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House of horrors

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4.8 / 5
"House of Horrors" is a thrilling and terrifying experience that is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. While it may be designed for children, adults can also enjoy the spine-chilling adventure. As one visitor described, they were initially hesitant but decided to give it a try. The experience was so intense that they even considered running away at one point. If you enjoy testing your nerves, this is the perfect place for you. The admission fee is affordable, and the atmosphere is impressive. However, it is recommended to go through the attraction individually for the ultimate scare. Overall, "House of Horrors" offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you trembling with fear.
Address:Mahistratska Street, 88, Vinnytsia
Phone:+380 68 004 9843



The children liked it very much, but unfortunately I had to accompany them, I didn't like it very much because the entertainment is for children.
I went there myself, it was very scary, before the last task where you need to go through 2 inflating walls, I thought about running away from there, .. Read more »
I definitely recommend it for visits! Admission on 07/16/2019 was UAH 80. Photos and videos are prohibited! The pants will be full of impressions! Thi.. Read more »
Very cool surroundings. We liked it, but for the thrill it’s better to go in one at a time)))
Really scared