. It was nice to see the land outside the capital. Very very green. The castle is nothing special. There are tours in English but you have to pay different tickets if you want to visit the.. Read more »
Kevin Morales
One of the best experiences I had in Prague. From the train station, it is a 25 / 30 minutes walk. There is a short cut when coming the castle way on foot, it is a 300 meters path for pedestrians and bikes, going up at right hand you will see a big s.. Read more »
Scarlett Svab
Beautiful place with an amazing view. The guided visit teaches you a lot about the place, and gives you the understanding of the history of the casttle and Charles IV. It's a good walk up to the hill to get there, be ready! The village before t.. Read more »
Hye sun Lim
We were lucky to be there 15 minutes before the guided tour starts. The guide was one of the best guides that we experienced. He was engaging and explaining extremely well. It was a great decision that we got in and all the histories from the guide w.. Read more »
Jan Pochobradský
One of the most famous Czech castles? We parked at the parking lot by the river and walked up. It’s 2km but it was ok even with toddlers (3&5). You get to see a lot of shops and restaurants along the way so it doesn’t get boring. The .. Read more »
Nancy Merrill
We only had time to do the residence tour, but we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our guide, Anna, was knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions we had. We hope to come back and do the other tours someday.
Ashwin HM
It’s a nicely maintained castle: entry charges are not expensive, and you have different options to visit the inside castle area: I suggest selecting high castle options, as the guide will take you to the peak of the view of the castle. They ha.. Read more »
Alice Cândido
Really beautiful and has a nice potential of being one of the most iconic castles around Czechia, but I found it too expensive to get inside, each part has a different tour and price, so if you want to really visit everything it will be a super high .. Read more »
Rhziou Amore Sarah
We really enjoyed our time in the castle. The views are really beautiful and the walk to the castle is really nice. Teresa, our tour guide, was really good and explained every room thoroughly. I was even more impressed when she said that it was her f.. Read more »
jared holmes
Amazing Castle with direct train and car parking nearby. You need to walk up a beautiful street in order to get to the castle and along the way you will find some places to get good food. Eat at the place where the road turns 90 degrees to the left.. Read more »
Florin H.
Impressive views, of and from the castle. It's a nice good really up the hill, through the small village at the foot of the castle. Many pitstop temptations before getting to the castle itself, I suggest considering a restaurant stop when coming.. Read more »
Libor Havlík
The castle is beautiful. A 5-star place without a doubt. As there's a new visitor center being built, some discomfort must be expected (that takes a star off). Also, during winter you'll get a chance to see just a minor part of the castle (.. Read more »
Dasha Biswas
Great experience, such beauty and history! This is a must see. We did a longer tour exploring the chapels including The Holy Cross. Stunning and one of a kind. Our guide was Lukas Huja and he was great. Knowledgeable, patient, kind and funny. Thank y.. Read more »
Clifford Rosen
Absolutely gorgeous castle. It's a bit of a hike up from the train station, but it's more than worth it. Even if you don't take a tour (I didn't have time unfortunately), you still have many great photo opportunities.
Adam Herout
Thanks to Corona, the place was not crowded and we totally enjoyed. Alright it is the most prominent Czech castle, but still, I was surprised how interesting and well designed the expositions were. Totally glad we visited.
Libor “hotjason1991” Dost
Very nice place, little trek to reach the Castle itself from the train station, but still very enjoyable experience. Variety of excursions, you can choose what you are most curious about. Exclusive course, you have to book it in advance because of li.. Read more »
Zdenka Ekart Limbergova
Still fewer tourists on Karlštejn than usually - making the experience better than ever. The Castle simply is romantic and even the basic tour together with the tower view makes the trip a must-see for everyone.
Farjana J. Sonia
View from the castle is wonderful. Also the castle is located on a beautiful hill. So walking around it, in the forest, was a very refreshing experience.
Massimo Bocconi
Going there by train or bike, and hike then the gentle hill. Will I reach the top?, while walking through the village road, everywhere is full of shops. Half way the street I move on slowly, suddenly is there the castle lonely. Up It stands a grey mo.. Read more »
Vladimir Balaz
Most foreign visitors to Czechia stay in Prague. Yes, the city is beautiful, but there also are other charismatic spots to visit. Karlštejn (Charles's Sonte) has been private retreat of the Charles IV German=.Roman emperor and also safe p.. Read more »
Jon Mikel San Vicente Gar
XIV century Castle close to Prague. Located between hills. I would recommend the second guided tour since It gives the most complete detail of the Castle. A worthy visit.
Der Dunkle Parabelritter
Dont take a tour there! I visited hundreds of castles and never wasted that much money on barely nothing. The castle is pretty - sure. You can visit the first yard for free. But it does not get better inside (mostly replicas..and mostly empty rooms o.. Read more »
Tomáš Plevko
Really something to see yourself. The castle has really excellent location, with lovely view of the castle in the middle of a forest. The street under the castle consists of many lovely middle-age buildings, so you can enjoy the walk to the castle, e.. Read more »
Vinh Phuc
Karlštejn Castle (Czech: hrad Karlštejn; German: Burg Karlstein) is a large Gothic castle founded in 1348 by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor-elect and King of Bohemia. The castle served as a place for safekeeping the Imperial Regalia as .. Read more »
The guided tours were unavailable but we enjoyed it nonetheless
Alexander Viol
Very beautiful old castle, great for a short visit from Prague. The surroundings and the nature are very beautiful too. Totally would go there again :)
Tomáš Pazourek
Legendary castle, which needs no introduction. Exteriors are splendid and interiors are ever more so. Charming restored medieval architecture, which still stands strong as in the past. I strongly recommend visiting this marvelous wonder. The only que.. Read more »
Toto Ille
Beautiful castle, easily accessible by car or train from Prague. They offer 3 types of tour both in Czech and English. Can be quite busy though.