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Ile de la Cite

Paris, France
4.7 / 44
It is located in the very center of the capital, in the middle of the Seine River. Several bridges connect the island with the rest of the city from all sides. Cite - this is the heart of Paris, here is Notre-Dame-de-Paris, the castle of the Conciergerie and Chapel Saint-Chapelle. Celtic settlements on the island appeared in 300 BC In 508 A.D. the fortress on Cité became the residence for the rulers of the Merovingian clan, the first dynasty of French rulers.



The Notre Dame is still under renovation on 13th July, 2023. The ice cream shop is very good with reasonable price.
Margaret Matthews
Visit the Notre Dame construction site -- massive, marvelous commitment by the French people to save this beautiful monument to their history.
Donna Fernandes
A nice little walk through is a must for the Parisian experience.
Vincenzo Prestera
Île de la Cite is an island in the river Seine in the center of Paris and it became an important religious center with the home of Notre-Dame cathedral, and the royal chapel of Sainte-Chapelle, as well as the city's first hospital, the H&o.. Read more »
Analise Busuttil
It's Paris everywhere you go, walk everywhere History. It's a beautiful place. You can only can stop to rest a bit there are bathroom very clean.
Yulia Yatsko
Wonderful place, it’s worth to visit it.
Diana Catangiu
Nice vibes on the island! I felt it s less crowded here
Kelly Heimlich
Very cool. Doesn’t seem like an island. We visited Sainte-Chapelle. So beautiful. Smaller than I thought it would be. And very hot. Walked around Notre Dame as much as possible. Visited the Deportation Memorial.
Joe Ko
Impossible for me to stand before the towers of Notre Dame and not see in my 12 year old mind the shadow of Quasimodo scrambling under the bells and Victor Hugo exhorting all of us to help restore this symbol of France. Work proceeds perhaps open for.. Read more »
Flávio Aurélio Siqueira B
Amazing experience... A very good view of Notre-Dame Church
Sevda Akdoğan
The Île de la Cité is an island in the river Seine in the center of Paris. In the 4th century, it was the site of the fortress of the Roman governor. In 508 Clovis I, the first King of the Franks, established his palace on the island. In.. Read more »
Francis Major
Awesome little island in Paris.
Maricy Montana
Beautiful place.
Beautiful île... Kinda crowded
Sérgio Gonçalves
Beautiful! We did picnic right by the Seine’s River. The whole scenery is very romantic.
Pierre-Emmanuel N
The place to be …. In the center of Paris, a piece of France history. The unavoidable « notre dame » and les bouquinistes on the seine side…
Ravi Katariya
Nice experience while we were there, it is little crowded so choose your spot to click few nice memories. It worth there are many restaurants nearby to place but if you are a easy going person then you must try the street food available next to it
Maria Eva Maccione Soeren
Great views, amazing neighbourhood to take a stroll and enjoy the beauty of the old Paris.
Obaid Hashemi
It is very nice
ali Shafaqat
historically building, nice place
charles j
What a day for a day dream... one of the most iconic neighbourhood of Paris to stroll the streets and get lost. Centuries of history at your feet with the majestic Notre Dame appearing as you reach the river
Luba B
So beautiful!
Gionata B.
Wonderful! ?????????
Beautiful and breathtaking. Filled with rich history and is amazing on the eyes.
Jürgen W. Schneider
As well as Notre Dame some great corners for Coffee and ambience and Roof top Fashion Shoot
Discovering Destinations
Ile de la Cité is easily accessible through Notre Dame cathedral or Pont des Arts where you will find the Square du vert-calant and the famous “love-lock”. You know that famous place where locals and tourists attach a “lock&.. Read more »