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I Love Warsaw Sign

Warsaw, Poland
5 / 14
The "I Love Warsaw" sign is a popular tourist attraction located near the Hilton hotel in Warsaw. While some visitors stumble upon it by chance, others may not deliberately make a trip to see it. However, it is a great spot to relax and enjoy the vibrant and modern surroundings with plenty of fantastic restaurants nearby. On a hot day, it provides a nice place to cool off and take in the scenery. Many people have found it to be a beautiful and worth visiting location. It is particularly recommended to visit during the spring or autumn seasons when everything is blooming or when the leaves are yellow, as the photos taken here during that time are exceptionally beautiful. Additionally, the sign offers picturesque views during sunset. So, if you want to capture some memorable photos of your trip to Warsaw, don't forget to save this spot!
Address:Mirów, Warszawa



Seems these signs are popular all over the world. Just luck that we happened to stay in the Hilton across the street, otherwise, I don’t think we would purposely make a trip here. We took our photos and moved on. Over the few days we stayed i.. Read more »
Great place for relax, lots of fantastic restaurant around, vibrant, modern neighbourhood.
Nice place in a hot day
Beautiful place and worth visiting
Perfect place for making photos to remember your trip in Warsaw. The surroundings are beautiful and very modern. Come when it’s spring or autumn seasons, when everything is blooming and when the leaves are yellow… then the photos are ver.. Read more »