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I Love Dubai Sign

Dubai, UAE
4.3 / 8
The "I Love Dubai Sign" is a popular attraction in Dubai known for its iconic design and vibrant lights. Situated in a nice location, it offers a great backdrop for capturing memorable photos. However, it can sometimes be extremely crowded, causing inconvenience and making it difficult to get a good shot. Additionally, some visitors may display rudeness or impatience while waiting to take their pictures. One common suggestion from visitors is to keep the lights on throughout the night, as it would enhance the overall experience and enable people to enjoy the sign even after sunset.
Address:57WH+496, near PF Changs in Mall - Dubai



Jose Martinez
Way way tooooo crowded. Some people can be rude while taking a photo.
Ambitious Explorer
Wish they keep the lights on for the entire night
B Biharie
Nice location