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Hungarian State Opera

Budapest, Hungary
4.6 / 96
The famous Budapest Opera, almost the twin sister of the Vienna Opera. Both theaters were the cultural centers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the Habsburg era. The theater was opened in 1884, the Emperor Franz Joseph, who was struck by the interior decoration of the halls, was present at the premiere. The first years of the opera were directed by the composer Ferenc Erkel, later he was replaced by the famous Gustav Mahler.
Address:Budapest, Andrássy út 22
Phone:+36 1 472 0449



Martina Castellion
Beautiful building. The 1-hour guided tour is very interesting and ends with a short performance. ~23 euro/person. Available in different languages.
Adreena Angela
Absolutely stunning opera house. I go to the ballet and opera a lot and this is one of the most ornate and stunning buildings. We'll worth popping in even if you aren't attending an event. I saw the Nutcrackwr ballet over Chriatmas and that.. Read more »
Michał Kiełczyński
Wow... what a wonderful place! It is definitely worth buying a ticket to visit the opera in Budapest, the cost is 9000HUF including a 1 hour tour with a guide who tells the history of the opera and a 10-minute performance on the end! The concert hall.. Read more »
Jacklyn Chua
We did the opera tour, and it was awesome. They take you through several areas and rooms throughout the building and explain their purpose, history, and artwork/decoration. They then lead you to the balcony section, and eventually to the main seating.. Read more »
David L.
Beautiful Building. The Tour was rushed so the guide kept talking while walking and not waiting for visitors to gather. Obviously not everyone could hear everything. There is a small show at the end of the tour. Wish I had time to see a real concert!.. Read more »
Jonathan Hodgins
Beautiful opera house. The tour is definitely worth it as there is a lot to see, you also get to sit inside the opera theatre, there is also a small surprise at the end of the tour on the stairs!
Csilla Nagy
Absolutely beautiful inside and out, I went for a tour of the opera house. Our guide was very knowledgeable and open to any questions we had. The mini concert at the end was beautiful. The performances held inside the opera house are of a very high s.. Read more »
Estefanía Coronado
Definitely worth visiting! The opera building is amazing, very nice, a lot of details and beautiful. The guide can be taken in various languages. At the end there is a small opera mix of 15 minutes. Tickets for the tour must be purchased online in ad.. Read more »
FKK Couple
We absolutely enjoyed the tour of this newly renovated opera house and would absolutely recommend it to anyone visiting Budapest. The building is stunning, the tour was informative and entertaining and they even give the tour group a mini, 10 minute .. Read more »
Patric Lausch
The Hungarian State Opera is a breathtaking experience for both young and old alike. I have repeatedly attended various performances with my kids to much delight. The building is draw dropping in its art and detail and the performances are spectacula.. Read more »
Debra Shoopman
I attended the 1 hour Opera tour. It was fabulous and definitely worth the 9,000 huf. The tour is available in multiple languages. The English tour that I took was excellent. The guide was very knowledgeable. The group was small (about 20-25 people).. Read more »
George Alvarezzo
The Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest stands as a magnificent testament to the country's rich cultural heritage and architectural prowess. Designed by Miklós Ybl and inaugurated in 1884, this opulent neoclassical masterpiece has bee.. Read more »
Euforica Lim
Wow the State Opera is very impressive! It was easy to get the tickets at the ticket booth. We attended an opera instead of the usual tour and it was a great experience. The acoustics in the hall was perfect and the seats were really comfortable.
Joe Macpherson
Building review only Absolutely gorgeous architecture. The opulence inside is amazing. Very photogenic. The outside is also lovely. Best time is in the evening during golden hour
Desmond Foo
The Hungarian State Opera house is a place that's not to be missed when visiting Budapest. The concert hall is filled with plenty of ornamental decorations and intricate designs down to the miniscule details. I stood in awe admiring the craftsm.. Read more »
Hannah Casey
Really great tour. Guide was knowledgeable and kept things interesting. Great little performance taster towards the end too, before a walk through the main theatre seating and the boxes upstairs. One of the most beautiful opera houses I've seen.
Lola A
Absolutely gorgeous. I was in awe of how beautiful this place was. Definitely a must see. You're allowed inside for free to look and walk around most of the ground floor. There is also a cute cafe on the grounds.
Sam Aberman
Ah, I see you're quite the connoisseur of the operatic arts, my friend. It's no secret that opinions on opera are divided, some swear by it while others wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. However, if you happen to be a lover of o.. Read more »
Andreea L.
