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Jardin Alsace Lorraine

Nice, France
4 / 10
Jardin Alsace Lorraine is a nice and quiet park located in a residential area. While it offers a serene atmosphere, some areas of the park may have suspicious individuals hiding or squatting. Despite this, the park's beauty is evident, but there have been instances where it was closed during the designated opening hours without any apparent reason. It is a cute little park that serves as a convenient waiting spot before catching the tram to the airport. Additionally, it is a calm and beautiful oasis nestled in a charming yet busy neighborhood. Situated near the Alsace Lorraine tram stop and two main streets, Boulevard Gambetta and Boulevard Victor Hugo, the park provides a pleasant escape. However, it can be quite busy and noisy due to heavy traffic and ongoing road work on Boulevard Gambetta, including drilling and construction noises. While it may not be the most relaxing space, it can still offer a break from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area. Visitors have the option to bring their lunch from nearby supermarkets and cafes.
Address:Cœur de Nice, Nice



Nice and quiet park surrounded by residential buildings, however in some places there are a lot of suspicious people hiding and probably squatting around
It looks beautiful but it was closed when the posted hours on the gate dictated it should have been open. There was no apparent reason for it being closed.
Cute little park. It's a great place to wait before taking the tram to the airport. Kids will be entertained for a while.
A calm and beautiful oasis, in a charming but busy quarter.
It’s a medium size park in Nice center near the stop Alsace Lorraine ( tram, buses) and main 2 streets Blvd Gambetta and Blvd Victor Hugo.. Park is fairly pleasant but very busy and lots of noise around with traffic and huge road work going on .. Read more »