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John Hughes Memorial

Donetsk, Ukraine
4.8 / 8
The John Hughes Memorial is a monument dedicated to John James Hughes, a Welsh industrialist and the founder of Yuzivka (now Donetsk). Located in the Voroshilov district of Donetsk, on Artem Street, near the third building of the Donetsk National Technical University and the library, the monument pays homage to Hughes' profession as an engineer. The monument was created by sculptor Alexander Mitrofanovich Skorykh and was installed on September 8, 2001. It stands on a low pedestal, symbolizing the human qualities of Hughes. Originally, the monument was closer to Artem Street, but it was later moved closer to the entrance of the new scientific and technical library of DonNTU. The location of the monument, near DonNTU, offers a convenient and peaceful spot for visitors to take a break from the busy surroundings. There is also a nearby passage where one can purchase tea and sit on a bench, providing a calm and reflective atmosphere. The monument is well-maintained and adds to the overall charm of the area. It serves as a reminder of the hardworking and determined nature of the people of Donetsk. The monument portrays Hughes in a business form, dressed in professional attire with a hammer in his hand on an anvil, symbolizing his confidence in the future and the city's industrious spirit. Overall, the John Hughes Memorial is a wonderful tribute to one of the founders of Donetsk, capturing his youthful and determined spirit. It is a significant landmark in the city, reminding visitors and residents alike of the city's history and origins.
Address:Artema Street, 98, Donetsk



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