Only entered in the foyer / entrance hall (pleasantly surprised that we were allowed at all). Beautiful interior, elegant, neo-Renaissance - today it is the second largest opera house in Budapest and in Hungary. There is a small cafe inside where th.. Read more »
I can highly recommend a tour in English around the beautiful Opera House. Many thanks to our guide Miss Greta for all the interesting stories. The short concept in the end of our visit was just brilliant. Hope to get tickets for the Opera performanc.. Read more »
Manjit Dhillon
We visited the Opera House, but did not watch a show. We just wanted to see the amazing architecture! Although it is smaller than the Vienna opera house, it is so much more elegant, you are allowed to go into the foyer area and take photos too. it�.. Read more »
tas m
A must visit during your stay in Budapest. Unfortunately the main hall was closed for restoration, so we didn't have the chance to attend to a performance. Nonetheless, we really enjoyed the tour, which was a real value of money. The guide was e.. Read more »
Klaus Wanderer
Amazing building, newly refurbished and the effort that went into it really shows! The acoustics is simply great, the seats are very comfortable and the air conditioning provides an optimal temperature. I'm shocked that I've seen Wagner�.. Read more »
Do not miss it when you're in Budapest, the opera was recently renovated and is as beautiful as ever! I suggest taking a tour, the guide was great - informative and interesting. Definitely recommend!
Tom Tucker
Absolutely stunning place. The interior is elaborate and exceptionally well finished. It was a pleasure to spend an evening in such a beautiful place regardless of your musical preferences. You can have a drink on the terrace overlooking the main str.. Read more »
Stella Davis S.
Guided tour: this was one of the most beautiful Opera I have ever seen in my life. The opulence, the elegance and the beauty is mind blowing! Really beautiful! And the guided English tour with the young lady was phenomenal. She knew so much about the.. Read more »
Christian Harris
We came last minute and bought the standing ‘seats’ for 1500 each. Decent view and there is a bench to lean against. Opera Building is absolutely beautiful, I believe it has had a recent renovation. We saw Bach, which was expertly presen.. Read more »
Simon Richards
The tour of the newly restored Opera House is well worth doing. The interior of the building is spectacular and looks magnificent following the recent major restoration. My tour was in English, but Hungarian language tours are also available.
Jason Steel
Beautiful ? the reconstruction has taken more than 3 years and what they have done with this building is just amazing and incredible to describe. Everything there looks so well made and the pictures on the top are just lovely and impressed me much..... Read more »
Victor Yang
When I came to Budapest two years ago, the Opera was not opened to the public due to renovation. Finally, I took a visit to the magnificent building this time. It deserved a two-year waiting any way. The only minor bug was that the guide in this Ope.. Read more »
James Carney
Impressive looking building but closed for renovation for at least a few months as I understand. Hence 2 star rating, can't really say more
Charlotte CHAPUIS
Magnificent Neo-Renaissance opera house with a horseshoe-shaped auditorium! Unfortunately it is always being renovated, we have the impression that we only see a part of it that has been uncovered on each visit
Carolyn Mc K
aw two ballets from standing room and the top balcony. Standing room offered great sightlines for the price, and there's a ledge you can lean on. Lots of interesting costume/set design displays in the hallways and lounges -- worth venturing onto.. Read more »
prazeeta ateezarp
The building was under construction, so it was a badluck to view the beautiful architecture ?
Gidon Idy
Budapest Opera House is a legendary place! There is guided tours! I loved it and I am sure if you like operas you will love it too!
Ale Buc
The Place Is closed for renovations and they still have tickets on sale on their website. You can't see anything and no one tells you it's closed.
el kamel nour el houda
Beautiful place but was closed due to maintenance and restoration ☹️
Tim Paris
Currently closed for renovations, still showcasing some shows
Ilias Voridis
Beautiful Opera of Budapest. Price is quite good. Performances in many different languages, depend on the play. Some times with really good ad cheap offers. Under renovation at the moment.
Clara Dwerri
Great building to visit while in Hungary. Archictecture is amazing.
Zygmunt G
What a wonderful guest visit of Operhaz in New York in 2018. Excellent singers, nice productions of (mostly) unknown for me operas: Bank Ban, Mario & the Magician, Tha Queen of Sheba. I wish to visit your beautiful opera house in Pest one day in.. Read more »
Mr Stunner
Well worth a visit. Beautifully looked after, murals on the ceiling and gold painted everywhere inside.
Mihály Nagykúti
Top building, really in love with it
Zeynep Betül Arıkan
The place is going through a construction and there's not much to see inside at this time actually but the 10 minutes opera concert at the end of the tour was amazing and the staff are the kindest!
Saketh Reddy
It's under construction and almost everything is packed with construction walls. Couldn't get much of a view and I do not think the renovation would finish anytime soon.
Navin kumar chejara
BEAUTIFUL Central Pest's Hungarian State Opera House has been an institution in Budapest since its opening in 1884. Featuring a neo-Renaissance style, the opera house holds more than 1,200 seats and has a reputation for its exceptional acoustics.. Read more »
TJM Tamas
It is still under renovation... it is sad! It was originally built quicker 100+ years ago! What the hell takes so long?
A to tha K
Well worth a visit. Beautifully looked after, murals on the ceiling and gold painted everywhere inside. Marble in the entrance hall opulently designed magnificent building!! There are also impromptu mini concerts just off the main stairs every day. A.. Read more »
Chris Reddaway
Gorgeous but currently with renovations we could not see the inside. The tours provided were well paced and very informative and included a sample piece with some local talent! I’ll have to come back at the conclusion of the renovations!