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Nice, France
4.8 / 10
If you're traveling in Nice, make sure to visit ILoveNICE, a must-see destination for its breathtaking panoramic view of the French Riviera. Located near the château, you can experience the stunning coastline, although it's more rocky than sandy. The addition of the ILoveNICE gimmick on the beach adds a lovely touch. Nice beach itself is known to be one of the most beautiful in the world, and many people, including myself, have visited multiple times and highly recommend it. Keep in mind that the restaurants in front of the beach can be quite expensive, so be prepared for that. Overall, ILoveNICE is a popular tourist spot with incredible views of the coastline. While there are smaller ILoveNICE signs scattered around town, this particular spot tends to be busy, so don't be surprised if there are a few strangers in your perfect picture. It's worth visiting both in the morning and evening, as the aerial beach side and sunset view are equally captivating. Don't miss out on experiencing ILoveNICE during your trip to Nice.
Address:9 Quai Rauba Capeu, Nice



A must-visit place if you travel in Nice, where you can enjoy the panoramic view over the French Riviera, and the viewpoint of château is just nearby.
Gorgeous coastline, though the whole area was more rocky than sandy. #ILoveNICE was a lovely gimmicky addition to the beach.
Nice beach is one of the beautiful beaches around the world. Many times I visited it and I recommended it anyone. The restaurants in front of the beach are very expensive. There is no cheap restaurant here in this area.
Nice and touristy spot with great views of the coastline. There are few smaller I Love Nice signs around the town, this one is a busy one and so the perfect picture may have few strangers in it 😁.
It's a nice spot to see both the aerial beach side along with the sunset view and the photographic corniche side. You must visit both morning and evening as both times are worthwhile, you shouldn't miss it.